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Luxury smartphones: interesting reviews

The price in $500 for the smartphone – not a limit, but only the beginning. However, one producers justify such cost of equipment with a high-performance stuffing, and others – expensive materials used for finishing of the case or that it is better – the known logo of the company engraved on a device cover.

How much is luxury and that is, actually, got for the four-digit sums of c.u. – further. The prices and information on phones undertook with spb

Recently get luxury smartphones not only the producers who already proved in the market, but also the brands specializing at all not on mobile equipment. So, for example, the Lamborghini autobrand began to release magnificent smartphones. The Tonino Lamborghini TL700 smartphone calculated on representatives of business elite became one of the first. The metal case externally repeated contours of a logo of known Italian car maker, the back panel – is decorated by leather of an alligator, the touch screen is protected by sapphire glass and had an antiglare covering. In total in the world no more than 650 such devices were. The price of Tonino Lamborghini TL700 – $2 750.

Among the autobrands which are engaged in development of exclusive smartphones also Porsche which at the end of 2011 let out the Porsche Design P model ’9981 was noticed: here and the case from polished steel, and leather finishing of the back panel, and the price is $2 200.

Both devices as for the time, though had fine external data, on quality and productivity of a stuffing were very mediocre.

Perhaps, one of the most famous producers of magnificent smartphones is the Vertu company. Vertu Constellation which is let out in the fall of last year – the second Android-smartphone of this brand. Despite the titanic case and total absence of plastic details, model was the most compact in all series. And the most interesting in respect of a stuffing: a chamber in 13 Megapixels, rather powerful processor, the HD screen, good loudspeakers. For the smartphone at the cost of 5 thousand euros, besides a stuffing to meet which it is possible and in the majority of ordinary flagman smartphones, you receive already mentioned polished titanic case with leather finishing, the ruby button of the menu of services (exclusive services from Vertu – a subject for separate material). And, by the way, all Vertu smartphones collect manually.

By the way, the market of elite smartphones is entered also by iPhone more habitual to our ear, Samsung, Blackberry and other producers, "dressing" the leaders in expensive wrappers.

So, for example, the case from yellow gold in the summer of last year received iPhone 5S, delivery which set accurately packed in a case from a natural oak, having supplied it with a sliding box with the certificate of quality. The cost of the jeweler smartphone makes $75 thousand. The Goldgenie brand which released it, among other things, offers one more precious model of the apple smartphone inlaid with white diamonds which is neither more nor less – 364 stones with a gross weight of 5.5 carats. Purchase cost – $107 thousand.

The jeweler house of Goldgenie, by the way, "dressed" in gold not only iPhone, but also Blackberry (the Blackberry Bold 9900 Full Gold model, $2 186), and HTC (depending on model, from $2,9 to $3,2 thousand).

Though it is possible to buy also usual flagman model, and to it – accessories, say, for $880 thousand. There is The Dragon cover from Anita Mai Tang released the jeweler Al-Gems brand for iPhone so much: it is made of 18-karat white and yellow gold, it is decorated with a figure of a dragon and has 2 200 multi-colored diamonds on 32 carats. Or to manage covers from Marc by Marc Jacobs for $39 everyone: too branded production, but with cost within limits.

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