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The tire calculator and other cunnings upon rubber purchase

On the Internet there are hundreds of articles on a right choice of wheels and accessories for cars today. But despite it, each motorist on border of a winter or summer season faces a problem of a pereobuvaniye of the iron favourite.

The negligence and carelessness in a choice of the correct rubber and disks can entail very deplorable results. Besides that incorrectly picked up disks and tires inappropriate to them sharply reduce service life running and suspension brackets, so they also considerably reduce the level of safety and comfort at a driving in your car. In this article we will try to give to you some advice concerning purchase of the corresponding disks and rubber for "cars".

Let's begin, perhaps, with a rubber choice, that is tires for the car. For anybody not a secret that there is a summer rubber for a driving in a warm season and similar – winter rubber. There is, in addition, so-called "vsesezonka", but assure you that ideal all-weather tires for the car which would provide optimum coupling with the road, simply do not exist. It is a simple trick of the marketing specialists wishing it is most favorable to sell the goods. Many distinguish rubber only protector drawing, but it is wrong, after all it is easy to confuse winter and summer option. Tires differ in structure, softness, and winter meanwhile also in existence or lack of thorns. Studded rubber perfectly is suitable for a driving on a snow-covered or ice covering. For the cleared city streets rubber without thorns will appear more optimum option. For a choice of the correct rubber independently we recommend to use to you the tire calculator which you can find on many specialized automobile sites. It will help you to pick up correctly rubber of the disks which are rather available for you.

The choice of disks goes the following. Many say that a half of beauty of the car in its wheels. Also it is the truth. Upon purchase of similar spare parts it is necessary to know that there are some types of rims: stamped, light-alloy and shod. Stamped are the cheapest option and, most often, go in a basic complete set on domestic cars. Their advantages are the durability, high maintainability and low cost, but thus they the least beautiful and the most massive. Slightly more expensively for you there will be cast light-alloy wheels. They it is much easier stamped, take away heat from brake system better and are steady against deformation. After installation of such disks your car takes at once a stylish, noble form. Minuses of these disks is their bad maintainability. Shod disks possess still smaller weight in comparison with cast, they stronger and, therefore, perfectly are suitable for our roads. But, unfortunately, they do not give in to repair at all and have a ceiling price upon purchase.

What a set of disks and tires you would not want to buy, we recommend strongly to you to consult before purchase to professional experts, but not to count only on the knowledge. Besides, it is necessary to make purchase only from specialized sellers and dealers.

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