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Independent installation of a washer of headlights

Dirt on headlights is not terrible during daylight hours for obvious reasons at all, and here in the dark the situation is where is worse. Even small pollution significantly weakens a light stream from headlights that strongly worsens visibility. Fortunately, there is an exit – to establish a washer of headlights! It does not guarantee absolute purity, but considerably will improve a situation and will increase comfort.
As assure us words of a known song, the nature has no bad weather, but, nevertheless, not everything is so smooth. And with some consequences of natural manifestations it is necessary, no not to fight, it to us not always on a shoulder, and at least to eliminate their consequences. About what there is a speech? About a rain, snow, i.e. about an atmospheric precipitation! How to understand it? The speech about protection of automobile optics, namely, head headlights. And those during loss of rainfall, as well as a windshield, strive to become soiled. And do it where okhotny, than lobovik because stand below, i.e. is closer to the dirty road. Also have, as a rule, a smaller tilt angle, than a windshield that accelerates pollution.

washers of headlights are so necessary?!

Dirt on headlights is not terrible during daylight hours for obvious reasons at all, and here in the dark the situation is where is worse. Even small pollution significantly weakens a light stream from headlights that strongly worsens visibility. Besides, light starts being scattered on the parties including on an oncoming lane, strengthening the blinding impact on other drivers. All this significantly reduces traffic safety!
How to avoid it? One of ways is very simple, reliable and byudzheten – to wipe the headlight which is in advance prepared and moistened with a rag. Yes, it is a certain way, but it has many minuses. First, it is inconvenient since it is necessary to stop, leave periodically the car in the rain and to wipe. And on the route it is dangerous at all since the roadside which became limp during a rain is very artful and easily it is possible to depart to a ditch. At distant trips, in general here not to get off with once and the probability of such troubles considerably increases. Secondly, the rag quickly becomes dirty and starts smearing dirt, and a water supply system to your car, unfortunately, did not carry out so far.
It is possible to arrive, of course, considerably – not to go to a night-time in rainy weather, but not many will make up the mind to so decisive step.
Fortunately, there is other exit – to establish a washer of headlights!
But at once I warn, it does not guarantee you that purity of headlights which to you will be provided by the same wet rag at initial stages of its use. But it considerably will improve a situation and will increase comfort.

Types of washers

Two types of washers of headlights – low pressure meet brushes of cleaners (with janitors) and jet (high pressure).
Washers of the first type if they are not provided by a car design, it is rather difficult to establish most, as, however, and on service since it is required essential mechanical alterations.
Омыватель фар со щетками очистителями (с дворниками)
And complexity, as a rule, consists in fastening of motors of janitors and their adaptation under a concrete headlight. And if the headlight nonplanar (glass of the lens), it becomes impossible at all.
Therefore we will be interested, perhaps, by the second type of washers – jet. They are much more esthetic more simply in installation and service.
Струйный омыватель фар

Choice of a set of a faroomyvatel

But stop, hurry slowly! Approach for a start to the car and attentively look at a design of glasses (glasses conditionally since it can be and plastic, just like that more habitually to call the lens) headlights and the top surface of a bumper it is essentially important since you will need to decide on a washer design.
Structurally washers differ only in nozzles. There are nozzles:
  • under a flat bumper;
    Омыватель фар под плоский бампер
  • under the spherical;
    Сферический бампер
  • for SUVs, i.e. washers with high nozzles since the headlight at them is higher more.
Also sets especially for Shevrole-Nivy and some variations of executions in the form of the rubberized nozzles meet.
By the way, now there are a lot of online stores. They can be used, and it is very convenient. And it is optional to buy anything! What here pluses. That it is not necessary to run anywhere is indisputable, everything becomes, without coming off the monitor screen.
Having armed with your darling tsifroviky, go to the car. Photograph one of headlights so that the headlight was in all shot full face, and the second photo – in a profile that the bumper was visible.
Самостоятельная установка омывателя фар
Самостоятельная установка омывателя фар
These photos can be shown subsequently to the consultant of online store who can help with a washer model choice.
But can happen so that you are solved and on purchase on the Internet. But before to undertake it, read everything on the same Internet reviews of the chosen online store. And even after that do not hurry with purchase, there are still nuances besides type of nozzles. The most important moment – a washer reservoir.
The matter is that in a set of a washer of headlights there is only a pump, and the tank is not present!
Комплект омывателя фар

Tank for a washer of headlights

Here the most interesting – whether is in a regular washer reservoir of a windshield of the car an occasional seat under the pump.
Самостоятельная установка омывателя фар
If that is not present, or to put an additional tank for which not always there will be a place, or to refuse an invention with a washer. If the cost of domestic tanks allows to allow still thought of drilling of an additional opening under the pump, in foreign cars of it you should not do.
If to decide installation of an additional tank, it should be put in such place where it will not overheat and to it there will be an access because it needs to be filled, is not forgotten and about it. It is natural that a tank it is necessary to have as it is possible closer to headlights and not in a luggage carrier in any way. For the rest already more simply.

We start installation!

I hope, you already studied how the front bumper is removed?!
Самостоятельная установка омывателя фар
Though about what I?! It makes sense to read further if you put everything. If is not present, then you will need to give a washer set to HUNDRED only. And here one more reef! Even before purchase of this set and intention to put it on HUNDRED, I recommend to readers of to ring round that HUNDRED to which you trust, and to ask about possibility of this procedure. The matter is that installation of washers of headlights is exotic for HUNDRED therefore can happen so that to you will refuse installation. Thus it is possible to get to a difficult situation when you cannot establish and on HUNDRED you will not be helped too. It is necessary to look for acquaintances "kulibiny".
But even if you are also not going to put, it will be quite good to know that expects your car at installation of washers.
So, we remove a front bumper. Further, generally everything is reduced to the implantations procedure of the pump in the available regular tank (at foreign cars it is, as a rule, located in a wing cavity behind a bumper) or to installation of an additional tank and installation of nozzles on a bumper. And here one more moment which can influence your decision to put or not a washer – the bumper should be drilled! As you understand, this physical destruction of a bumper which then, in case of refusal from the device, is necessary these or those means to liquidate.
Nozzles are put opposite to the optical center of headlights.
Самостоятельная установка омывателя фар
As a rule, on a headlight this center is specified by a circle on the lens (on glass). We mark so that nozzles rose symmetrically. At first we drill an opening of small diameter, then we increase it we (ream), so in 3-4 approaches.
    We drill from the bumper face, but not from the back! If to drill from the back the big piece of paint exfoliates!
We fix a nozzle, we check reliability of its fastening. And here we find one more fact. Nozzles black, and a bumper are not present!
Then after fitting if you do not want to be reconciled with this very not esthetic fact, you will need to remove again nozzles, to remove the tank hatch (if you do not know number of color of a car) and to carry nozzles in painting.
After the pump and nozzles is installed, it is necessary to connect system. It, as a rule, system of tubes, tees and valve. All this, I think, you without problems place and fix, attach according to the instruction. Further business will become only for elektriky. In spite of the fact that system generally hydraulic, in it actually only one consumer of the electric power – the pump. But it too should be operated.
And here you again need the help of the consultant of shop before purchase.
There are two ways of connection of the pump:
  1. To the pump of a regular washer of glasses. Then at you faroomyvatel will work every time at inclusion of a washer of glass. For realization of this way the set has to include the additional relay.
  2. To the button which is included in the package of a washer of headlights. The button is installed in salon, at a driver's seat, and the faroomyvatel activates when pressing it. Then the additional relay is not required.
On me, the first way since does not demand a broach of wires in salon, search of a suitable place for the button, its fixing that is not always possible and convenient is more convenient. And it will be difficult to look for this button in the movement. Besides I give a guarantee that you will often forget about a faroomyvatel.
But there are also minuses of this way – at each washing of a windshield also headlights will be washed, even then, when it is not required, for example, in the afternoon. It increases and very considerably a consumption of the washing liquid. However, it is conditional minus since headlights being cleared, do not manage to zaskoruznut from dirt.
Perfectly, here washers already stand and how it is correct to operate them?

Councils for operation

No, anything supernatural is not present here and not more difficult to use washers of headlights, than a simple washer of a windshield. More difficult business with maintenance of operability of the device is. And here the most important rule – purity! Yes, purity because the dirt which got to nozzles, the valve through a washer reservoir instantly puts the device out of action. Nozzles will cease to spray liquid, and will start letting out a stream simply.
Therefore even at installation it is necessary to wash out carefully a washer reservoir, and also not to allow hit of foreign matters in system.
To fill system only with pure liquid, it is desirable not to use usual water from under the crane. If do not want to be spent for the distilled water then boil the usual. It is necessary to add neutral detergent to usual water, for example, car shampoo in the summer to improve the washing properties. The matter is that usual water cannot moisten a number of pollution, it will cause essential deterioration of the washing properties. I want to pay special attention of readers of that it is necessary to use only nonfreezing liquid in the winter, and without diluting it at all!!! The pump of a washer of headlights does not maintain liquid hardening! From this also the following recommendation follows. Beforehand change the washing liquid from water for a nezamerzayka.
Periodically clear (wipe) nozzles and wipe headlights. Check the level of liquid more often since it will be quicker spent. The level, the more hydrostatic pressure is higher and the it will be simpler to force to the pump pressure.
Occasionally look behind reliability of fastening of elements, serviceability of conducting.
Periodically use a washer, even if chilly is will maintain its working capacity and will clear nozzles of nozzles.

Here, actually, and all necessary minimum on a washer of headlights. You should not wait from this device of superopportunities and absolutely pure washing, but it after all where is better, than without everything. Besides, I will notice that the washer is simply necessary for owners of a car with xenon light of headlights, considering attempts of traffic police to make amendments to technical regulations.
Equal roads and good light from pure headlights to you!!!
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