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Than the pressure cooker differs from the crock-pot

That it is only not thought up by mankind to cook food quickly, tasty and simply. People appreciated the time always, but also nobody would refuse to eat dishes of home cuisine.

Clear business that the tasty, cooked in due form food demands time. And here we are come to the rescue by technical progress. "the magic ware" which prepares without our participation, or nearly without our participation, anything became current. These inventions were apprehended on "hurrah". In the beginning there was a pressure cooker. In the XX century such pan was, probably, in each family. And today huge popularity was won by the crock-pot. Producers of modern pressure cookers too do not doze and will in every possible way improve models of pressure cookers it was more convenient to prepare and in respect of design the pan pressure cooker looks adequately. As a result, buyers reflect, what it is more necessary for kitchen? Whether to buy first of all the crock-pot or a pressure cooker? will analyse distinctions between these devices and will help readers to make a right choice.

Features of a pressure cooker

The pressure cooker represents a pan with the beautiful aluminum or metal case. The cover of a pressure cooker has to be closed hermetically, for this purpose on a rim of a cover there passes special heat-resistant rubber. For strong fixing of a cover special clips are provided. Tightness when heating provides an elevated pressure in a pan. Thanks to it the preparation time of food is considerably reduced. For example, quite tough meat boils soft literally in 30 minutes. The special advantage of pressure cookers the maximum safety of vitamins B products is considered. Vegetables well keep the natural color. It is explained by that cooking happens without contact with oxygen, so, products are not oxidized.

For safety, in a pressure cooker there are 2 valves. One operating – through it there is surplus of steam, another - spare.

There are pressure cookers which are completely working at the expense of the electric power. Electronic sensors of pressure and temperature are provided in such models. At desire it is possible to buy the pressure cooker intended for the gas stove. In such pressure cooker the security system is arranged mechanically, but it is very reliable.

Cooking in a pressure cooker

Having put products in a pressure cooker and having poured the necessary amount of water, we put it on a gas ring or we connect to the power supply network. If you got an electropressure cooker, anything else from you it will not be required. If your pressure cooker is adapted under the gas stove, it will be necessary to reduce fire at the time of boiling. It is easy to distinguish this moment on characteristic hissing. Then to switch off a pressure cooker on the expiration of time necessary for cooking.

Lack of pressure cookers is that it is impossible to interfere with process of cooking until until the pressure cooker is switched off and pressure in it will not return to normal. If to open a pressure cooker at once after switching off, the risk is great to get serious burn hot steam. If it is necessary to open a pressure cooker somewhat quicker, steam is pitted via the valve.

In a pressure cooker it is convenient to prepare a jelly, pilaf, solyanka. And here preparation of first courses is interfaced to small difficulties. Having cooked meat broth, a pressure cooker it is necessary to switch off, pit steam and only after that, to add vegetables and spices. After all a preparation time for different products not identical.

Crock-pot device

The crock-pot is a device from the category of household appliances. On the crock-pot case we will see some buttons, as a rule, of the cooking modes, touch for a choice. Control of process can be exercised through a LCD display window, but no need to control process is present. The crock-pot has the microprocessor thanks to which cooking is carried out in the necessary mode. The removable bowl with an antiprigarny covering densely adjoins to the heating element similar to a disk. Thermal sensors exercise a constant control behind temperature in a food preparation time therefore the overheat or underheating are excluded. The condensate which is formed on a cover flows down in the special moisture collection. Many models of crock-pots are equipped with capacity for steam boiling. Crock-pot power usually does not exceed 1000 W.

Cooking in the crock-pot

Choosing the necessary mode, in the crock-pot it is possible to extinguish, fry the furnace, to cook on strong or small fire, to steam, warm up food (support of temperature of already ready food), to warm cold food. If it is necessary, the crock-pot it is possible to open and add new ingredient is an important difference of the crock-pot from a pressure cooker. Very conveniently, having put all necessary products in the crock-pot, to determine time to which a breakfast, the lunch or a dinner has to be ready. Many owners of crock-pots especially like the porridges prepared in this wonderful device. This results from the fact that the food in the crock-pot is cooked by slow languor, and for porridges is just that is necessary. Porridges and dough from the crock-pot are similar to porridges of their Russian furnace. But at the same time, this one more difference of the crock-pot from a pressure cooker. The crock-pot prepares slowly, to be exact, strictly programmed time.

What to buy a pressure cooker or the crock-pot?

Probably, at a choice it is necessary to be guided by the way of life, by the requirements and culinary addictions.

The crock-pot - ideal option for busy women, for mothers with little children, for those who pays to healthy food, for inveterate summer residents much attention. But it is necessary to understand that quickly the crock-pot does not prepare.

The pressure cooker is suitable for instant food, certainly, better. For example to cook the same pilaf or a jelly in a pressure cooker much quicker. Quality of the food cooked in a pressure cooker, excellent. Therefore if in your family meat dishes, a pressure cooker to you love will help.

Do not forget that in a pressure cooker the food is cooked with a high pressure, and in crock-pots there is a special valve for maintenance of normal pressure.

Pressure cooker crock-pot

Of course, there is a wish to have all necessary in kitchen. Members of household are happy, and it is always possible to benefit from time exempted from kitchen cares for mind and health. Presently all wishes of buyers are considered. It is possible to buy a pan pressure cooker and the crock-pot separately. But pays attention that it is possible to find this device in the form of 2 in 1 that is very practical. Range of the prices of crock-pots with function of a pressure cooker fluctuates from 3000 to 40000 thousand rubles. Except a set of functions, at a choice consider pan bottom thickness. For many dishes it is important criterion. Design at such products very attractive, color it is possible to choose according to an interior of kitchen.

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