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Treatment of a gastroduodenit

You come now to shop or to the market – and there on shelves the huge range of food is presented. But not always the food happens in pleasure. Statistical researches show that more than a half of the population have problems connected with digestive system. It is considered one of widespread diseases gastroduodenit.

Gastroduodenit – what is it?

At the marked pathology there is an inflammation of the mucous membrane covering a duodenum and pilorichesky area of a stomach. The name of a disease also came from connection together of two Ancient Greek words which are translated as "stomach" and "duodenum" then the suffix – it was added to the word pointing to existence of inflammatory process. At this inflammatory reaction normal regeneration of tissue of mucous membrane is broken, it can even atrophy. Depending on what the factor which caused an illness prevails, gastroduodenita classify on:

  • primary (they are provoked by mainly external reasons);
  • secondary (most often occur because of internal factors).

This pathology can be local or extensive (widespread). Proceeding from indicators of acidity, a gastroduodenita have such division:

  • with the raised acid secretion;
  • the lowered secretion of gastric juice;
  • with normal sekretorny function.

Why appears gastroduodenit?

The reasons conducting to a gastroduodenit in life meets much:

  • the increased formation of acid digestive glands;
  • violation of hormonal regulation of amount of the developed gastric juice;
  • shortage of slime in a duodenum and a stomach;
  • development in a digestive tract of a bacterium under the name of a helikobakterpilora;
  • endocrine diseases;
  • violations of work of a pancreas, liver and gall bladder;
  • intestinal infections;
  • influence of some drugs, pesticides, preservatives;
  • improper feeding, frequent use of sharp, very hot or cold food;
  • smoking;
  • caries on teeth, the periodic inflammations of a mouth, drinks passing into a chronic stage;
  • hereditary predisposition;
  • stressful situations.

Symptoms of a gastroduodenit

The illness can let know about itself unexpectedly. When the person is hungry, there can be an attack for which are characteristic: the sharp pains which are localized in the top part of a stomach, a podtashnivaniye. Also vomiting is sometimes added. Mirsovetov at once wants to warn that symptoms of this illness are very similar to gastritis. Patients tell the doctor that they have a sluggish appetite, a frequent eructation, importunate heartburn, unpleasant smack in a mouth, feeling of overpopulation of a stomach, regularly arising ponosa or locks. In addition at the person it is possible to note pallor, slackness, violation of exchange processes, shortage of vitamins B an organism. Only the gastroenterologist to whom and it is necessary to address if the above symptoms began to disturb you can confirm the diagnosis.


After survey and filling of data in a medical card, the doctor gives the directions on carrying out a number of inspections. In an arsenal of physicians there are such methods of diagnostics now:

  1. Endoscopic inspection – is capable to show a focal or diffusion giperemiya (reddening) of a mucous membrane, it swelled, a hypertrophy of folds and other manifestations of pathology. If there is an atrophy, pallor of a mucous membrane is noted, it is as if thinned, and folds look smoothed.
  2. Histologic research of a condition of a mucous duodenum and stomach – allows to judge extent of defeat by inflammatory and dystrophic processes.
  3. The assessment of sekretorny activity of a stomach – is carried out by means of the special probe having the built-in electrodes.
  4. The Antroduodenalny manometriya – allows to draw conclusions on motor function.
  5. Elektrogastrografiya (in abbreviated form the called EGG) – shows a true motility.
  6. Ultrasonic inspection of a stomach after it is filled with water.
  7. Stomach roentgenoscopy with use of such contrast substance, as barium. It is applied to exclude (or to reveal) other pathologies, for example, of a tumor, chronic duodenal impassability, a stenosis (narrowing) of the gatekeeper, congenital defects.
  8. Definition of a helikobakterioz is carried out by means of histology, a bacterioscopy, respiratory dough.

All these inspections help the doctor to study a condition of a mucous membrane of sick bodies and to decide on treatment tactics.

Recommendations about treatment

At once we adjust readers that treatment of a gastroduodenit long, it takes place in some stages, with obligatory observance of a diet, adjustment of a diet. It is necessary to correct the way of life, to get rid of the habits doing harm to health.

Medical foods at a gastroduodenita – the subject big, perhaps, will open it in separate article. For now we tell that persons interested to recover, by all means have to follow advice of the nutritionist.

If the helikobakterny infection is revealed, the antibacterial preparations capable to destroy it are appointed. Among them Klaritrosin (Klaritromitsin), Amoksitsillin, Metronidazole.

At the increased acidity the doctor appoints the antisekretorny means and antatsida capable to normalize secretion for the long period of time, to neutralize an adverse effect of acid on a mucous membrane (Omez, Ranitidine, Famotidin, Vikalin, Maaloks, Fosfalyugel, Almagel and others).

If gastroduodenit secondary, arose against the lowered kislotoproduktion, fermental preparations are written out.

Spazmolitik, sedatives, vitamins (E, And, the whole complexes), mineral waters, physiotherapeutic procedures, kurortolecheny are sometimes appointed.

Good results are yielded by the phytotherapy helping to normalize work of a digestive tract.

What does traditional medicine offer?

  1. For 30-60 days accept twice a day the juice which is squeezed out of a leaf of an aloe – on two teaspoons. It is necessary to do it in 15 minutes before eat.
  2. In a thermos place the crushed burdock roots (in number of two tea spoons), fill in 400 ml of the boiled water. It is better to do this means in the evening that in 12 hours to filter it and to begin the use. A dosage is as follows: on 100 ml three times a day before meal. This means is shown at whom gastroduodenit proceeds against the increased acidity.
  3. Gastroduodenit, followed by the lowered acidity, treat by means of squeezed out of juice blackcurrant berries. Accept it three times a day on 50 ml to food.
  4. Buy a silverweed rhizome in a drugstore, prepare broth, having measured a tablespoon of the crushed raw materials, fill in it 200 ml of water, let the structure will boil on weak fire of minutes fifteen. Cover broth and start filtering only in 45 minutes. It is necessary to accept means on 15 ml of 5 times a day.
  5. Take a tablespoon of sheet salad which should be washed up and crushed previously, put in bank. Will boil 250 ml of water and fill in it in capacity with salad. Wrap up and in two hours start filtering. Drink on 100 ml in the morning when woke up also in the evening, before going to bed. If forgot to drink in the morning a portion, drink the whole glass in the evening.
  6. Fill in with a glass of boiled water a tea spoon of florets of an apple-tree. Infusion will be ready in 40 minutes. The filtered infusion should be drunk in a day in stages.
  7. Break a fresh grass of mint at dacha. It has to be so much that in the crushed look a half of a big glass turned out. Place fragrant mint in a thermos, fill in it 500 ml of boiled water. In 6 hours it is possible to start filtering. Drink infusion in a warm look on 100 ml three times a day to food. Means is recommended to at whom the increased acidity.

Certainly, it is necessary to use the recipes offered above only after you consulted at the phytotherapist or the treating doctor.

Usually the course of complex treatment makes from 21 to 28 days, it cannot be interrupted, differently the disease will pass into a chronic form, constantly will have an effect renewal of symptoms. Heavy forms of a gastroduodenit are fraught with bleedings from the damaged bodies (a duodenum, a stomach). And to warn an unpleasant illness, try to adhere healthy, active lifestyle, the healthy, balanced nutrition, in due time address to the doctor at inflammations in a mouth, problems with teeth and other bodies and systems. Be cheerful, adjust yourself on a positive harmony, learn to get rid of negative emotions quickly.

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