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Application of an eleuterokokk

What do you know about an eleuterokokka? Most of people heard about it only from advertizing of means for immunity increase, but this unusual plant is capable on much bigger. It is possible to speak about advantage and properties of an eleuterokokk infinitely long, we will allocate most important and useful.

Many remember tasty sweet aerated water from the past under the name "Baikal". The domestic analog of Coca-Cola was extraordinary popular in all USSR. Not aggressive advertizing which advances even hopeless goods today, and the unique structure and pleasant taste in many respects obliged to presence of an eleuterokokk was the reason for that. This component gave to drink freshness and singularity. By the way, today in Ukraine drink with the content of extract of a root of an eleuterokokk and popularity its almost same, as at the Soviet "Baikal" is made in due time.

What is eleuterokokk? Many know it under it is easier the said name – the Siberian ginseng. There are 30 species of this plant which can be, both a bush, and a tree.

In Russia grows only one look – eleuterokokk prickly. And it meets only in the Far East – in mountains, valleys and the woods of the mixed type. Eleuterokokk it is possible to grow up independently, but to land him better not than the house on a window sill, and on a country site or an edge somewhere in Western Siberia where all suitable conditions are created. By the way if in time not to cut and to weed landing, the impassable eleuterokokkovy thicket is very quickly formed, is more dense, than blackberries grew.

Application and curative properties already said that eleuterokokk – the unique representative of flora, time came now to understand, in what an essence of its uniqueness. Besides decorative properties, it is known as a powerful immunostimulator and the power engineering specialist. Infusion or extract from roots of this plant possesses the powerful toning influence. And it helps "to gather" not only if necessary to work physically, but also in case of hard mental work. Therefore the portion of an eleuterokokk before examination or important conference will come in handy!

Eleuterokokk register at chronic fatigue, decrease of a vitality and other unpleasant consequences of a fast and cruel modern way of life. No power engineering specialists and antidepressants are capable to give that can eleuterokokk. And the most pleasant that at all the obvious usefulness and efficiency there is it real kopeks!

Besides, eleuterokokk it is capable to lift quickly arterial pressure, to normalize work of nervous system and to strengthen weak immunity. Therefore even if you do not suffer from overfatigue or depressions, it will be useful to drink daily a little extract for immunity maintenance, especially in a cold season. The portion of an eleuterokokk before work will give you inflow of forces and cheerfulness even if the window is followed by the opposite drizzling rain and so there is no wish to leave the house.

The Siberian ginseng is extremely useful to the people who underwent heavy operations as helps to return to normal quickly. The range of application of an eleuterokokk is so wide that often its extract register at complex treatment of oncological diseases.

How it works?

How eleuterokokk does people vigorous, healthy and clever? When the person accepts infusion, its nervous system starts working much quicker, he as if wakes up and starts perceiving the arriving information much more accurately, to react to external irritants quicker, reaction etc. improves. Laboratory researches showed that at the people who accepted a ginseng sugar in blood and arterial pressure was normalized.

The people who are regularly accepting eleuterokokk adapt for new adverse conditions or sharply increased physical activity quicker. Happy "experimental" transferred negative impact of environment, especially in the polluted megalopolises much better. Their immune system became much more steadily to viruses and they did not suffer from general seasonal epidemics of respiratory character which we inevitably face every year.

Good news to a strong half of mankind – the regular use of an eleuterokokk raises a libido and improves a potentiality several times.

Eleuterokokk is irreplaceable for DJs and all those who works in places with loud sounds (boiler rooms, plants etc.) as he helps to keep auditory acuity, without regard to constant strong tension.

To diabetics it will help to lower sugar level in blood if to accept infusion regularly within at least two weeks.

At the broken menstrual cycle it is recommended to accept the infusion diluted with water daily. It will help to normalize work of sexual glands and to settle a cycle.

The range of influence of a wonderful plant is not limited only to intake. Compresses from infusion promote the fastest healing of wounds. And if at least once in a week to rinse head skin and hair with weak solution of essence, can safely forget about dandruff and a hair loss.

All plants in a varying degree make anti-radiative effects, but eleuterokokk creates a powerful protective barrier to those who is compelled to be every day in places with a radiation background. By the way, practically each citizen lives in such adverse conditions therefore reception of an eleuterokokk is simply necessary for the modern person.

Practical application

Today in each drugstore it is possible to buy tincture of an eleuterokokk without problems. There is this pleasure of kopek, and the benefit is brought the enormous. It is better to take it for half an hour to food till 20-40 of the drops diluted with a small amount of water. On taste infusion specific, but definitely not opposite therefore it can be given bravely even to children.

By the way, about a dosage for children. The quantity of drops of a preparation directly depends on age of the person and a disease which he intends to cure. Before reception it is necessary to consult surely with the pediatrician.

Unlike many preparations of a phytogenesis, tincture of an eleuterokokk gives instant effect, but its force depends on reception duration. So, if you for the sake of interest drink since morning of 30 drops diluted with water, will be surprised during the day, from where in you there are so much forces and cheerfulness. If to turn reception of the Siberian ginseng into daily physical exercise, literally in a week you will get used to constant concentration and a high tone, will become more rare to be ill or will forget about cold and cold at all. Pleasant prospect, isn't it?

If you planned travel to tropical countries, long expedition to mountains or simply a campaign for some days, be not too lazy to take with yourself an infusion small bottle. He will help to adapt for sharply changed living conditions quicker.

By the way, it is possible to suffer from sharp changes also at home, for example, when the summer is replaced in the fall. Many people very sharply feel changes of weather and painfully react to change of atmospheric pressure. Eleuterokokk will help and in this case!

But will be enough about sores. Eleuterokokk as it was already told, possesses fantastically wide range of influence. It is applied not only in traditional and traditional medicine, but also in cosmetology. mentioned slightly above that it helps to get rid of dandruff. Scientists found out long ago that the Siberian ginseng perfectly copes even with the started fat seborrhea and early baldness. Cream on the basis of extract of an eleuterokokk is capable to work wonders not only with skin of hands, feet and breasts. If to rub it in the head, the result will be swept up already through some sessions.

So, we found out that eleuterokokk helps to overcome diseases and to find beauty, but on it the list of ways of its use does not come to an end. If you taste fresh-gathered berries of this plant, but there will be a feeling as if you chewed a pack of spices. Such effect simply could not remain unnoticed! You should not think that if eleuterokokk is on sale in drugstores, means it it is possible to use only in the medical purposes. Many with pleasure add it to food as seasoning. It gives fragrant and saturated aroma. Of course, it is not about tincture, and about fresh or dried plants. Leaves can be used as tea leaves or an additive in tea.

Eleuterokokk goes to food not only to people, but also animals. From it the fine additive for a forage to cattle, a bird and rodents, especially during the winter period when so there are no fresh greens and vitamins turns out. Try to add to a forage to chickens the leaves of an eleuterokokk crushed in powder, and already in few weeks will notice that eggs began to appear twice more. Powder from leaves or broth of rhizomes can be added and to drink an animal, after all by and large it is not important how useful substances will get to an organism. By the way, for pets during the winter period it too will be useful, the main thing - carefully to calculate a dosage.

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