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Purchases in online stores

Five years ago very few people thought of where it is better to make purchases. And now we reflect, whether it is better to buy, staying at home, but not to run on the city, trying to discover goods is cheaper. And, on the other hand, it seems dangerous – after all virtual purchase can remain virtual. As well as that it is possible to buy in a network we will tell in this material.
Покупки в интернет-магазинах To make purchases on the Internet? Same threatens with deception! On the Internet it is full of swindlers! Such is opinion of many users of the Runet. As far as it is right and also how to buy in a network not to fall a victim of deception, tells
Laziness – the progress engine. It is a certainty. Five years ago very few people from inhabitants thought of where it is better to make purchases – after work all went on supermarkets and boutiques. And now we reflect, whether it is better to buy, staying at home, with a coffee cup, at the darling monitor, but not to run during bad weather on the city, trying to discover goods is cheaper. And, on the other hand, it seems dangerous – after all virtual purchase can remain virtual …

Pros and cons

Покупки в интернет-магазинах Indisputable advantage of Internet shopping is and always there will be a saving of time. To present measures very important plus. On the second place – economy of money. Goods in online stores much cheaper, than goods in shops usual. It is explained by lack of charges of the trade room, compensation of sellers and other costs. Having looked hour or so - another, quite really to find exclusive clothes, scarce goods or a rare thing in a network. In online stores too there are seasonal sales and cumulative discounts. Certainly, the buyers living in megalopolises win – as a rule, the goods from domestic online stores are delivered by it free of charge, and delivery can take some hours.
Minus shopping online only one – risk. Not the fact that you "will not run" into swindlers and do not "present" them money. Not the fact that will deliver goods in time that you receive those goods which was ordered. There is also a risk of damage of the order when transporting, losses of a parcel, etc. But, think, can deceive and in offline. To solve, of course, to you.

How to choose shop

The most important – to choose the correct shop. The solid shop works not the first year, has available the wide range of goods, specifies the legal address, bank details, number of stationary phone. Managers are friendly and act quickly, are arranged under desires of the client. For payment of goods some ways are offered. As for the site – its design has to be executed professionally, have the domain of the second level, be on a paid hosting. Not superfluous will esteem reviews of shop, to call on its landline phone. Vigilance in this question is important! After all as mushrooms grow in a network short-lived shops which can disappear at any time, and then neither about replacement of goods, nor about guarantee certificates there will be no speech also.

What it is worth buying on the Internet?

Покупки в интернет-магазинах It is possible to buy in a world wide web all. But whether costs? Here, for example, my acquaintance, decided to relieve herself of weekly purchases of products. Ordered goods for 800 hryvnias (at the order over 650 hryvnias – delivery is free), soon the courier delivered packages. Understand, to verify each line of the check it was unreal – on it the solid hour would leave. And when the girl began to unload provisions, it became clear that cheese, meat and fruit were obviously stale, bread – yesterday's, and some cans of canned food – damaged. To go to a supermarket nobody began to quarrel, but to order food on the Internet ceased.
Very important upon purchase of things not to miss with a size. Yes, a thing which did not approach, it is possible to replace then, but it will take some time. Therefore well study a size table, and also I advise readers of surely to contact the manager of shop and specify, whether correctly you chose the size. Discrepancies happen considerable, especially it is important upon purchase of footwear. It is also desirable to specify composition of material from which the clothes are sewed. The price of synthetic fabrics will be lower, than on the natural. And cream it is better to choose spirits at first in usual shop. You will not express a smell in words, and cream can cause an allergy. Therefore are not lazy to descend in a perfumery supermarket, decide on aroma and use samplers of creams.
    My employee simply "sat down" on shopping in the western online stores. For real kopeks dresses teenager children on sales of goods of the leading world brands. And saves on delivery! In Europe at it there lives the sister to which address parcels come, and that already gives them to Ukraine through acquaintances. Things, I will tell you, tremendous: exclusive and quality you will not compare to the domestic. And the husband of this employee orders on a spare part network on "Ford". Leaves twice cheaper, even considering delivery payment!
It is necessary to be very attentive upon purchase of equipment. There is a mass of reefs! Yes, in online stores it is possible to save more than 100 dollars on unit of household appliances. But:
  • surely examine technical characteristics of goods. The price of equipment from one model range can significantly differ depending on functional features;
  • specify a goods complete set. For example, various font can be included in the package to the mobile phone. On delivery it can be absent;
  • read reviews of goods on other sites. Consider that the mass of positive responses can be "custom-made";
    Покупки в интернет-магазинах
  • if you found shop where the price of goods is twice lower, than in others – do not risk! It is not excluded that the shop works illegally (the legal shop has the bank account) or trades in a seized property;
  • read guarantee certificates of shop, learn the address of the next service center;
  • surely discuss the price, delivery periods and the price of the goods with the manager. If on the site the prices in c.u. are specified, you can suffer because of rate fluctuations;
  • having bought the mobile phone, in the presence of the courier check an IMEI code by a database of "grey" phones (it easy to find in a network). The mobile phones acquired in foreign online stores in Ukraine by default are considered as "grey". The IMEI code is subject to registration, for this purpose it is necessary to have the original of the customs declaration;
  • verify correctness of filling of the warranty card (the press, coincidence of a series and article number) and integrity of seals (if those are available). It is important also that packing was not damaged – you risk to lose a guarantee or to catch defective goods which was already returned earlier in shop.
    By the way, in a network there are whole portals on which data on discounts and sales of thousands of shops are collected! Such information considerably saves time!

What type of payment to prefer

Покупки и оплата в интернет-магазинах If you want to avoid problems – pay goods after delivery. So you will be able to be convinced of integrity, quality of goods and will give money to the courier directly after survey. Many Ukrainian and Russian online stores also prefer this type of payment. But, as a rule, such type of payment is available only in the large cities on delivery of goods own courier service of online store.
There is one more rather safe option – the translation through bank. The shop will send you e-mail the bill which you pay in the nearest office of any bank. The bank will take 1-3% of cost of goods for the services. But in case of the subsequent problems with shop, you on hands will have a document with which you easily appeal to court.
The payment method extended abroad – by means of a credit card. It quickly and conveniently. But at the moment there are many examples when hackers crack online stores and read out data of cards of buyers then money from cards of clients "disappears". Therefore I recommend to readers of to get a special credit card for purchases on the Internet, and to transfer to it money only before purchase. So you risk nothing.
There is an option of registration of cash on delivery. Your parcel is sent by mail, and when receiving you pay it. However, the parcel can be lost, and with return of the goods which did not arrange you there can be problems (the unpacked parcel can refuse to return).
And the last option – payment by means of virtual money (WebMoney, Yandex. Money). It is the most "dangerous" option. You can pay purchase, and not to receive goods. To avoid such embarrassment – check the certificate of the seller and read comments on him.

Ways of delivery of the order

Доставка заказаExpress delivery. It is usually free (sometimes only at the order for a certain sum) in big cities. Delivery periods are very squeezed (1-2 days), in certain cases you receive goods in day of the order. And in online stores of linen, clothes, footwear, cosmetics and some other service "showroom" is provided. That is will deliver you some things or a certain size range from which you after fitting will choose the pleasant goods. You can refuse in general purchase, only thus it is necessary to pay the delivery cost (about 30 UAH). Discuss all these moments with the manager of shop at the time of the order.
Delivery by mail. Old kind "Ukrpochta" guarantees delivery within 5-6 days. Thus at the time of payment of cash on delivery, raise from you to 4% of cost of a parcel. "New mail" offers the service "delivery to a door". You will not need to go on mail behind a parcel, it will be got to you home. The cost of delivery will depend on its weight (no more than 80 UAH), and delivery to remote settlements – is even more expensive.
Delivery by hauler. Now there are a lot of firms carriers. Oldest "Avtolyuks". They carry out delivery in 1-2 days. The same prices and delivery periods at the Gyunsel company. "The night express" will manage slightly cheaper. The sum of services of a carrier is determined individually and depends on remoteness of the customer (usually to 40 UAH). These and other carriers also provide the service "delivery to a door".
Shipment at own expense. If all last ways of delivery assumed an advance payment, and the cost of delivery was paid when receiving, here you go to a warehouse or to office of online store, examine (try on) goods and pay it if it suited you. However, you spend the precious time, but save money.

Rights of buyers

Some unfair shops refuse to fulfill requirements of the Law on consumer protection, referring to that its action does not extend on purchases, perfect on the Internet. Actually the Law "works" and in a network. You as the buyer unsatisfied with quality of purchase, have the right to exchange or return it within 14 days and to receive the spent money back. Only actually not easy to make it a time. Negotiations with shop come to a standstill or the shop simply "disappears". And courier services do not bear responsibility for actions of the seller. Therefore here very useful is a preliminary studying of reviews of shop, about its actions in case of return or an exchange of goods.

Shopping in foreign online stores

Покупки в интернет-магазинах As it was already told, more favorable to "shopitsya" in foreign shops – there every season there are mad sales on which it is possible to acquire elite goods practically at prime cost. But here delivery can unpleasantly surprise. For example, delivery by the public post service though more long on time (about two weeks), but is cheaper. And here the courier service (express delivery) – DHL, FedEx, TNT – will deliver you a parcel to a door, but you pay the cost of delivery, the customs duties, the VAT, and sometimes and services of the customs broker.
Many shoppers use services of intermediaries, both firms, and individuals. Services of firms cost, as a rule, dearer, and to address to private traders – more risky. Intermediaries "rescue" and in case foreign shop do not carry out delivery to the CIS countries. On the Internet there are a lot of portals where intermediaries offer the services, there you can examine guarantees and delivery periods and cost of services. Do not hurry to choose the intermediary – read comments on them at forums in a network.
Addressing to private traders, you give them for services a certain percent from parcel cost, but also they will advise cheaper way of transfer, will divide a parcel into two that you saved on the customs duty (the tax does not assess the goods delivered by the public post services: worth up to 200 euros in Ukraine; to 10 thousand rubles – in Russia; on delivery courier services: to 200 euros – in Ukraine, to 5 thousand rubles – in Russia). Consider that the customs cost of a parcel joins the cost of the purchase plus the sum for its delivery. For Russia the total cost of all departures within one week on one addressee is taken into account, duty is imposed only for the sum exceeding the established thresholds.
Having made purchase abroad, you also have the right to return it. Only consider that delivery is paid back by you. The household appliances will run to you into money because of delivery and the guarantee is provided foreign, that is will repair on a guarantee equipment only in the country of the Internet seller. It is better to make an advance payment of goods through bank, in cases if the parcel is lost, the bank will be able to cancel operation of money transfer.
Therefore be vigilant, dear buyers!
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