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Female cars

It earlier the concept "woman" and "car" were perceived by society as something extraordinary. Today the modern woman it is obligatory for the autolady who is able to dump heels in time surely to press on gas.

All jokes on the fact that the woman on the road is an utter chaos, are unreasonable. Women at a wheel can give odds to any man and that there men spoke, into accident of the woman get nevertheless much more less than men. Mirsovetov will prompt, whether there is such concept as the female car and what brands of a trend at the autolady.

Whether there are cars "female"?

If attentively to look narrowly at those brands of cars which choose to themselves in the woman's workmates, all of them have smooth lines and original appearance. Especially, recently special automobile accessories – pastes and an aerographics, eyelashes for headlights and ornament for numbers enjoy wide popularity. Certainly that any man will not buy such "gadget" for the car, but "female" design favourably emphasizes a sex of the owner. Then it is not important any more, what car was bought by the representative of a fine half of mankind – unapproachable "Hammer" or playful "Toyota".

However, sometimes many women go too far – here and it is possible to see the car decorated with stones of "Swarovski" or the copy of a picture from the Tretyakov gallery on the car case.

As that concept or a class as "the female car" officially does not exist. Simply most often cars which choose women, have three signs thanks to which four-wheel vehicles quickly become favourites at the fair sex.

  1. The car has to be really lovely and beautiful (it is desirable unusual, to have some features and differences from other vehicles).
  2. The size of the car has to be or small (that was in harmony with the hostess), or huge (besides – for contrast with the fragile owner).
  3. Color of the car has to be bright and attractive (for many women "the black metallic" is simply dirty-gray, and "moray eel" is simply dark green).

Men consider that it is the most main selection criteria according to which women choose cars. All the rest depends on cost and personal preferences.

That wanted by the women?

Really, whether women that they want know? You should not forget that in women refinement is combined with a practicality, and benefit with a trend. According to autoexperts, women choose different cars: as sports, and a business class as pass, and SUVs. That is remarkable, women very seldom represent in the dreams the car of domestic automotive industry – "Zhiguli" and "Muscovites" obviously not in a favor.

Choosing itself the car, all women agree in one opinion – it has to be reliable and safe. Because of this criterion the fair sex prefers to buy new cars, but not second-hand. If money is not enough, and banks do not issue the credits, in that case the woman will choose some months / an ear car with special care.

For women also the salon of the car is important – it has to be convenient and comfortable. Modern autoladies are sure that the car has to be optional equipped with a box machine gun – many prefer in the old manner mechanics. And here the conditioner, the parctronic, the power steering and safety cushions have to be by all means.

It is wrong to believe that women prefer small machines. There are among motorists many fans and SUVs. And here that categorically unacceptably are vans and minibuses.

Practical and pragmatic women choose a car proceeding from where they live – country roads will not be pleasant to a car with very low road gleam, but high Suzukis Grand Vitara, Toyota RAV4 or Hyundai Tucson will be here very opportunely. Thanks to high landing and the big review, and also compactness and appeal, this powerful car on any road will be held in respect of other car owners.

The woman who lives in "the stone jungle" and cannot "threaten" on a big and reliable car, most often makes a choice for "minik" - mini-cars. These "kids" have small dimensions, they are very maneuverable, it is easy to park them, and the prices of them are quite acceptable. The most popular budgetary model is Daewoo Matiz today, and here as for more expensive is Nissan Micra, Honda Jazz, Toyota Yaris or Ford Fiesta.

Top of the best cars for women

  1. Daewoo Matiz. The manufacturing country – Korea. The easy car in operation, inexpensive, takes not enough place. Some models have the built-in conditioner and an automatic transmission.

  2. Nissan Micra. The manufacturing country – Japan. Attractive and interesting design – it still call "animation", excellent quality, a wide windshield, is a lot of "trifles" which will interest the woman: mirrors, pockets, an organizer, opportunity to move sitting of a back row. Some models are equipped with on-board computers which have the mass of functions – from storing of important dates before maintaining the list of the compelled expenses.

  3. Audi A1. The manufacturing country – Germany. Stylish design, excellent quality, convenience. This sports car is created for young ladies who love a fast driving. For this reason seats in a car have lateral support.

  4. Peugeot 207. The manufacturing country – France. Stylish design, excellent quality, low price. Many women note what exactly this car has a certain French charm.

  5. Toyota Yaris. The manufacturing country – Japan. The safe car with fine reputation, compact and beautiful. This car is frequent get also men.

  6. Citroen C3. The manufacturing country – France. Non-standard design – extravagant, but very elegant because of unusual proportions in the ratio bodies.

  7. Honda Jazz. The manufacturing country – Japan. Nice car, quite economic, but at the same time the capacious.

  8. Volkswagen Beetle. The manufacturing country – Germany. Quite bright car is an image car which has individual design. In the people has the underground nickname "bug".

  9. Suzuki Escudo. The manufacturing country – Japan. Small three-door or five-door jeep. Convenient and maneuverable, it is capable to overcome various barriers. Most often such car is chosen by young mothers as in salon conveniently takes place not only a children's car seat, but also a set of the necessary things for the kid.

  10. Toyota RAV4. The manufacturing country – Japan. Small three-door (or five-door) jeep, excellent quality and mass of positive responses. This car has only minus is its high price.

  11. Suzuki Jimny (Samurai). The manufacturing country – Japan. The car possesses very expressive and even some "kind" appearance at the expense of round headlights. High price – as at the solid jeep.

  12. Toyota Sera. The manufacturing country – Japan. Stylish and elegant, rather female car aquarium with smart salon. Has attractive and unusual design thanks to which the woman does not remain unnoticed. The cost of such beauty high is only minus of this car.

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