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Rules of business correspondence

Business communication never does without business correspondence. Especially such business management is actual at the solution of immediate problems in short terms, and personal meeting is not expected. But sometimes the wrong text and semantic registration of the letter can call expediency of cooperation into question. Today will tell how not to face such problem.

Business correspondence in the modern world is very important type of communication in the environment of commercial and business activity. In fact, it is correspondence in a semi-official format among the enterprises of different branches. Meanwhile, the business letter has to be written perfectly in every sense: from spelling and a punctuation to semantic loading. Remember, in school days of the teacher often spoke: "Diary, this your person"? And so, in business relations your person is without doubts, business correspondence. And that it looked good, it is necessary to examine or even to learn rules of business etiquette at correspondence.

Basic rules of business correspondence

The modern form of business communication developed still about hundred fifty years ago in England. Exactly from there rules of etiquette originate by drawing up business letters. Then, because of non-compliance with rules of correspondence in the world community some countries even lost the prestige and prestige. Therefore clerks strictly studied all innovations and instructions not to be mistaken by drawing up the business letter. And though it is much easier to follow rules of spelling and a punctuation thanks to a global computerization today, sometimes it is possible to make the text of the letter simply unreadable and unclear. Therefore do communication as it is possible more simply, but do not pass a side of the legal. If the statement of all necessary aspects does the letter too overloaded with terms or it is simple with big coverage of subjects, write one more, specifying letter better. Issue it on such, uniform structure for all:

  1. Name of the sender.
  2. Date of writing.
  3. Contact information of the addressee.
  4. The introduction (here shortly tell about an essence of your address, specify a subject and the purpose of the letter. In an ideal there are enough three-five offers).
  5. The main part where it is necessary to state all aspects which you want to discuss.
  6. The conclusion (use a politeness formula, that is expression of the attitude towards the person in this part).
  7. Contacts of the sender.
  8. Other additions.

When writing the business letter the editor of the text of Microsoft Word is best of all to use. Choose the Times New Roman font, 12-14 size and 1-2 pt a line spacing, number of the page should be specified in the bottom right corner. As the world practice shows is the most optimum text settings for writing of the business letter. Do not forget to use firm paper or at least a logo of the enterprise at departure of the unpacked copy is your card. Treat its registration very carefully, after all in such simple way you will emphasize the authoritativeness and identity. At the international correspondence it is best of all to make the letter in English as the most optimum for all world community. Surely adhere to business tone, especially do not use popular speech, after all in certain cases they can be regarded as speech aggression. Depending on extent of your acquaintance to the addressee apply different formations of words which express your attitude towards the recipient in the address. For example, "Dear", "Respectable" or even "Road". Divide the business letter into semantic paragraphs as much as possible to make it as it is possible easier for perception. Use the rule: the first and last paragraph is no more than five lines, the others - less than eight. Never in business correspondence:

  • do not reduce word which go together with the address to the addressee (for example, "the head of firm" instead of "the chief of firm"; "uv." instead of "respected");
  • do not address in business correspondence on "you", it is not simply incorrect, and even is vulgar;
  • do not use ambiguous phrases and inaccuracies, also avoid congestion "professionalism".

At the end prescribe gratitude to the addressee, at least that he will read your "creativity". After obtaining the answer according to business etiquette you have to unsubscribe within ten days, if the letter printing, if the electronic – no more than, in 48 hours. Therefore if you expect a response to the correspondence, as often as possible check mail not to look through the answer.

How to make the business letter the most attractive

Yes, it is undoubted, on pro-procession of years, how many there is a correspondence, a steady number of rules and norms of etiquette for writing of the business letter was already developed. But, despite it as shows experiment of famous diplomats, now efficiency from writing of business correspondence began to depart from the standard doctrines. In this regard new rules of conducting attractive business correspondence were developed. Mirsovetov chose the most interesting and effective of them.

First rule. "Subject". The first that is evident when you receive the letter is its subject. Probably, at everyone happened that having received on mail, the letter with a mark "Re:", etc. we simply threw "Offer" in the folder of spam or deleted that did not "mylit" an eye. As well each addressee of the commercial letter, especially at a lack of time can throw it "in a fire chamber". For this reason pay special attention to the formulation of a subject. For example, instead of "Problem" it is possible to write it is developed "Problems of delivery of spare parts on HUNDRED" or instead of "The offer on cooperation" - "The offer of development of a joint advertizing campaign", etc. The addressee, even without opening the letter, it has to be ready to the flow of information offered by you and define at first sight: whether it is useful to read the letter or it is waste of time.

Second rule. "Greeting". You could imagine that sit in a magnificent office, analyze, for example, the business plan, and here to you the subordinate without "zdraste-dosvidanye" rushes puts on a table documents, is developed and leaves. Quite roughly, isn't it? Also also the business letter in which there is no greeting and the personal address is perceived. Therefore try to gain always the person at correspondence by means of the polite address: on a name middle name or simply by name, considering your interpersonal relations. If such data are unknown to you, begin the letter with the generalized words. Perfectly addresses "Dear colleagues", "Dear partners", "Dear management of the company", etc. will approach. Or simply begin the letter with the words "Hello" or "Good afternoon".

Third rule. "Structure". Will be very opportunely if you begin the letter with an explanation where and as you got acquainted or began cooperation. It will dispose the person to you and will become the additional lever of an arrangement to you. Further try to formulate one phrase the purpose of your letter. If there is a lot of such purposes, it is better to divide the text into smaller offers to make it available to perception. Try to lay out in the first paragraph all main thought of the letter the generalized phrase, after all the beginning of the text is perceived much better, than any other its parts. Also if at you many questions collected to the addressee, break them on points. At the end of the letter hope for further collaboration and appreciation to the recipient. Also do not forget to leave the coordinates (a full name, the name of the company, a position and contacts).

Fourth rule "Files". Agree, it is much more interesting to cooperate with the person who can tell about himself and the to work not only verbally, but also visually being guided only by business correspondence. Therefore try to prepare for the business letter any even elementary graphic presentation. A lot of time for its production at you will not leave but what will be effect. Also at addition of the enclosed files do not forget correctly them to sign. For example, instead of "Summary" it is correct "Ivanov I. I. Résumé for a vacancy of the Journalist".

Fifth rule "In total to a Place". Watch closely methods of own self-expression. For example, sometimes in business correspondence "smilies" meet even. From the point of view of the same respect for the addressee, they are inappropriate and their use can cause in your addressee hostility at communication with you. Also do not use expressional and caressing expressions. At registration of the business letter, the main thing - do not overdo with its memorability, after all in memory it is postponed not only good, but also bad.

And at last, recommends to begin correspondence only when in it there is an urgent need. Remember, the main rule of the business world – do not spend time in vain.

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