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WhatsApp – excellent mix SMS and ICQ

Literally five years ago all used so-called "ICQ". Even instead of phone number asked UIN. But already a little who will have friends and acquaintances who communicate with the help of ICQ. It was succeeded by new services. For example, WhatsApp.

WhatsApp is a service of instant messaging. It is created especially for smartphones iPhone, BlackBerry, Nokia and all others that work at Android or Windows Phone. If it is simpler to speak, this program combines possibilities of SMS and ICQ.

Key difference of WhatsApp – use of phone number instead of logins, nicknames, "yuin" and other identifiers. Thus, contacts in the appendix will be formed of your telephone directory. If your friends use WhatsApp, of course. That is it is not necessary to remember tens e-mails or ID numbers. The nobility only phone of the interlocutor is enough.

One more advantage of such system – cannot almost be cracked your profile. For this purpose malefactors should steal your sim card. In this program there are no passwords which can be cracked. There are no confidential questions answers on which can be picked up. Protection according to number – the strongest.

Possibilities of the program

Of course, the main possibility of WhatsApp – instant messaging. Except the text it is possible to send photos, video and music. It is possible to send also a voice message. Did not do and without smilies. Here, as well as in VKontakte and on other sites, emoji-smiles are used. Everything is standard, it is not necessary to get used.

Several friends can be united in a chat. The chat differs in the little from a chat in the same ICQ here. It is convenient to discuss, for example, with friends plans for the weekend. A few other appointment at mailing. With its help several people can send the same message at once.

It is possible to establish the status for friends. Any standard like "House", "At work" or more interestingly "I cannot speak, only WhatsApp", "Only urgent calls". It is possible to think up and add also the status to it a suitable smilie.

Offline message are also present. Passed the notice of new messages? Switched off phone, without having updated correspondence? Do not worry, in the history everything will remain.

There is an opportunity to specify the location for the interlocutor.


The first year the appendix is absolutely free. Even advertizing is not present. And from second year of use and further it will be necessary to pay 0,99 dollars a year. 30 rubles, roughly speaking. Agree, very cheap, practically for nothing for such functional program.

Many users were surprised by lack of advertizing in WhatsApp. You should not look for in it a dirty trick. Developers worked 20 years (for two) in Yahoo, being engaged in advertizing. With him these persuasive announcements in programs and games bothered. They want to do the good appendix, without irritating you with advertizing.

Installation and use

For a start WhatsApp need to download on your smartphone. At the end of article you will find the block of references for different platforms.

So, after downloading and installation of the program it is necessary to be registered. You will see a window with the offer to accept conditions of use of the program. Agree and pass to the following screen.

Actually, registration. You need to specify the phone number. The system has to check that you are the owner of this number. For this purpose from your phone one SMS will be sent. You should not worry, message cost low, everything according to tariffs of your operator.

Technically to you as to the user, the ID is appropriated and the password is generated. But these data are not told you and, in principle, are not necessary. The program itself will "log in". Therefore also as that is not present authorization, continuous automatic equipment.

The last step – a nickname choice. At desire it is possible to load an avatar.

After confirmation of WhatsApp will walk in your telephone directory and will find those who already uses this appendix. It will be offered to you to confirm that they are your friends.

In principle and all! It is possible to use the appendix.

References for loadings

Android - play

Requirements – version Android not lower than 2.1. By the experience I can tell, what even the program works at old devices fluently, without obvious brakes.

iPhone - itunes

Requirements – iOS 4.3 or above.

BlackBerry - appworld

It is also possible to download from the official site of WhatsApp -

To load the application according to the second reference, it is necessary to open it in the standard BlackBerry-browser. The minimum requirements for installation – BlackBerry OS are not lower than version 4.6.

Windows Phone - www

Works at Windows Phone 7.5 and 8.

Symbian -

Works at many phones, look at the complete list according to the reference. If you have Nokia of 40 series, glance on this page -

If you have any questions and problems, read FAQ on the official site -


There is information according to which in WhatsApp there are some serious vulnerabilities. With their help it is possible to intercept messages of users. Some speak, what even databases of the appendix are insufficiently reliably protected.

Apparently, really, there are some vulnerabilities in the program. That is, your data are protected not for 100%. That developers do not take especially active actions guards though all of them let out some patches.

And in general, if the speech comes about any means of communication, it is impossible to be sure of absolute information security. It is remembered, quite recently cracked databases of the Russian mobile operators and "stole" tens of thousands of SMS.

But we will hope that soon all "holes" in WhatsApp will patch, and to criminals will be where it is more difficult to steal your correspondences.

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