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1 place//Rating: 4.7 / Voices: 241
How to recolour old furniture//House and the apartment / Make
Как перекрасить старую мебельIn the majority of apartments the furniture makes the most powerful part of an interior. And, perhaps, the most expensive. It is not so simple to replace it, as the bothered curtains or the lamp which got out of fashion. What to do if the soul asks something fresh and original, and are not provided in the closest plans of expenditure for new furniture? And let's try recolour the old!
2 place//Rating: 4.7 / Voices: 211
How to bring up in itself the leader//Psychology / Psychology of the personality
Как воспитать в себе лидераAre not born leaders, become leaders. Psychologists developed a set of systems and ways of development of psychology of the leader and leadership skills long ago. In this article InfoAdvisor.net will consider some psychological exercises as there is a lot of them and most of each other supplement or alter.
3 place//Rating: 4.6 / Voices: 898
How to tie a tie//Fashion and styles / Accessories
Как завязывать галстукThe tie in the modern world of business people is an integral part of man's clothes. For all history of existence there were about 85 ways of setting of a tie. Therefore give together with InfoAdvisor.net we will consider the most widespread and simple ways of setting of ties.
4 place//Rating: 4.6 / Voices: 642
Mistakes of beginners in a gym//Sports / Exercises
Ошибки новичков в тренажерном залеTo be engaged in the body, to pump up muscles, to become the bodybuilder – all this similar formulations of one question by which almost everyone was set once. And the question consists in, whether it is time for me to go to be engaged to a gym. In this article InfoAdvisor.net will consider ten typical, i.e. most extended for beginners delusions and mistakes.
5 place//Rating: 4.6 / Voices: 633
Ways of the termination of a lactation//House and apartment / Family
Способы прекращения лактацииMaternal milk – the most valuable and useful product for the kid, but, despite it, will come time when the child needs to be weaned. Not important, it will become necessarily for mother or to that the kid already grew up. The most important that, as a rule, is not paid to this timepoint due attention from the point of view of feelings of mother.
6 place//Rating: 4.6 / Voices: 624
We choose a skateboard//Sport / Sports goods
Выбираем скейтбордSkateboard choice – business absolutely not difficult, but it is necessary to approach it seriously, depends on it, your board, and, perhaps, and your health how many will hold on. Now in shops such variety a board equipment is presented that eyes run up. Each skateboarder chooses for himself certain firms.
7 place//Rating: 4.6 / Voices: 560
What is the format of the mkv//Hi-Tech / Program
Что такое формат mkvIn the modern digital world there is a set of various ways of submission of digital multimedia information. Of course, to transfer analog information to a digital form, the special programs creating the file (we will call it the container), which contains all audio and video information are necessary.
8 place//Rating: 4.6 / Voices: 488
How to fight against laziness//Psychology / Psychology of the personality
Как бороться с леньюAt first laziness binds hand and foot of you, being covered with usual rest, then gradually it captures you completely. And you do not manage to come round as already entirely are within her power. In especially started cases some individuals manage to be lazy even to think. Unpleasant feelings, truth? It is necessary to get rid of them somehow. Now with you also we will be engaged in it!
9 place//Rating: 4.6 / Voices: 422
Choice and feeding of a kitten//House and apartments / Pets
Выбор и кормление котенкаSo, you want to get a kitten, but do not know with what to begin. At first you need to choose, whether there will be your kitten the thoroughbred aristocrat or a simple domestic cat. The kitten is capable to bring big joy and happiness as the irrepressible temper it will begin to bother and amuse all your family to your house.
10 place//Rating: 4.6 / Voices: 332
In total about products with GMO//Medicine / Hygiene of food
Всё о продуктах с ГМОAll of us have heard a lot about genetically modified organisms. The unprecedented sensation is lifted round GMO in recent years. At every turn say about unprecedented harm of GMO, that it is very dangerous to eat the products containing GMO. InfoAdvisor.net tried to understand and today will tell you everything that everyone should know about GMO.
11 place//Rating: 4.6 / Voices: 313
That we know about a fireball//Different / Unknown
Что мы знаем о шаровой молнииThe fear of the person most often proceeds from ignorance. Very few people are afraid of a usual lightning — a spark electric discharge — and all know how to behave during a thunder-storm. But that such the fireball, whether is dangerous it and what to do if you faced this phenomenon? Also will tell about it InfoAdvisor.net today.
12 place//Rating: 4.6 / Voices: 294
How competently to pay compliments//Psychology / Psychology of the relations
Как грамотно говорить комплиментыMuch of us very much like to see how relatives, friends and acquaintances arrive according to our representations. We usually pay to such people compliments. Your ability sincerely to pay compliments, will help with communications with all people to reach mutual sympathy, at work will give chance to establish relations with employees, will lead to success in career!
13 place//Rating: 4.6 / Voices: 223
How to hand over blood//Medicine / Other
Как сдавать кровьThe main problem of donorship of blood consists that blood is necessary constantly because not all its components can be stored long. On the other hand, intervals between dachas of blood have to be sufficient not to be injurious to health of the donor. Therefore it is necessary many donors who are regularly handing over blood or its components.
14 place//Rating: 4.6 / Voices: 215
How to make an aquarium the hands//the House and the apartment / Make
Как сделать аквариум своими рукамиFrom what to us in general to be engaged in independent assembly of an aquarium? Really. After all now the aquarium can be found in any pet-shop and, of course, in a poultry market. But there are three reasons for which you are solved on it: in shop there is no suitable copy (the price does not arrange), it is interesting to check the masterful qualities, are going to earn additionally it.
15 place//Rating: 4.5 / Voices: 8585
How to learn it is correctly to kiss//Psychology / Psychology of the relations
Как научиться правильно целоватьсяLet's talk about "adult" kisses. Agree, always there is a wish to appear before the partner in the best light, to show, on what you are capable, sometimes even to surprise. After all if skilled Casanova always try to perfect the skill what then to speak about us, about the mortal and ordinary people who are eager for tenderness and caress or about those who did not feel this dizzy "potseluyny" pleasure yet?
16 place//Rating: 4.5 / Voices: 6838
How to pump up house muscles//Sports / Exercises
Как накачать мышцы домаThe desire to pump up muscles at the men dissatisfied with the physical form, arises more often than it can be imagined. But here business does not reach only practice in most cases. The offered exercises will help to pump up muscles, and to carry out them it is possible and it is necessary at home.
17 place//Rating: 4.5 / Voices: 1441
How to be pleasant to the girl//Psychology / Psychology of the relations
Как понравиться девушкеYou only remember the first appointment! As you wanted to be pleasant to the girl! With what awe you appointed a place and time of a meeting. And all it seemed simply and easily! But these minutes of expectation and excitement which pulse in your temples and are not able to afford to collect the thoughts …
18 place//Rating: 4.5 / Voices: 1101
How to get rid of louses//Medicine / Other
Как избавиться от вшейI also could not suspect that when mother will braid to me braids for September 1 in school, she will see mad quantity of louses at me on the head. And I could not even think that I had louses because of whom on the same day my long curly hair turned into a boring kare. So I for the first time got acquainted with parasites.
19 place//Rating: 4.5 / Voices: 1017
If you decided to become emos//Miscellaneous / Rest and entertainments
Если вы решили стать эмоUndoubtedly, all of us noticed on streets of the cities of dark-haired boys and girls, with the bang squinted sideways, dressed in black-pink clothes, with a bag through a shoulder, uveshenny badges. I think, all already know that it is so-called emos. This the article InfoAdvisor.net was devoted to the story about the one by whom such emos actually and how it is possible to become one of them?
20 place//Rating: 4.5 / Voices: 914
What is the torrent and as to use it//the Hi-Tech / Internet and networks
Что такое торрент и как им пользоватьсяAny person, got used to download from the Network music, movies or games directly from the server, i.e. from any site, a forum. But there are situations when on the Internet the required file is absent for any reasons. In such situations to us the remarkable Torrent service through which it is possible to find practically any file necessary to us comes to the rescue.