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What radiators of heating it is better

Question of what radiators it is better to put about seventy years in the private house or the apartment, disturbed citizens of our country a little. Of course, pig-iron – such is there was an answer, the alternative was not. All multi-storey buildings then were put in operation with pig-iron batteries.

If in the near future you have to change old batteries on new or to make installation of heating devices in just built up house before going to shop behind purchase, Mirsovetov suggests to examine this material. A choice of a good radiator – a task hard, in shops they are presented in big assortment, from different materials, from many manufacturing firms. How not to be mistaken with a choice, to what characteristics first of all to pay the attention?

Why people reflect on replacement of heating devices?

Answers can be a little, in each house usually the reasons here. Most often they following:

  1. Inadequate quality of a radiator, emergence of leakages, for example, about an entrance stopper, in connections between sections, cracks because of corrosion. Worst of all, if it is found in the heat of a heating season, when outside hard frosts or long New Year's holidays. Very much I understand and I sympathize appeared in such situation when in the apartment the boiled water fountain beats, it is necessary to take emergency measures, and experts from "Emergency service" all do not go to an urgent call …
  2. The term of serviceable service of any radiator konechen, it is specified by the producer in the instruction, can make from 20 to 35 years. If to look at the specifications and technical documentation, time of operation of known pig-iron batteries by all – 30 years then they have to change employees of management company or other serving organizations on new, after all everything that treats system of heating is an all-house property. So has to be by the legislation, but most often owners of apartments should solve the problems in practice arising. And if in due time not to replace an old radiator, there can be an emergency.
  3. Cold in the apartment because of a low thermolysis of the heating device. In old radiators often canals and sections with dirt, a rust, scale are filled inside, after all the heat carrier comes to the Russian houses bad quality.
  4. Constantly growing energy costs that conducts to increase in the sum for heating of the apartment in the account receipt. In the presence of the counter in the house if the radiator badly gives heat, it negatively affects a condition of a purse.
  5. Does not arrange design. You plan to change an interior, to make repair, and understand that patriarchs of the last century do not fit into an estimated interior in any way.

The criteria playing an important role at a choice and purchase

  1. Durability, reliability and safety. There is a strong wish that the acquired radiators of heating served long - tens years, without bringing trouble. That on their fault there were no floodings of the apartment (or the private house) that it was not necessary to indemnify loss to neighbors for the property spoiled by a flood.
  2. Radiators have to cope well and fully with the main function that in the apartment it was warm and comfortable. Our working capacity, mood, health of all members of household depends on it.
  3. The acceptable cost providing an optimum ratio of the price of a product and its quality.

Types of radiators

All radiators of water heating offered now by producers can be subdivided into some groups. Depending on the used material they are classified on pig-iron, aluminum, steel, bimetallic. They can be usual or with the increased reliability level. On color, a form, the sizes, design, an esthetics radiators subdivide on standard and individual production. Depending on cost radiators happen economy class, middle class and a premium class (designed in an individual order, for example, with use of art molding). Let's stop on short characteristics of the most popular and known types made of different materials.

Pig-iron radiators

Our old acquaintances, the long time living in the Soviet houses. Most of people are also now warmed with them. Someone calls them classics of a genre, and the youth considers such batteries old-fashioned. It is possible to carry to advantages:

  • reliability, validity;
  • good thermolysis in spite of the fact that radiators heat up long, but also warmly give more long, if suddenly accident on a boiler room;
  • smaller susceptibility of corrosion because of the low-quality heat carrier;
  • the best adaptability to the Russian heating systems;
  • ability to maintain high temperatures of the given heat carrier (to 110 degrees), differences and pressure jumps (to 12 atmospheres);
  • in sections big section through passage;
  • the prices of domestic models are lower, than at batteries from other materials.

But there is also a set of known shortcomings:

  • unsightly look, bulkiness, the big size and weight (one section without water weighs more than 7 kg);
  • in cavities of the battery stratifications and deposits can be formed, however, they will not really strongly affect capacity;
  • difficulties in installation, washing and service.

Because of these powerful and considerable shortcomings this type of batteries is forced out by modern models of heating devices now. It is also necessary to mean that suspension of a heavy pig-iron radiator, for hooks will require the strong basis of a wall (concrete, a brick), foam concrete blocks and gypsum cardboard here are no good at all. If decide to get cast iron, pay attention to the Russian or Belarusian products, the Chinese cast iron of bad quality (in most cases).

Aluminum radiators

Now gain popularity and a demand of the battery from aluminum. That draws attention of buyers:

  • ease, stylish look, these radiators well fit into an interior of modern apartments;
  • high thermolysis;
  • convenient, it is simple and easy to mount and serve them further;
  • it will not be required to paint or close every year decorative panels;
  • it is possible to assemble the battery from any quantity of sections – on your discretion;
  • there is a possibility of replacement to the damaged (spoiled) section.

But behind all these attractive advantages, do not forget about essential shortcomings:

  • ability of aluminum to enter chemical reaction in the sour environment of the heat carrier as soon as its acidity increases, in section is formed gas that conducts to a zavozdushivaniye of system of heating;
  • if gas in a radiator collects much, it will lead to its gap because of a high pressure;
  • tendency to corrosion;
  • huge number of the fakes differing in poor quality;
  • service life is less, than at other competitors, it makes about 15 years or slightly more.

It is undesirable to place aluminum radiators in apartment houses with the centralized system of heating where the heat carrier of bad quality and is risk of pressure jumps and hydroblows. Such radiators are recommended for heating of private houses with autonomous systems and high quality of hot water. Radiators of firms GLOBAL EKOS, ELITE, Faral (Italy) are known.

Steel radiators

They are subdivided on panel and tubular.

Of course, steel out of competition by efficiency of dispersion of heat. Such batteries quickly heat up, but also cool down in some minutes at change of temperature inside. Well will be suitable for the systems having adjustment of temperature condition. But steel radiators in the form of panels are not calculated for operation in the centralized systems, where pressure and temperature the high. Besides, dirty water promotes their fast corrosion and the subsequent destruction. Before buying steel radiators, consult at specialists of that management company which serves your multi-storey building. And only representatives of a premium class in cottage constructions are able to afford the elite tubular radiators made of stainless steel.

Bimetallic radiators of heating

It is one of modern radiators, it is esthetic, possesses a high thermolysis. 2 metals participate in their design, as it is visible from the name. Inside pipes which by special methods put on aluminum cases are placed steel (or copper). All design is created so that looks a monolithic product. Now such radiators consider as top of achievements of metal working and chemistry. On appearance it is very easy to confuse them with aluminum radiators. Bimetal is more reliable than aluminum, it maintains bigger working pressure, to it hydroblows are not terrible. About 25 years serve. But also the price of a product is higher aluminum approximately for 25%.

RIFAR (Russia), BI POWER (Italy), GLOBAL (Italy), RADENA are most known (the manufacturer China, but by request of Italy).

With the centralized giving of the heat carrier it is better to give preference in apartment houses to bimetallic or pig-iron radiators, in autonomous systems of private houses it is possible to put aluminum and steel radiators. Producers of radiators are interested in sales now for the Russian consumer therefore many work on creation of heating devices which would meet the Russian requirements, wishes and service conditions. So watch emergence of the new improved models. Do purchase by all means in specialized shops, and trust installation of radiators only to the qualified and skilled expert. wishes you to make a right choice. Let in your house it will be cozy and warm!

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