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Vitamins for women

To each person to feel fresh, it is necessary to follow some simple rules: to spend time in the fresh air, properly to eat, lead active lifestyle and to accept vitamins. The female organism especially needs vitamins.

And to fill up the organism with all necessary vitamins, the woman has to eat many vegetables and fruit, till ten portions in day! It is impossible. And if the woman wants to be beautiful, healthy, it is necessary to accept vitamins. Together with we will talk about what vitamins should be accepted to a fine half of mankind.

About advantage of vitamins

To us, to women, vitamins are simply necessary! We want to look always on everything 100 and therefore to us not to do without little assistants. Vitamins help our organism to cope with many illnesses, to have brilliant silky hair, clean skin and to be charming, irrespective of age. But it is necessary to know that vitamins at each age the. In the childhood future women need vitamins which will promote the correct growth of the child, formation of a bone skeleton. In the genital period vitamins which well influence krovetvoritelny system, at respectable age – those vitamins which are capable to support an organism are necessary and to strengthen bone system. But it is necessary to remember that there is a number of vitamins irrespective of period in what there are women who it is necessary to accept always and in any period.

Vitamin and mineral complex

Often, reflecting on what vitamins to us to choose, we rely on advertizing on the TV, or going to a drugstore, we get those vitamins which are packed into beautiful packing. We do not know, what complex of minerals and vitamins should be got. We do not have enough knowledge. But it is not difficult at all.

So, only some steps - and you will be informed in this question.

Step 1. Do not take at once high content of components because not all microcells and vitamins can be combined with each other. Multicomponent vitamins can be inefficient. And here at reception of vitamins separately, especially vitamins of group B, their assimilation increases by 30%.

Step 2. The percentage ratio of each component should not exceed daily requirement of an organism. If you do not want to penetrate so deeply into studying of figures, you can attentively read the instruction, many producers specify a percentage ratio of daily requirement of an organism.

Vitamins for every day

Vitamin D

Promotes assimilation in an organism of phosphorus and calcium. Fat-soluble vitamin. Reduces development of such diseases as arthritises, multiple sclerosis and even prevents development of cancer cells. Vitamin D is capable to protect our sight. Deficiency of vitamin results in fragility of bones, osteoporosis. What to do? Every day within several minutes to be on the sun, it will be enough for ensuring daily norm of necessary amount of vitamin. Vitamin D is irreplaceable at children's age. To all children age till one year for prevention doctors appoint this vitamin. Such products as eggs, a liver, milk and fat fish are rich in vitamin D.

Vitamin K

This vitamin is necessary for immunity strengthening, for saturation of an organism energy. Plays the main role in strengthening of bones and coagulability of blood at people of advanced age. Reduces risk of heart diseases. Is present at cod-liver oil, soy oil and green tomatoes.

B6 vitamin

The main vitamin strengthening immunity. In complex treatment helps to struggle with a depression. Treats heart diseases. Supports sugar level in blood. Pregnant women need to use this vitamin. The lack of B6 vitamin leads to development of anemia. Contains in such products as: bananas, avocado, fish, haricot, porridge.

Vitamin E

The irreplaceable assistant in cosmetology, possesses the rejuvenating property. Is a part of many cosmetics on care of skin and hair. Slows down processes of aging of skin, prevents heart troubles, memory loss, struggles with oncological diseases. Thanks to the vitamin E use yours skin skin and hair will look healthy and shining. In large numbers vitamin E contains in a filbert, spinach, peanut butter, cod-liver oil, sunflower seeds of sunflower and germs of wheat.

B12 vitamin

Treats a depression and disorder of memory. Irreplaceable vitamin for women as it is necessary for a normal metabolism. It is applied at prevention of cardiovascular diseases, anemia. Deficiency of vitamin causes a depression and irritability, and also oral cavity inflammations. Contains in eggs, fish, meat, milk and firm cheese.

Vitamin C

It is necessary for each person, irrespective of a gender and age sign, especially in off-season and during the periods of outbreaks of catarrhal diseases. Strengthens immunity, helps the fastest healing of wounds, in a complex with other vitamins helps to cope with heart diseases, some types of a cancer. Grapefruit, oranges, pepper, strawberry, tomatoes, a kiwi are rich with this vitamin cabbage of broccoli and white.

Folic acid (B9 vitamin)

It is important for health of each woman, and especially for those who plans pregnancy. Prevents heart troubles, reduces a blood pressure, stimulates work of a brain. Contains in green vegetables, cabbage, parsley, a peanut, a melon, strawberry, haricot, eggs and food yeast.

Biotin (B7 vitamin)

It is irreplaceable during active growth of bones. Supports an optimum level of cholesterol in blood. Health vitamin for hair and skin. Deficiency of biotin causes violations of cardiovascular system, a depression, anemia. It is necessary to use such products: potatoes, bananas, fish, melons, yellow fruit, pepper, nuts, cheese, milk, porridge, egg yolk.

Riboflavinum (B2 vitamin)

Possesses the all-strengthening action on an organism, provides a metabolism. Riboflavinum – growth vitamin. Strengthens immunity, fights fatigue and slight nervous breakdowns. The lack of B2 vitamin leads to deterioration of appearance, dimness of skin and an itch, early emergence of wrinkles. That it did not occur, use meat, milk, cheese, vegetables, nuts and porridges.

Special vitamins

Iron (Fe)

If not to fill up the organism with iron, there can be quite serious consequences, namely – anemia. This microcell is simply necessary for each woman as women suffer from its shortcoming more, than men.

So the female organism is arranged that monthly in the period of periods the organism loses a certain amount of iron and it is necessary to resupply gland. Unfortunately, by means of products, daily using "metal" products, it is impossible to fill up in strongly exhausted iron reserves. But if you fully eat, not to "keep" the rigid diet, will enough use such products as greens, a chicken liver, nuts, apples and grenades. We do not forget that iron from products is acquired only for 10%.

Lack of iron of an organism. Symptoms: dizziness, noise in ears, memory impairment, frequent colds. At a lack of iron in an organism, the person feels tired, it does not have enough energy, feels muscular weakness.

Deficiency of iron is dangerous at pregnancy and can lead to complications of a course of pregnancy and difficult delivery.

Hair become fragile, dim, "split" on tips, nails exfoliate, and skin becomes dry, there is a pallor and a peeling.

How to fill up iron reserves. To accept preparations which are quickly acquired in an organism, food additives, complex vitamins. At the correct treatment all above described symptoms of shortage of iron gradually pass. But we do not forget that it is not enough, it is necessary to accept ferriferous preparations courses, with an interval in one-two months. Daily requirement for women – 20 mg.

Zinc (Zn)

Excellent immunomodulator. Important microcell. Helps to struggle with catarrhal diseases. Reduces allergic reactions on skin, struggles with acne rash, prevents emergence of early wrinkles. Zinc regulates fat content of skin and often is a part of cosmetics on care of skin. It is useful to sight. Zinc – mood vitamin, especially helps to cope to a female organism with PMS. It is necessary for people, sick diabetes.

Shortage of zinc can lead to a hair loss and fragility of nails, infertility, bleedings at pregnancy, apathy, to catarrhal diseases.

Zinc contains in lentil, soy, buckwheat, mushrooms, pumpkin sunflower seeds, bilberry, fish, corn, fish, cocoa. Daily need for zinc of 12-15 mg.

Magnesium (Mg)

Main mineral of female beauty. It is necessary for maintenance of normal functions of a menstrual cycle, conception, pregnancy and childbirth. Magnesium helps to cope with irritability and fatigue in the period of PMS. An irreplaceable mineral at pregnancy. Its shortage can lead to premature birth.

Lack of magnesium. Hair loss, fragility of nails, spasms, muscular spasms, irritability, increased fatigue, memory impairment, sleeplessness.

Is present at nuts, sunflower seeds, green apples, haricot, green pepper, wheat bran. Accept magnesium in a complex with B6 vitamin. Daily norm of consumption of magnesium – 300-400 mg.

Vitamins for hair

That your hair always were silky, accept vitamins A, E, C and groups B. Vitamin A: hair will be brilliant and strong. Vitamin C will improve blood circulation. Vitamin E will accelerate growth of hair. Vitamins of group B prevent emergence of a gray hair.

Vitamins for nails

Vitamins A, With, E and N. Vitamins A, C and E promote rapid growth of nails. Vitamin N – does nails strong.

Vitamins for skin

Vitamins K, E, groups B and C. Vitamin C does female skin elastic.

So, in order that to us, women to look always beautiful, fresh and full of strength, it is necessary to be in the fresh air, properly to eat and accept vitamins and microcells. But do not forget that it is necessary to accept vitamins correctly not to allow development of a gipervitaminoz.

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