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Programs for communication on the Internet

It is very convenient to communicate through messengers (programs for communication on the Internet) as you can carry on dialogue at the same time with many people who can be in every spot on the globe where there is an Internet. There is a great variety of the programs using both the ICQ protocol, and own.
Today dear readers, we will consider the best and popular programs for communication on the Internet. For those who does not know that this such a couple of words: these are programs which help you in various ways to communicate with the interlocutor sitting in front of other computer. Ways can be from simple correspondence by means of text instant messages, to video calls. In the majority of programs there is an opportunity to send SMS messages on mobile phones.
It is very convenient to communicate through messengers (programs for communication on the Internet) as you can carry on dialogue at the same time with many people who can be in every spot on the globe where there is an Internet. There is a great variety of the programs using both the ICQ protocol, and own. But it will be possible to describe all of them hardly therefore I will tell about the most popular among Russian-speaking users.

ICQ (its various bilda)

These programs got to my review only because of their popularity. As well as in a case with Internet Explorer – inexperienced users look for where to download such popular ICQ, visit respectively the official sites and similar clients download. I will not tell that they are simply awful, but in comparison with similar offers of some companies they stand 10 times less.
First, ICQ suffers from bad optimization, why eats a large number of system resources and a traffic. Weight to the program is given by various low-useful functions, such as service of games which are removed in other versions.
Secondly, reminds that ICQ possesses the status of adware, that is the user is compelled to suffer an advertizing banner as payment for the program. Though this property with ease is treated, but we will be honest users and we will not be engaged in such things, isn't that so?
From advantages there is a wish to allocate, quite quite good look and support of skins. But this advantage does not cover other shortcomings.
To choose, of course, to you, but, in my opinion, if you still use programs of this sort – that you rather after reading of this article need to download and establish one of the following two clients. verdict:
    Developer: ICQ Inc.
    Pluses: public ICQ from the company supporting this protocol
    Minuses: the bothering advertizing, a bad optimizirovannost of the program
    Price: free of charge, but there is a need to suffer advertizing
    Assessment: 60%

QIP 2005

QIP 2005
QIP is a messenger which is deprived of all shortcomings previous, being a fast and compact aaplet. Possesses support of skins, has a set enough useful functions, such as anti-flood protection (for a year of work, leaving the Asya's number where it is only possible, I did not receive any fludersky message), possibility of fast switching of interlocutors in one window and a set of other opportunities.
QIP supports a huge number of languages, it is possible to establish additional packages of smilies. Many users love QIP for opportunity to communicate at once from two checks. It is enough to start the second copy of the program only. There is also mobile version of QIP for smartphones.
Many users of QIP have questions connected with a file transfer. Really this moment needs to be adjusted a little.
In setting up the program open the General tab, find the "Include Possibility of a File Transfer" point and include it.
It is necessary to specify the qip2005a identifier, or qip2005a UTF8 in the ID settings of the client. In case earlier you had other ID, it is necessary to choose one of qip2005a and to restart the program.
If all these tunings are performed – and files still are not transferred, a problem, most likely, in settings of connection to a network or a firewall. See them and grant permission for opening of the relevant ports (ports watch file transfers in settings).
QIP Infium in which support of a set of protocols at the same time, even will be realized by of the agent about which will tell slightly below is now developed. This innovation will allow admirers of the QIP program to use it as the only messenger, saving thus system resources.
Of course, QIP is not deprived of shortcomings. For comfortable work you should use the latest version of the program, there is a limit of connections. But all this trifles, in comparison with considerable functionality of the program. verdict:
    Pluses: the excellent ICQ client, with huge functionality and opportunities
    Minuses: small, almost imperceptible buggies
    Price: free of charge
    Assessment: 80%


This is the multipurpose client supporting all popular protocols. Considerably extends by means of plug-ins, thanks to an open source code. Because of it possesses unlimited potential in expansion.
Miranda possesses quite considerable security, both from hackers, and from spam and flood. As for the program for communication on the Internet of Miranda has very small size and consumes a small amount of system resources.
The only thing that it can be pleasant not to everyone: for ensuring sufficient functionality this program needs to be adjusted under itself, unlike the same QIP which goes the already collected. Though for such people the solution – ready assemblies of the program will be found. Therefore will recommend to inexperienced users of to use or ready assemblies of Miranda or QIP as initial assembly will seem really awful, in comparison with the same ICQ or QIP.
So, some words about assemblies of Miranda. Assembly is the same program, only with already preset plug-ins and settings. That is the program, already ready to use, with expanded functionality. Now I will give some references where you can find rather big list of assemblies of Miranda and choose to myself something suitable. I will recommend to ordinary users not to bother and establish ready assemblies. - the Russian community devoted to Miranda. t=6661 – a forum where a large number of assemblies is laid out. For downloading registration is necessary.
Still you can find great variety of various assemblies of the program, having looked for them a little on the Internet. verdict:
    Developer: Richard Hughes
    Pluses: the good mnogofunkitsonalny messenger supporting a set of protocols is also expanded at the expense of plug-ins
    Minuses: need of assembly and detailed control
    Price: free of charge
    Assessment: 65%


In our 21st century of simple instant messaging can be insufficiently. Therefore thought up such programs as Skype. Difference of this program from the others that here the main advantage is the video conference. Now you can see the interlocutor and hear his voice. It is not a pity can touch. And in any point of the world. Think, how much is phone call in other end of the world from your country? Skayp will help to establish connection between two computers absolutely free of charge. There is enough that this program was installed on both computers with the available connection to the Internet. By means of Skayp it is possible to exchange not only text messages like ICQ clients, but to establish voice and even video conference (in the presence of earphones and a microphone, and the webcam for video calls) with other user Skayp.
Besides, by means of the Skype program you can call on the Internet on any mobile or stationary phones. But it is already paid services though their cost is low in comparison with a usual call. Payment is made through the personal account Skype funds on which can be deposited in any convenient way (from offered and available personally to you).
There is also a version Skype for the smartphone, naturally, at the adjusted connection to the Internet. But the network 3G is necessary for commission voice or video calls, it possesses speed sufficient for work of this messenger.
The Skype protocol is perfectly protected, is checked by intelligence services of Germany which tried to intercept conversation through this program. All this works thanks to specialized technology of the organization of communication.
And for more detailed acquaintance to this program suggests to read the article "What Is Skype (Skype) and as to Use It". verdict:
    Developer: Skyper Limited
    Pluses: means of IP-telephony best today, high safety and confidentiality
    Minuses: visible minuses are absent
    Price: free of charge
    Assessment: 90% Agent Agent
This program is an official messenger of the most popular Russian mail service of Only the registered users of the called site can use this program. Though generally it not a problem as registration is free there.
Popularity of the program is provided with popularity of a mail service. All users using the program understand Russian. Also the agent possesses excellent search of interlocutors (in my opinion, the best) so you will always find to whom to communicate.
That to functionality of the program – that besides a standard exchange of messages is present possibility of a voice communication and the possibility of video calls realized in the latest version. Quite interesting decision were multa – such small a flash animated cartoons which express some emotions like smilies, but is more colourful. And in general the agent is one of the most colourful pro-scales for communication on the Internet.
As the program is connected with service to a meyl.r – that exists possibility of the notification you about new letters and an entrance to a box at once from a program window without input of the password. And in general the agent is very strongly bound with the service supporting him that, according to, it has to be pleasant very much to owners of mail on
Though the program has many advantages – it is not deprived also shortcomings. The main shortcoming is a speed of work and a zaglyuchennost of the server because of what there are continuous failures. And straining communication at slow connection to the Internet will be also very problematic. The program "eats" rather large number of a traffic in comparison with the same Asya, and possibilities of video calls are realized worse than the same Skype. That is all in one and without need to adjust something (as in Miranda) it is necessary to pay for such combine in quality of these services. But, in principle, we, Slavs, people unpretentious and shortcomings quite tolerant. So it is possible to use. verdict:
    Pluses: convenience and multifunctionality, good communication and entertainment, integration with the services, excellent search of interlocutors
    Minuses: consumption of resources and traffic, not absolutely high communication quality
    Price: free of charge, program only for users of
    Assessment: 75%
That, we will sum up the result. If you did not find the client in this review – be not upset. Simply most of Russian-speaking users make a choice from these clients. Though there is very popular windows messenger, yahoo messenger. But they did not find due glory at the Russian-speaking brother, therefore to the review and did not get.
But it is necessary to tell also concluding remarks. If you need a simple, easy and qualitative messenger – your choice of QIP. If you want big functionality, but do not wish to be engaged in settings – your choice the agent. Want to keep up to date – install Skype. Wish to receive everything in one, but are ready to sweat for it is Miranda will become your choice.
That will suit you better – solve. And finishes on it article devoted to the best messengers. Good luck to you be also happy!
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