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Programs for work on the Internet, part 1

On the Internet it is necessary for successful and convenient work not only the nobility, "that such the Internet and with what it is eaten" but also to have near at hand the good software for work with it. Of course, in the Windows operating system the browser for work with the Internet is by default built-in – but after all it is only small part of that is really necessary.
On the Internet it is necessary for successful and convenient work not only the nobility, "that such the Internet and with what it is eaten" but also to have near at hand the good software for work with it. Of course, in the Windows operating system the browser for work with the Internet is by default built-in – but after all it is only small part of that is really necessary. In this article we will help you to choose programs with which work on the Internet will become more convenient and are more productive.
So, for work it will be required to us:
  • "Dialing program" - the Program of dialing, the accounting of expenses.
  • The browser – the program for viewing of web pages.
  • Firewall (Firewall) – for protection.
  • E-mail client – the program for work with mail.
  • The Download-client – the program for downloadings files.
  • ICQ/IRC, etc. the client – for communication.
  • Other programs.
There is a wish to notice at once that, unfortunately, not in forces to consider here at once all good programs worthy to take a place in your soul and on your hard drive. Let's speak about the most often used, and also we will be limited only to programs under a Windows-platform as it is more widespread.

Dialing programs

The first that it is necessary to make for work on the Internet is to be connected to it, it as if is strange did not sound. Especially it is actual for dial-up'shchik – sometimes to phone to a modem pool of provider very difficult. And anyway nobody will be prevented by statistics on an expense of times/traffic/money …
The standard program of dialing included in Windows is very simple and deprived of many useful functions. Let's consider alternative options from third-party producers.

Statist XP
Программа Statist XP The Statist XP program developed by Kirill Mironov in 2001m to year already grew to the 10th version and managed to get deserved reputation and popularity. The easy and evident accounting of a traffic, time spent and the remained money … and what is necessary for comfortable work on the Internet? In the program it is possible to adjust flexibly tariffs for various connections (both on the time, and on a traffic – entering, proceeding or total), to see statistics of connections for any period of time (and, for example, at once to keep or unpack it), to put restriction on quantity of the spent money, to be reconnected before achievement of a certain speed. Statist XP supports work with Dial-Up, GPRS and ADSL as connections.
The program paid, but the author asks for it only 7 WMZ or 190 rubles – real kopeks for the excellent program.

MuxaSoft Dialer
MuxaSoft Dialer If you for any reasons do not accept StatistXP, can use the free MuxaSoft Dialer program. The program was born in times, immemorial for quickly developing Internet, – in 1998, and went a long way since then. The powerful module of statistics which is writing down literally all data on connection is built in the program. For work with statistics there is a separate program - MuxaSoft Log Manager 2.
The scheduler of tasks is realized – it is possible to adjust the program so that it automatically phoned to the Internet in due time (at night, at the cheapest Internet access), started the download manager downloading a certain file.
Interestingly that the program supports plug-in'a while there is not a lot of them as it would be desirable, nevertheless, such opportunity is. The interface of the program is rather harmonous, laconic, and, at the same time, is convenient. There is a set of helps so to adjust the program rather easily.
Anyway the program will be a good choice for any user. To use it or Statist XP – first of all a matter of taste.


The browser as that, is the main program for work on the Internet. What here still to tell? It is possible to argue on genealogy of browsers, features of kernels long … But we with will simply look at the most popular browsers under Windows.

MS Internet Explorer 6/7
MS Internet Explorer 7
As the Burro (IE) is delivered together with Windows, it willy-nilly becomes the first browser for a great number of users. With overwhelming overweight this browser holds superiority among the corporate clients working under Windows – the company does not need to be spent for purchase ON the third-party companies. But it is unfortunately not so good to justify such statistics.
Alas, but this browser lagged behind competitors in the field of functionality long ago. It should be noted that release of the 7th IE version as to the 6th version to the browser it was almost not made serious changes became relative break.
So, IE 7 is characterized by the mnogovkladochny system of open web pages (which appeared much later than at competitors, alas …), new system of protection, the built-in RSS client … and all.
Feature of a cursor of the Burro – the page is not shown on the screen before its full load that leads to loss of time at the slow Internet. Also more traffic leaves. In the browser there are no functions of a filtration of advertizing and safety, the standardized possibilities of connection of expansions.
On the other hand, IE is the standard for writing of web pages accepted around the world. It guarantees that any page without problems in it will be displayed.
Choice for you – to use other program or to be content with that is.

Mozilla FireFox
Mozilla FireFox
The browser combines extensive opportunities of expansion of functionality (as well as all the Mozilla programs) with simplicity and convenience of the interface. However, even in a basic look Fiery IE 6 is much more functional than Foxes. Besides it is practically possible to realize any additional function by means of expansions. The type of the program is completely adjusted and diversified by means of skins.
The cursor of FireFox displays pages, without waiting for their full load as it is in the Burro. It will help to keep time and money.
The browser is absolutely impregnable as the majority of open vulnerabilities in a code quickly improve developers, and "on the fly" are established by the program.
The main advantages of the program – its expansibility and reliability. By means of expansions it is possible to organize everything, anything – from useful trifles to toys. However you should not abuse this opportunity.
Generally can recommend this program to any Internet user.

Opera 9.xx
Opera 9.2
The opera probably the most popular browser in the Runet. The program got this rank much: very high speed of loading of pages, small expense of a traffic, unusual, but very convenient interface. And not least – the free status.
Initially Opera – more functional client, than IE and Mozilla FireFox. The latests version of the Opera remind "the universal combine for work on the Internet" more and more - there was built-in the client of downloadings, e-mail client, the RSS reader, the IRC client. Of course, the built-in programs will not replace full-function, but with their help it is quite possible to make basic operations.
Fortunately, fanciness does not prevent the Opera to carry out excellent the main function – viewing of html-pages. Scaling of all page (including drawings is realized!), "gestures by a mouse" (for the first time), loading of drawings from a browser cache (allows to save a traffic), the convenient dispatcher of passwords ("zapominalka" of passwords) and many other things, turning on the even in addition loaded voice module.
Safety during the work with the Internet is in the Opera browser at rather high level. The browser does not depend, as IE, from vulnerabilities of an operating system. It is possible not to think of additional protection.
The Opera has less than shortcomings, than advantages – sometimes the program, especially its early versions, simply "falls", entraining all information. But in the last releases it is almost cured. Alas, there are still problems during the operation of the browser about Java Script connected with its weak realization.
Summary: can recommend the Opera as main browser for surfing on Internet, and to visit the "problem" websites by means of the Burro or Fiery the Fox.

Other programs, noteworthy: Maxthon, MyIE2.


I do not doubt, what most of users at the answer to a question "What ON is necessary first of all for ensuring protection against viruses during the work on the Internet?" with confidence will answer "Of course, an antivirus!" But after all it is easier to reflect blow of the opponent, than then to heal bruises. It, figuratively speaking firewalls (firewalls) are also engaged (from English Firewall – a fiery wall). There are tens firewalls of different level of execution (beginning from the elementary and absolutely disabled Windows Firewall which is built in Windows XP SP2), will consider a little from them.

Agnitum Outpost Firewall Pro/Free
Agnitum Outpost Firewall Pro
Widely known firewall developed by the Agnitum Ltd company. Possesses big functionality, has the detector of attacks to your computer, is able to block banners, and also gives the chance to forbid access to the sites with a certain contents. Of course, has the invisible beings mode. Practically "the universal combine" for work on the Internet. Has the Russian interface that is also plus. Interesting opportunity is also the system of the connected expansions which can be written and most.
Unfortunately, by results of tests it is impossible to call the protection provided by Outpost Firewall firewall ideal. It is at the good level providing protection – but it is no more. Though generally is the best choice for the home computer. would like to note that the program paid, and its cost on the Russian site of the developer at the time of writing of article made: the personal license for 1 personal computer (1 year of technical support) – 699 rubles, the family license (to 5 personal computers, 1 year of technical support) – 1149 rubles.
Having chosen Outpost, you receive the program for all occasions providing protection during the work on the Internet on due (but not ideal) level.

Tiny Desktop Firewall Pro
Tiny Desktop Firewall Pro
Despite the word "tiny" (Tiny) in the name (remained from the first versions of the program weighing very little), this firewall provides very powerful protection. The system of safety of the computer provided with this program solves very wide range of tasks, and at the highest level. There is an opportunity one click to block all traffic.
In a set there is very useful utility of Tracklog Analyzer allowing to trace changes of parameters of system that helps to define and stop harmful actions.

One of the most widespread firewalls. Exists in two versions – paid ZoneAlarm Pro and free ZoneAlarm. The first possesses much stronger functionality. By results of the ZoneAlarm Pro tests provides very reliable protection, unlike the free version. Also has everything that is necessary for a firewall.

Other programs, noteworthy: Kaspersky ANTI-HACKER, Norton Internet Security, Norton Personal Firewall, McAfee Personal Firewall Plus.
Norton Internet Security
Norton Personal Firewall
McAfee Personal Firewall Plus

So, in the first part of the review of stopped on consideration of firewalls, browsers and dialing programs. Now you can start working on the Internet. In the second part of the review we will consider such necessary for communication and work on the program Internet, as e-mail clients, Internet pagers and download managers.
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