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Symptoms and treatment of a spondiloartroz

Many people connect pain in different areas of a back with radiculitis, rheumatism or banal fatigue. But most often it arises because of a spondiloartroz. A disease it is very widespread, it disturbs 90% of patients of old age. This illness can quite develop and at those who is a little more than 25 years old. Let's talk in more detail about features of this disease of a backbone.

General information about a spondiloartroza

Spondiloartroz is pathology at which there are degenerate changes of facet joints of a backbone. Facet joints are the anatomic units which are between vertebras. They connect consistently handles of vertebras with each other. There is at these educations an environment in the form of a network of blood vessels, and also the nervous terminations, and this fact is connected with emergence of pain at degenerate defeats. Progressing of an illness leads to loss of elasticity of a cartilage in sustavchik therefore shipovidny outgrowths appear and increase in a size. They also become responsible for severe pain. Still this disease has the second name – a facet artropatiya.

Confirmation of the diagnosis happens in some stages:

  • the general survey (including and palpation), the attention to a bearing, the general physical state, functioning of joints is paid;
  • inspection of reflexes, identification of changes of nervous system;
  • backbone X-ray in several projections (for definition of a condition of vertebras, all bone system, location of osteofit, that is outgrowths);
  • MPT, KT, electromyography.

Why develops spondiloartroz?

Physicians allocate some reasons which can lead to emergence and progressing of this pathological process:

The last factor is not only heavy lifting, but also a sedentary life, the work connected with the computer, professional sport. At platypodia at the person gait therefore in vertical situation load of departments of a backbone is incorrectly distributed is broken.

About types and symptoms

For a spondiloartroz constant a backbone pain, discomfort, restriction in the sites of motive functions affected with an illness is characteristic. It leads to violation of that way of life to which the person got used. Depending on localization of defeats allocate lumbar, cervical and chest spondiloartroz.

At an initial stage (the first degree) pathological process develops from osteochondrosis. If an illness not to treat, progressing of a disease is observed, on affected areas osteofita expand. There is a narrowing of openings between vertebras. It already an indicator of that the second degree of an illness develops.

At the cervical spondiloartroz called tservikoartrozy there are pains in a neck, a forearm, a nape, the top extremities, between shovels. It develops because the person a long time should keep a neck in an uncomfortable position, impossibility to hold a back directly. At irritation the radicular syndrome arises bone and cartilaginous growths of cervical backs of a spinal cord. If bone shoots press in the canal of a vertebralny artery, the syndrome of a vertebral artery can develop. Then are possible: decrease in hearing, noise in ears, sight violation. Quite often there is pain in the field of a heart arrangement, stenocardias, similar to signs.

Lumbar spondiloartroz still call the lyumboartrozy. It is most widespread among the population. Patients complain of pains of the aching character in a waist, a hip, a buttock. Pain accrues and amplifies when the person bends back or turns a trunk.

At a spondiloartroza a certain constraint of a backbone, especially in those departments where pathological changes are localized is felt in the morning. If to do some warm-up exercises, pain decreases.

Chest spondiloartroz (the second name – dorsartroz) – meets less often, it is difficult to diagnose it. Thus there is a damage of dugootroschaty joints access to which is blocked by edges. Such patients complain of pain in the middle of a back, at times she is sent to a thorax, a breast.

Recommendations about treatment

To achieve improvement of a condition of a backbone, to prevent progressing of degenerate changes, approach to treatment of this disease is required complex.

  1. Medicamentous therapy:
    • nonsteroid resolvents (Diclofenac, the Ibuprofen and others) are appointed for removal of pains, an inflammation, hypostasis;
    • miorelaksant are shown to reduce additional load of the muscular device to eliminate spasms;
    • at very severe pains opiates are sometimes appointed (for example, kodeinsoderzhashchy preparations, morphine);<
    • vitamins of group B;
    • hondroprotektor (for example, Struktum, Artra);
    • epiduralny injections.
  2. Physical therapy (an electrophoresis, a magnetotherapy, magnetic and laser therapy, an ionogalvanization, the modulated currents, fonoforez).
  3. Traction therapy (so call extension of a backbone).
  4. Electrostimulation – if goes on the inflamed areas influence by alternating current, spasms decrease, there is an active development in an organism of endorphin, a natural analgetic.
  5. LFK (occupations by physiotherapy exercises), swimming in the pool, pulling up on a horizontal bar, hanging on a crossbeam. Exercises have to be surely picked up by the skilled expert and be carried out at first under his sensitive management. Then they will not do harm, and will bring only benefit.
  6. Acupuncture at the certified expert.
  7. Massage – promotes relaxation, elimination of spasms.
  8. Folk remedies and phytotherapy too can help with fight against an illness. Among them are effective: sabelnik, comfrey, white lilac, gold mustache, birch kidneys, eucalyptus, escapes of blackberry.

Include the jelly or jellies prepared on the saturated bone broth containing a lot of collagen in the food more often. Also dishes with edible gelatin are useful (for example, berry jelly), they will promote restoration of cartilaginous tissues.

It is important to know

To the patients suffering spondiloartrozy, it is necessary to remember the following items:

  1. It is impossible to be a long time in the same situation.
  2. It is impossible to lift weights.
  3. Do not do sharp movements, breakthroughs.
  4. Avoid overcooling.
  5. Try not to gain excess weight.
  6. At long trips it is better to use an orthopedic corset temporarily.

To get rid of the started forms of a spondiloartroz very difficult. Therefore to slow down its development, to avoid complications, in due time address to the doctor. Following to recommendations of the doctor will allow to return activity to a backbone, to pacify pains.

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