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Medicinal properties of solyanka holmovy

Not everyone knows that the plant ordinary-looking by sight who can be met on meadows, roadsides of roads and plains, is capable to cure many illnesses. In ancient times the thistle or holmovy solyanka were used in the Tibetan and Chinese medicine. Give and we learn, what medicinal properties this plant possesses.

Only recently in traditional medicine solyanka holmovy began to be used officially as a remedy. This plant is applied to treatment of diseases of a liver, a stomach, and also to improvement of a condition of the patient after the postponed diseases and for the purpose of immunity strengthening. Solyanka holmovy doctors call precisely long ago a gepatoprotektor that "protection of a liver" means.

At this plant there are a lot of names because it grows on the plains and hills from all directions blown by winds and which are warmed up by hot sunshine. Externally the plant is more similar to a dry prickle. By the way, the popular name of solyanka is also "a camel prickle or hay". Inhabitants of the West call this plant a weed, the Tatar or Russian thistle, a tumbleweed. As you can see, at the plant possessing powerful gepatoprotektorny action there are a lot of names.

Solyanka holmovy received such name also because taste at a plant the unusual – salty, and it is possible because the thistle on saline soils grows. You unmistakably define this plant if visit Europe, North America or Asia. Holmovy solyanka on hills and plains, a form at it unusual – in the form of a sphere with dense branches grows. In height solyanka reaches growth from 30 m to 1 m. At a young plant of a branch soft and thin, and at the adult – dense. With age branches become very dense. At a young plant the first leaves are painted in dark green color, in length they reach the size from 2,5 to 6 cm. When these first leaflets fall down, on their place appear new, but they differ from previous in more modest sizes. In length leaves reach 1,5 cm, they prickly and rigid. Flowers at holmovy solyanka very small, light pink or white coloring. Seeds conical, hardly noticeable. Distinctive feature of this plant is reproduction. Seeds are not carried by a wind and not showered on the earth when solyanka holmovy reaches a maturity, it breaks at the basis and the spherical bush slides on the ground, adjusted by a wind. As a result of the movement, seeds are scattered in different directions. Here just and pertinently one of names of this plant – "tumbleweed".

It is possible to meet solyanka holmovy and in Russia, it grows on roadsides of roads, in the neighbourhood with cereal cultures.

Structure of holmovy solyanka

The plant unattractive by sight possesses big force. The structure at solyanka holmovy rich, contains in it a large amount of vitamins, flavonid, amino acids, alkaloids and other substances. In total is a part of this plant 14 micro and macrocells, and also such valuable substances as zinc, magnesium, silicon, copper, phosphorus, calcium, iron, potassium and others. These substances are easily acquired by a human body. Except above-mentioned vitamins and other useful substances, acids are a part of solyanka holmovy.

Medicinal properties of a plant

As holmovy solyanka is a powerful gepatoprotektor, first of all the plant positively influences work of a liver. This natural medicine will help to support and restore the lost functions of a liver. Often the tumbleweed is included in composition of many medicines for treatment of a liver and used as independent medicine.

The main objective of holmovy solyanka – to restore cells of a liver which help an organism to cope with splitting of fats.

Doctors recommend to accept medicine at different diseases of a liver. It is important that holmovy solyanka affects an organism softly and does not cause side effects. If to compare this natural medicine to synthetic antibiotics, it is possible to tell that the plant will cope with the tasks at all not worse, than the antibiotic, but thus affects an organism softly, without causing side effects.

If your liver suffers from a surplus of toxins, by means of this plant it is possible to clear softly this body of harmful substances and to reduce several times development of cirrhosis. Besides, It should be noted that natural medicine will help to clear vessels of harmful cholesterol therefore holmovy solyanka is recommended to be taken not only at liver diseases, but also at atherosclerosis and also to keep skin youth, to strengthen immunity, at diseases of heart, kidneys, nervous breakdowns and for treatment of some female diseases.

But also it not the only advantages of a plant, microcells of holmovy solyanka (in particular, silicon) promote strengthening of tissues of bones and will prolong youth. Application of a herb will help to get rid of many diseases, and also completely to revitalize the organism.

Recipes of health with holmovy solyanka

The raw materials for preparation of broth and tincture can be acquired in a drugstore. suggests the readers to prepare useful broth from dry roots of solyanka holmovy.

As it is correct to prepare broth:

  • take dry raw materials (only 1 tablespoon);
  • prepare a glass of boiled water in advance;
  • fill in with hot water of a branch of a grass and put on slow fire;
  • broth warming up time – no more than 10 minutes;
  • now you need to wait when medicine a little cools down and to filter liquid.

It is possible to accept curative broth as follows:

  1. For people of respectable age and to children, since 12 years, it is allowed to drink on only 1 small spoon of broth in the morning and in the evening.
  2. Adults can drink broth three times a day, the dosage does not increase.

If it is necessary to gain laxative effect and to start intestines in work, for adults it is possible to increase a dose and to accept per day 4 tablespoons of medicine.

Accept broth and as a diuretic to clear a bladder and channels of stones and sand. The proportion of medicine of dry raw materials (plant roots), are as follows: on 10 g, need to take 100 ml. To accept on 1 tablespoon 3 times a day.

Rules of preparation of tincture of solyanka holmovy.

The principle of preparation of two medicines in general is identical, tincture in that the raw materials need to be insisted more long only differs, maintaining a certain temperature. The ordinary thermos will help to cope with these tasks. It is necessary to fill in with boiled water of 1 tablespoon of dry raw materials of solyanka and to close a thermos. In an hour it is possible to filter tincture and to pour in glass capacity. To drink several times a day (but no more than 3 times) before meal.

In drugstores it is possible to meet some dosage forms of this plant. For example, the granulated powder. It is accepted on 2-5 g (the dosage depends on age of the patient), dissolving in hot water. Before starting a meal, at breakfast you drink 1 glass of warm water with the granules dissolved in it. Reception duration – not less than 2 months.

How to accept liquid extract.

This form is considered the most convenient, it is possible to get a vial of extract of solyanka holmovy in a drugstore. Remember that only the attending physician can appoint this medicine. Independently, to clear a liver, it is undesirable to accept it. The scheme of treatment is as follows: extract is drunk on 5-10 ml (depending on a condition of the patient) by 3 times a day before food. If you have an increased acidity of gastric juice, better to drink natural medicine after food. To the people suffering from such disease as diabetes 3 times a day are allowed to take on 10 ml medicine.

Recently Solyanka Holmovy phytotea became popular. Its basic purpose – to improve work of a liver and zhelchevyvodyashchy ways. Medicine in the filter packages is on sale. For adults and children from 12 years, in day it is allowed to make on 2 packages (accept on 1/3 glasses several times a day). Duration of a course of treatment – 4 weeks. It is possible to drink tea as a prophylactic on a half of a glass once a day.

What contraindications

As well as any vegetable preparation, at solyanka holmovy has contraindications. The first is an individual intolerance. Emergence of allergic reactions so, beginning treatment is possible, listen to the organism – easy puffiness, weakness, dizziness, rashes and reddenings on skin can say that this medicine does not suit you.

Absolute contraindications:

  • it is forbidden to take medicine at an urolithic illness in an aggravation stage;
  • at violation of an exchange of amino acids (genetic disease fenilketonuriya);
  • during incubation of the child and in the period of a lactation.

In the nature there are a lot of herbs, it is only important to examine Regulations of Admission and to use correctly collected raw materials for treatment. Good luck!

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