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That is necessary for successful trade on Forex

Today trade on Forex becomes the same usual type of earnings, as well as service in accounting and tax accounting, services of the lawyer, etc. More and more people choose for themselves trade in the currency market. Success of trade depends on many factors: it both knowledge of indicators, and analytical work, and financial discipline.
Today trade on Forex becomes the same usual type of earnings, as well as service in accounting and tax accounting, services of the lawyer, etc. More and more people choose for themselves trade in the currency market.
You reflected what exactly attracts you in this hard type of earnings? For you it is opportunity to ego-trip? To prove to someone, what you "the cool trader"? Independence? Possibility of fast earnings? Gymnastics for mind?
If your motivation is connected to someone to prove something (even to itself), I think, you should not even begin. Will preserve the health and money. Also not the best decision to begin if you remained without income, and the certain saved-up sum by someone's good advice was decided to be increased on Forex. For several reasons in 99,9% you will remain without money.
If Forex is attractive to you by everything together (except any proofs and self-statements) and thus have other source of the income, the probability that will be able successfully to trade is high.
Truth! What disturbs?!
Trade in the market Forex is convenient to that you can work:
- at any convenient time;
- from any point of the World, there would be a computer and the Internet.
Over you there are no chiefs. You can give vent of the thought, conduct a number of researches with the subsequent experiments (if, of course, want to trade successfully). Without it no profitable trade can be.

What is the time you will be able to give to the market?

Already somebody said to you, what trade in the market Forex demands a lot of time? And how there is a lot of, you were not told? Then I will reveal to you this terrible secret: 24 hours per day.
You are ready to forget about a family, darlings, the TV, walks, etc.?
At first quite so will also be. Will depart from the computer only for satisfaction of physiological requirements. The road on kitchen, equally, as well as to a bed, you will forget. And here still that, hold near at hand valerian tincture.
How many so will last – it is hard to say. It especially individually. But if all of you start sleeping at night, and in your dream with an enviable regularity the schedule will shamelessly make the way, it can mean only one: You are a Trader!
And it is unimportant so far, good or not really …

What is necessary for successful trade?

Successful trade can become at set of a number of components.
You need the computer. Powerful. Sacred business – a bespereboynik. The line the Internet, and is better with alternative option. Speed has to be the highest, especially if were going to master day trade or a pipsovka. And observance of financial discipline is still important.
You have to have the broker chosen by you already. These are nearly 90% of your successful trade. If who has a question at the choice of the broker, write in comments, and I especially for you will write new article.
Here it is only not necessary to think that it is possible already to start trading. Unless that on a demo account.
So. The schedule moves, and it seems to you that God knows – where. Sometimes, of course, quite so also happens. But most often the movement of the schedule is predictable. If who read my previous articles, probably, remembers that traders play in the market, reading the schedule the same as musicians play, sight-reading notes. Agree, it should study.
And so. Before to enter into the market (to open the transaction), see schedules in all temporary periods: 1 min., 5 min., …, 1 month. They differ in that each column (candle) represents a unit of time: 1 minute, 5 minutes, 15 minutes, …, 1 month. Define the movement of a trend. I will remind that the trend (tendency) is the direction of the movement of the market. It is very important to decide on this direction correctly. It can even be defined visually.
Apparently, trends go zigzags. Average trends represent corrections of the main trends. For those who remembers mathematics, it by analogy of a set and a subset.
Успешная торговля на форексе
And it is not important, you were going to pipsovat, skalpirovat or open the long-term transaction. At any time everything can sharply change. Will not manage to orient and … you understand. Therefore even open the short-term transaction in the direction at least of a five-day trend.
But we will not endure and wind ourselves ahead of time. We were going to trade successfully. Right?
Readers of who watched the market and observed the movement of the schedule, for certain could notice that the schedule sometimes is as if broken off and forms gaps. They are called still "windows". If after a gap the schedule left up, the gap becomes support level. Here is how on this schedule:
Успешная торговля на форексе
If the schedule after a gap left down – then resistance.
Now let's look, on the movement of the schedule within a day after a gap:
Успешная торговля на форексе
By the way, it is the hour schedule for February 20, 2012. To whom it will be interesting, will be able to track independently the schedule soon.
The schedule, testing support level, will make a start from it and again to direct up, on a trend. In this concrete case we see that before a gap at us a white bear candle without shadows. Is high the probability of that the schedule will be higher than a level of support. But it is necessary to be careful. If this level is possible to punch graphics, the window will already become for it resistance level.
Also I want to add that the more the window (a bigger gap), the will be more difficult to punch this level. It is necessary to remember that about this "window" the schedule will always "stumble".
Who seriously wants to be engaged in the auction, can accumulate these data better to understand and feel the schedule.

About financial discipline

Till today we told about the competent attitude towards ourselves, as to the main main means, about tactics and strategy of trade in the market Forex, about indicators and their use, about schedules. And here about discipline financial – so far is not present.
So, what the financial discipline in the market represents Forex?
That it was simpler to you to understand, I will speak very simple language.
You can imagine a situation when you very much want to buy something, and you have no money? What we then do? We go to bank and we take the credit. However, if it is about purchase of household appliances, it is possible and not to go to bank. Representatives of bank already obligingly smile to you at an entrance to a market. At you eyes run up, and you go to that equipment of which dreamed. It costs N-nuyu the sum. But for you it has already no value, time you take on credit. Monthly you undertake to pay a certain sum. You will not begin to pay monthly the sum of, for example, 70-80% of your income. You have also other expensive part, besides the credit: rent, utility payments, light, gas, etc. Plus on something it is necessary to eat. Therefore the sum of your credit is counted, proceeding from the size of your income and expensive part.
By analogy it is necessary to operate and at trade on Forex. You can enter into the market only the certain sum. In a certain percent from the sum of your deposit. Why? Yes because if the market will go in the opposite direction from the transaction exposed by you, your deposit will have to sustain this shrinkage. You can involve no more than 10% of the sum of your deposit. And it is better if you are included into the market in three-five percent from the deposit. It is not necessary to be greedy. Do not risk.
It will be better if you for a start try the hand on the mini-account. And it is even better if it is the tsentovy account. There lots very small. They give the chance to enter into the market the scanty sums with the minimum risk.
The discipline is the most important factor of successful trade in the market Forex. The profit will not keep waiting long if observe discipline. And on the contrary if to break discipline, even having been sure of the forecasts, you will lose the deposit sooner or later. It is checked and more than once on itself.
At the same time you have to understand that there are also risks connected with receiving profit. These risks are stipulated initially in any broker company. It is necessary to perceive them quite quietly. At any business there are losses and contingencies. To these risks, besides unprofitable transactions, it is necessary to refer failures in work for technical reasons and force majeure.

So, let's sum up that is necessary for successful trade:
  • corresponding equipment;
  • to know difference of temporary schedules;
  • ability to define the direction of a trend;
  • knowledge of indicators and ability to apply them;
  • analytical work;
  • financial discipline.
It is a necessary minimum of that, than the trader has to possess. And, as always, self-discipline.
Modest council. If could not orient in the market, it is not necessary to enter into it. It is better to remain without profit, than without deposit.
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