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Treatment of an epididymite

Everyone has an Achilles' heel, and a strong half of mankind did not become an exception. An epididymite – especially man's disease which object of defeat is a small egg appendage. How to distinguish an illness and as to struggle with it, read in article.

Latin designated an appendage as epididimis. As you already guessed, this concept and formed the basis of the name of pathology about which the speech will go. Appendages – one of the most important pair bodies of men's reproductive system who is responsible for full maturing of sexual gametes (spermatozoa) before they take part in fertilization of an ovum.

The appendage represents itself long (about 6 m!) quite rigid tubule which is compactly squeezed behind a small egg. In general appearance of an appendage, figuratively speaking makes related it with a spermatozoon: it too has a head, a body and the tail pointed at the end. It is remarkable that the sharp epididymite can withdraw without medicamentous therapy in 4–5 days, but in most cases there is a danger that the disease will get a chronic form.

Clinical picture of a disease

In group of risk there are boys and men from 15 to 40 years. Quite often pathology and elderly people after 60 years affects. Depending on character and intensity of a current the epididymite happens sharp and chronic. Inflammatory process can extend on one or at once on two small eggs.

As indicative symptoms of an epididymite consider:

  • feeling of weight in a groin;
  • pain of the cutting character in a small egg;
  • impurity of insignificant amount of blood in urine;
  • unusual allocations from a penis;
  • the patient feels pain in inguinal area during walking, a spravleniye of natural needs.

Features of man's physiology are that that a thicket the left small egg is subject to an illness. The epididymite of the right small egg and their bilateral defeat meets much less often. If urinary channels became inflammation epicenter in the beginning, the first painful symptoms are localized in the left side, and after a while move to a groin.

Current of a sharp form of a disease

The sharp epididymite declares itself sudden high temperature, a fever and painful feelings in a groin. The appendage changes under the influence of an illness at this time: its fabric becomes more dense, and the head increases in sizes. If blood became the messenger of an infection, the first the head inflames, and the tail suffers from the first in a case of the ascending infection.

Pain having the pulsing character extends on area of a waist and a sacrum. The inflamed and swelled appendage covers a small egg a dense ring, semyavyvodyashchy channels and kanatik sometimes suffer. Because of an epididymite can develop orkhit – a small egg inflammation.

In certain cases all manifestations of a sharp epididymite in some days leave without treatment, however, a state it quite often terminates in abscess or development of a chronic form of an illness.

Abscess symptoms following:

  • the increased body temperature;
  • the smooth, hardly tense scrotum skin from the struck party;
  • extreme morbidity of a scrotum.

Current of a chronic form of a disease

Feature of a slow form of an epididymite is its initial development as that, without the sharp form of an illness preceding it. However it is not necessary to believe that in the absence of treatment the sharp epididymite is not transformed in chronic is quite widespread option of development of pathology. Quite often chronic illness is considered as result of in due time not cured diseases connected with system of genitals of the man. It can be uretrit, vezikulit, prostatitis, syphilis, gonorrhea. As the beginning for development of a chronic epididymite operation on removal or a perevyazyvaniye of semyavyvodyashchy channels can also serve.

Often such form of pathology mentions both appendages. A groin pain is present, but not so annoys the patient, as at a sharp epididymite. Temperature increases to 37 °C from time to time, and the struck part of a scrotum is condensed: in the field of a small egg fibrous cones and hems are formed.

Reasons of development of a disease

Bacteria are the main reason of developing of an epididymite. Allocate the following factors causing an inflammation of appendages:

  1. Retrograde infection – the most frequent reason of an epididymite. Pathogenic microorganisms get into appendage fabric from an urethra and a prostate.
  2. Hematogenic infection. Harmful bacteria get into an appendage with blood current when the person has pneumonia, typhus or flu.
  3. Contact infection. The inflammatory process which arose in a small egg extends and on an appendage.
  4. Trauma of small eggs.
  5. Easing of immunity because of a strong nerve strain.
  6. Unsuccessfully carried out endoscopy procedure.
  7. Parotitis which the patient had in the childhood.
  8. Tuberculosis.
  9. Big physical activities (most often it concerns children).

Diagnosis of a disease

The diagnosis is confirmed by laboratory research. For this purpose study results of the general blood test and urine, and also bacterial crops of microflora of an urethra which check for sensitivity to antibacterial preparations to choose the most effective option of treatment. Direct inspection of an urethra and a scrotum becomes the following stage of diagnostics. To define, at what stage of development there is an epididymite, conduct ultrasonic research of small eggs and a prostate.

Treatment of a disease

At the heart of treatment of any disease caused by bacteria antibacterial preparations lie. Mirsovetov recommends to refrain from independent treatment by folk remedies which can lead to dangerous complication – suppuration in the field of a small egg that quite often comes to an end with fusion of an appendage. The expert has to appoint effective treatment.

If causative agents of an epididymite belong to different types of pathogens, treatment, most likely, will be complex, consisting of two antibiotics. Drugs can be applied intravenously, intramuscularly or orally though the first way is considered the most effective. As a rule, treatment proceeds not less than 10 days.

To the patients who did not reach age of 40 years appoint simultaneous administration of drugs Tseftriakson and Doxycycline. To elderly patients and those who allows anal sex in intimate life (the epididymite in this case is caused by intestinal bacteria) and it is not infected with a gonokokkovy or trikhomonadny infection, write out a combination of Ciprofloxacin and Sulfametoksazol.

Usually treatment of an epididymite does not demand stationary conditions. Besides, some doctors have no anything against treatment by folk remedies (against medicamentous therapy).

For example, for weakening of symptoms of a sharp form of an illness it is possible to use the following vegetable means: juniper (flowers), an anise (fruits), a dandelion (root), parsley and a bearberry (leaves) mix in equal proportions. Then 3 tablespoons of mix fill in 1 l of boiled water, wrap up capacity with plants in woolen fabric and insist some hours. That medicine took effect, drink it in large volumes – not less than 1 l a day. Drink accept a food field for 7 days.

The violet fragrant (flowers), a bearberry (leaves), wild haricot (pods) and corn a rylets is used in treatment of a chronic epididymite. The specified ingredients mix in equal portions and 1 h. l. mixes fill in 200 ml of abrupt boiled water then insist 3 hours. Remedy is accepted by 3 times a day on 40 ml within 10–14 days.

Features of treatment of the child having an epididymite by all means discuss with the pediatrician, after all at such age antibacterial preparations can be accepted only taking into account the body weight of the patient.

First aid at a sharp form of a disease consists in cooling of a scrotum (applying of an artificial ice). To weaken pain in the field of a scrotum, small eggs fix in the raised state by means of swimming trunks. Besides, to the patient recommend to spend more time in a bed and to have a rest. It is forbidden to take alcoholic drinks, spicy and sharp products.

In treatment of a chronic epididymite a main goal – not to bring an illness to a stagnant state and a sklerotization of a small egg. The good effect can achieve by means of medical bathtubs and physiotherapeutic procedures (ultrasound, OVCh). In parallel with these actions to the patient appoint reception of immunomodulators and nonsteroid resolvents.

Prevention of a disease

  1. The unprotected sexual contacts are possible only with the constant partner.
  2. Application of means of barrier contraception at casual sexual relations.
  3. Responsible observance of rules of personal hygiene.
  4. Immediate fight against infectious and inflammatory diseases of urinogenital system under control of the expert.
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