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Symptoms and treatment of neurosis

When you last time had fully a rest? Fully is means without haste, without thoughts that at work the report waits for you - will not wait, about that, as this month again will not be enough for desired purchase of money. Summer three weeks on country beds or thoughtlessly spent holidays on a beach are not counted.

We are hostages of a present rhythm of life. To correspond to modern way "to work = to live adequately", the person is obliged to be the qualified specialist with a heap of additional knowledge and skills. And there is still a family, native - to them we too by all means something have to. Quality of life every day becomes more expensive to correspond, many postpone the correct rest for later.

In group of risk - mother Earth

Симптомы и лечение невроза

Human body - strong and reliable system. He "will forgive" you both the long absence of holiday, and inability is correct to relax after heavy day of work, and the diseases which are not cured in time. But be ready to that tension saved months and even years will escape outside in the form of neurosis once.

The term "neurosis" in 1776 was offered by the Scottish doctor William Kullen. Neurosis is meant psikhogenno as the caused frustration of nervous system which arose as result of its overstrain in connection with different stressful situations. To it pessimists, people with the thin sincere organization and unstable nervous system are, as a rule, subject to a state, - all those who cannot resist to strokes of bad luck and falls on knees. And men long for the certificate of ubiquitous statistics neurosises by 3 times more often than women. But if thoughtfully to consider the reasons of developing of neurosis, it is possible to draw a conclusion that practically each of us is subject to this disease. So, prerequisites for development of neurosis can become:

  • stressful situations and conflicts (material deprivations, loss of close people, injustice, change or leaving of the second half of a family);
  • excessive overfatigue at work, performance of working duties on days off, lack of annual vacation;
  • hereditary factor;
  • failure in hormonal system;
  • defective dream (5 hours and less), sleeplessness;
  • improper (unbalanced) feeding, anemia;
  • excess weight, lack of healthy sports loadings;
  • chronic diseases;
  • abuse of alcohol, smoking of cigarettes, marihuana etc.

This list displays only major factors of risk, it is possible to continue it indefinitely. It should be noted a big role in formation of neurosis of the social and individual importance of experience. That is reaction to a stressful situation will gain relevance only when on the person works an irritant, specific, important only for it. At everyone neurosis - the, but its consequences for all identical: the disease aggravates quality of life, undermines adaptation opportunities of the person, leads to decrease in working capacity and, as a result, to decrease in professional skills, the compelled refusal of work, to destruction of a family. The people subject to neurosises, several times suffer more often and die of other diseases.

Be vigilant - at neurosis many masks

Симптомы и лечение невроза

In the XX century in untouched the civilization corners of Earth conducted researches among tribes which base of everyday life else was a primitive-communal system. If to trust anthropologists, our ancestors as well as we, felt on themselves all whims of the loosened nervous system. Therefore there is nothing surprising that after so many years neurosis developed together with the person, getting all new forms and features.

Today there are some classifications of neurosises. Symptoms of neurosis can be shown differently, depending on classification and a form of a course of disease:

  1. Neurasthenia - mental exhaustion. Differs in hypererethism and fast fatigue. Inadequate surges in emotions, inability are inherent to cope with them. Light cutting an eye, emotional conversation, music can become an irritation source for the neurasthenic. Besides, for a neurasthenia the headache, feeling of "a hard hoop" on temples, the increased sweating, tachycardia, dysbacteriosis, the complicated falling asleep are "normal". Depending on what emotions mainly operate mood of the patient, a neurasthenia divide on irritable (irascibility, anger, roughness) and depressive (slackness, tearfulness).
  2. Hysteria - more difficult degree of neurosis to which women from 20 to 45 years are inclined generally. A distinctive feature - an extreme egocentrism (desire to be in the center of attention), requirement to surprise and even to shock people around, sharp change of mood and attitude. Hysteria provokes "emergence" in the patient of diseases which actually are not present. It can be, for example, a blindness or partial loss of sight without changes of an eye bottom and crystalline lens and without the patient's natykaniye on subjects which he allegedly does not see. Such pseudo-symptomatology appears on the basis of the heard talk of doctors, someone else's diagnoses, the read information on any illness.
  3. Neurosis of persuasive states can be calculated on all-neurotic lines. One of most striking examples - a cardiophobia - persuasive fear for normal work of heart. Patients claim that hear a beating of the heart through a pillow that from this knock "the bed shivers"; some patients to a shiver in knees are frightened abnormal (from their point of view) by a pulsation in a temporal zone - they as if feel it in all body. The person suffering from this type of neurosis can endure some phobias at the same time. As an example, it is possible to remember a kantserofobiya (fear to develop a cancer) and an agoraphobia (intolerance of open spaces).
  4. Motive neurosises are characterized by tics, stutter, professional spasms (a writing spasm) and arise against a bad dream, increased fatigue, irritability.
  5. Vegetative neurosis - selective violation of activity of an internal. Most often patients complain of tachycardia, a high pressure, trouble breathing and digestion.
  6. Fear neurosis (disturbing neurosis). The main signal of a disease - people is very alarmed or scared. Most often arises very quickly. Sensation of fear can not abandon the patient with weeks and even months. Intensity of neurosis varies from easy alarm to the most real panic. The fear is unreasonable - the sick person does not realize of that he is afraid.
  7. Neurosis of expectation is shown in impossibility to execute this or that daily action because the patient is afraid of failure. So, impotence which is expressed in disappearance of an erection at the right time, one of the most frequent forms of this illness.
  8. Ipokhondrichesky neurosis is an inadequate hyper attention to the health with tendency to find at itself diseases and to make itself diagnoses. Often people hypochondriac which in the childhood imparted excessive care of the health become hypochondriacs. The illness transferred someone another or own insignificant indisposition can become a reason for the notions of compulsion. Patients so brightly imagine pain that the pricking, burning in a certain area, a fever can really test though real prerequisites for their emergence are not present.

Self-confidence - 50% of success in fight against neurosis

Симптомы и лечение невроза

Most often in the course of treatment of neurosises apply individual and group therapy, resort rest with the purpose to exclude the patient from the environment which provoked development of neurosis. Not less important part of treatment - the all-strengthening and psychotropic drugs (antidepressants), phytotherapy. For having neurosis services of the psychologist or the psychotherapist which will help to change the relation to a problem will become also not superfluous, will teach to cope with difficulties without prejudice to health, will help to believe in themselves.

If you personally did not face one of the types of neurosis described above - rough to you an applause. Progress and time are done not stand still - they continually entrain us, forcing our internal "squirrel" to twist a wheel everything quicker. It is very difficult to remain the quiet judicious person sometimes! will prompt to you how not to burn down in a flame of working everyday life how forever to take away from itself neurosises and stresses.

Eat not only properly, but also it is tasty. Sometimes the slice of a favourite chocolate works better, than a tablet of the soothing. But do not forget also about need of variety of food on a plate. The sturgeon, a salmon, fowl compensate for the deficiency of amino acids of an organism which it actively spends during a stress. Here we will add fruit, vegetables and buckwheat as the real well of poleznost in the situations provoking development of neurosis. Not to do without grass drinks with honey addition. Choose that to you to liking: melissa, camomile, hawthorn, valerian, pustyrnik. Besides, it is possible to find Collecting in any drugstore soothing No. 2. It is taken within three weeks on 1/3 glasses in the morning and in the evening for half an hour to food.

Do not forget about polyvitamins. Choose complexes as a part of which there are vitamins of group B, lecithin, folic acid. They will help your mood to keep in a positive framework. Well Supradin, Duovit, Teravit Antistress proved.

Provide the body with moderate physical activity. During swimming, sports walking, cyclings the organism is sated with oxygen, the head "is aired", and thoughts become slow and positive. After all it is also necessary for us! Also take for the rule daily to air all rooms of your house in spite of the fact that shows the thermometer - "minus" or "plus". Where it is easily breathed, there is no nervousness place.

Accurately plan the day. Sometimes in order that it is good to feel, it is necessary to sleep only. Go to a bed not later 24.00. After midnight the most useful comes, deep, the dream phase so necessary for our organism for rest.

Be open for all new, go on nature whenever possible more often, read and re-read good books - they are able to treat, granting us the correct spiritual food. Think up to yourself a hobby, whether it be knitting or cookery, there is nothing more pleasantly, than to create something, being given it with all the heart.

Never hide the emotions: there is a wish to cry - cry, the help is necessary - surely ask. Spend more time with those who is dear to you - with children, parents, the soulmate. You will not notice, full-blooded and saturated your life will become what. To go down stream - destiny desperate forever to forget about neurosises, it is necessary to move forward by all means!

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