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Programs for work on the Internet, part 2

In the first article we considered those programs without which work on the Internet as that is impossible – firewalls, browsers and programs for dialing. However the world of the Internet does not come to an end at an open window of the Explorer. It is diverse for this reason will continue about the necessary for work programs on the Internet opening its new sides and opportunities.
In the first article we considered those programs without which work on the Internet as that is impossible – firewalls, browsers and programs for dialing. However the world of the Internet does not come to an end at an open window of the Explorer. It is diverse for this reason will continue about the necessary for work programs on the Internet opening its new sides and opportunities.

E-mail clients

E-mail is the oldest way of communication between two computers. It dread to think that the protocol of transfer of mail which use still, (SMTP, Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) appeared in the 1980th year! Despite further development of ways of communication and communication (ICQ, voice messages, etc.) e-mail successfully holds the positions among users and is not going to be given.
Many can think – and why the e-mail client if it is possible to work with mail quite comfortably through a browser window (web interface), especially at the inexpensive Internet is necessary? Yes, the network interface is convenient, but – during the work with an e-mail client the user receives local base of letters, convenience of sorting of letters, setting up the telephone book and many other things.

MS Outlook 2003
MS Outlook 2003
The program from the Microsoft Office package 2003 very differs from the predecessor of Outlook Express, and to the best. Developers worked, bringing functionality of the program into accord to modern requirements.
It is possible to describe the interface of the program in a word – Office. I think that practically all sometime worked with programs from this set, and will easily master Outlook. The functionality of the program is strong, but is rather standard, without any special additional frills. There is a spam filter which is carrying out check on the basis of the analysis of all letter in general, the quite good telephone book and many other things.
Weak place of the program is its safety that in that, or other measure, is characteristic for all products of Microsoft. However, the good antivirus is capable to prevent any attacks through Outlook.

The Bat!
The Bat!
Undoubtedly, the Bat – the most popular program for work with mail in all former Soviet Union. Development of the Moldavian company Ritlabs is checked by time and for a long time with gloss proved the professional suitability.
In spite of the fact that in the The Bat program! it is not found any special functions, it contains everything that is necessary for work with mail. The sorter of letters according to folders (by the way, it is very simple to use it), the built-in spam filter, search, the scheduler. The telephone book is very detailed – it is possible to write down anything about the addressee, to insert his photo, to set separate templates of answers for each addressee. Support of Russian is excellent realized, never happens problems to definition of codings.
The interface rather classical to work with it – it is a pleasure. can reproach a few load of the main menu, but functions there – the sea! The interface of creation of the letter also intuitively clear and pleasant in work.
Unfortunately, there's no such thing as a free lunch, and such remarkable program cannot simply be free. At the time of writing of article the program cost 35 and 25 USD - Professional and Home the version respectively.

Mozilla Thunderbird Mail
Mozilla Thunderbird Mail
Unlike the above described Mozilla Thunderbird Mail program it is absolutely free. Program, also as well as The Bat! has very great popularity and not smaller army of admirers.
Likely first of all existence of skins is evident (it is possible to download from the Internet hundreds of various options of registration!) and possibility of installation of expansions (plug-in). By means of expansions the functionality of the program can be expanded practically to vast heights – here behind there is both a Flying Mouse, and Microsoft Outlook. Also existence in the program of the built-in, very even not bad RSS reader – for reading news lines of the sites pleases.
Unfortunately, the program sometimes has problems with automatic detection of the Russian codings, but it quite is solved manual change of the coding.
The summary – the remarkable client suitable for the solution of any tasks, and absolutely free.

Other programs, noteworthy: Eudora Pro, Pegasus Mail, Sylpheed, The Bee.
Eudora Pro
Pegasus Mail
The Bee

Download managers (Download clients)

The main function of download managers, despite their gradual development, was, there is a possibility of broken download resume of the file at connection break. Of course, at the qualitative high-speed Internet it not such and necessary function. But what to do if the user has networks only of dial-up connection? In that case the manager will help to keep nerves and money of the user – after all at break of connection it will not be required to download again all file entirely.
Programs for downloading popular at the moment have not enough differences from each other in respect of functionality. Everything, what it was possible to think up – realized, why to add something superfluous?

Download Master 5
Download Master 5
One of the most popular programs of this sort. It is developed by the Ukrainian company WestByte Software. Developers in the About the Program window call the creation "the master of downloading". Really – the program is able everything that it is necessary – to look for mirrors, to download the file in some streams, to be integrated practically into any browser, has intuitively clear interface and very pleasant floating window with display of process of downloading. At all this the program is absolutely free.

ReGet Deluxe
ReGet Deluxe
Too widely known download manager. There is everything that is necessary for qualitative downloading files. Downloading speed that is important for slow connections or the loaded channels is very precisely regulated. Existence of function of inquiry of the size of the file pleases – with it it is possible to learn the file size to its downloading, and then to make the decision – to swing or not. The type of the interface is completely adjusted (there are three modes – simplified, expanded for experts), on the site of the program it is possible to download a set of the plug-in expanding possibilities of the program.
Unlike Download Master, this program paid. The truth for the Russian users it costs real kopeks - for individuals 350, and for students of 250 rubles.

Other programs, noteworthy: Download Express, Download Accelerator Plus, Flash Get.
Download Express
Download Accelerator Plus
Flash Get

ICQ clients

Having created the Internet pager and the ICQ service of the same name (I Seek You – I look for you) in 1996 far already, children from the Israeli company Mirabilis did not know yet that actually made revolution in the world of Internet communication. "ICQ" cardinally differed from the ways of communication existing for that time, not least that communication with the person did not require his presence at the Network – he received the written message, going on-line. Now millions of people – for communication, for business correspondence, for acquaintances use service …
Convenience of work directly depends on the ICQ client chosen by you. Unfortunately, the client from Mirabilis does not meet modern conditions any more, eats many system resources in addition shows advertizing. Let's consider two the most popular in the Runet alternative the client – QIP and Miranda IM.

QIP - Quiet Internet Pager
QIP - Quiet Internet Pager
Very qualitative program from domestic producer. Unlike Miranda supports only the ICQ protocol (However, already there is a multiplatform development of QIP Infium Beta) and has no support of plug-ins. On the other hand – everything that is necessary, included in a distribution kit and there is no need to rummage in blockages of plug-ins. According to, the QIP program is interesting already only to that flood/spam possesses the protection which is adjusted by the user powerful. It guarantees quiet communication in the Network without persuasive advertizing boats. The program also has a set of interesting functions – verification of the status of the user, an eye of Omniscience, opportunity to remove itself from a contact list of the interlocutor. It is possible directly through the program to register the new ICQ account. It is also possible to start at once some copies of QIP to work with several accounts at the same time.
The program is absolutely free and it is extremely recommended to use.

Miranda IM
Miranda IM
The deserved multiplatform project with an open source code (open source) thanks to what take part in it many people. Thanks to open source codes there is possible a writing of any plug-in to the program. If you want any unusual function – most likely it is already written! The number of various skins to the program is also very great. Support practically of all protocols of communication – ICQ, by AIM, Jabber, IRC is realized …
In a network there is a set of the most various assemblies of the program – with already included plug-ins. It is very convenient if the user has no desire manually to dig over thousands written additions.
The program is not really exacting to system resources, and is rather reliable in work. The only thing – you should not be fond of installation of excessive quantity of plug-ins.

Other programs, noteworthy: Trillian, ICQ Lite, &RQ.
ICQ Lite

Other programs

Semagic Client – one of clients for work in the most popular blog among the Russian users, helps not only to organize conveniently posting, but also significantly saves the user's traffic.
Semagic Client
Skype – program/service for voice communication on the Internet – including calls not only from the computer on the computer, but also on landline and mobile phones. The Skype service actively develops, and for a long time it is possible to buy a set of various devices for the computer to communicate via Skype as by ordinary phone.
Webmoney Keeper – the client for the most widespread along with Yandex. Money electronic payment system on the Internet. Purses in euro, US dollars, rubles, etc.
Webmoney Keeper
Yandex. Money – the Russian electronic payment system. Is easier in development, than WebMoney, but calculation are conducted only in rubles, and generally in the Runet.

Included both paid, and absolutely free programs for work in the review of on the Internet. Sometimes free it is much better paid, sometimes – on the contrary. Anyway you can choose for yourself a remarkable set from absolutely free software which will not concede in anything to analogs for which ask money. Of course, still the set of remarkable programs was left "in the basket". We also avoided such programs as antiviruses (have to stand on any computer, even not connected to the Internet), the antispam programs (increasing comfort of work on the Internet) and so on.
We hope that this review will make your work on the Internet of more comfortable.
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