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How to install the dishwasher

When you have a big family or you like to invite quite often friends on a visit, obviously, you often face an immemorial problem of human society – to wash or not to wash (to postpone until morning), and also who will do it.

It is good if at you in a family all affairs are argued and the relations are got on, then, at least, you will not swear in this question. But sooner or later TV advertizing as it is possible to solve this problem all the same will catch sight to you. Soon, it will be postponed in a cerebral cortex, and finally the thought will ripen, and you are solved on purchase. There's nothing to be done, such is essence of advertizing. But having thought soberly, having weighed all Pros and cons, I hope, you make the decision, right for yourself. But do not hurry to run in shop yet though, most likely, you also guessed already that it is required to buy. Let's deal nevertheless with need of this decision and possible consequences from it.

The dishwasher - a thing good and in the presence of the free sum of money and space will never prevent, but its existence, may be not so is necessary as it can seem at first sight. Let's look a sober view without at the advantages and "gratefulness" connected with possession of this look difficult (in respect of a design, to operate it when reading the instruction not so difficult) household appliances, and also at shortcomings and difficulties.

Opportunity to release time and forces which you spent for washing of ware, and also will protect hands. But even these advantages, unfortunately, not without shortcomings. And they are that it is necessary to spend time and forces for loading, start and unloading of the car. At a certain skill and experience it, of course, becomes quickly and does not cause difficulties, but nevertheless, it is necessary to arrange ware so that in the course of washing or loading/unloading, it did not fall and did not break.

As I already mentioned, the dishwasher allows to avoid long contact, however, as well as short-term, hands with detergents and with the water, and also will wash ware as you will never make it manually. Still! Try to popleskatsya by water with a temperature of 75 degrees With – will burn all hands. Besides, the car does it carefully that guarantees you long process of a sink. You are surprised, but the dishwasher will wash your favourite the dishes where more long, than it was done by you manually. Here so arrived, miracles of automation is called! For what fought? Yes, even short cycles of a sink in this device last on average 1-1,5 hours, and long with a full load and careful washing so in general for 3 hours. In 3 hours you would wash up manually all ware at an entrance!

In addition to it the dishwasher demands electricity, water, and that the most important, availability of special detergents because simply water even if too hot, she washes, of course, but the result, to put it mildly, will not impress.

And still it is made of a stainless steel! It on the one hand is good since it works with water and in water (for this purpose and is chosen, this material), but is a little a pity that it not rubber, rubber too would not rust. Yes-yes it will not be possible to load unlimited number of ware into it. And here you the disappointment can wait for that after "the stomach holiday" passed, it is necessary to repeat loadings several times and each cycle from 1,5 to 3 hours as we remember, and considering that loadings will be full, the last figure is more probable. And in case of one loading we can not wait for the terminations of a cycle, and during the following meal to take from the car or from a case, dry plates, at repeated loading it will be necessary to repeat procedure for the termination of a cycle. And here to eat, without having waited for the first party it is possible not to manage at all since the ware can be inaccessible. But we still will return to it at the end of article. What solutions of this dilemma can be? If your family from 3-5 people, for daily use choose the dishwasher less (average spaciousness). It will save money on acquisition of the car (they rise in price in proportion their dimensions), on expenses of the electric power and water, and also a place in kitchen that is important for small-sized kitchens. The small machine to you will be simpler to be filled after a meal, and it will work more often, than to stand idle. However, if a family big or you are fans of frequent pastime with guests, it is better to choose the car more since in the small all ware can not be located and it is necessary to wash in two calling about what we already spoke. However, big cars require more place that is not always admissible. And it does not depend on your "outputs". Therefore consider this fact that then it was not a pity that the dishwasher does not enter and it is not possible to install it. And these goods difficult, it to you will not be exchanged, only sold.

So, as usual, having studied all parties of one medal, it is possible to go to shop. Though is not present, still early. If you read this article then, are the happy Internet user and can send this information resource to yourself to the benefit. I do not urge you to buy in online stores though if you have checked organizations, and this way cannot be denied. But it will be useful even to visit simply the website of online store with the description of household appliances and to decide on approximate applicants for your kitchen. So it will be simpler to you to be guided in parameters of cars, and you will be able to choose the options suitable you. After such preparation you will be already armed with knowledge and will be able to talk in detail in shop to the selling assistant. At once pay attention to what characteristics at these or those types, what set of functions they offer that surely it will be required to you from this set and without what you cannot manage and to overpay safely for useless functionality. But here on your discretion.

And suddenly, having unexpectedly remembered a subject of this article, we will stop on some, interesting us in respect of installation, characteristics.

It is most important to decide not only on the size, but also on car type, and their of everything three:

  • the full-built in;

  • chastichnovstraivayemy and free-standing.

    If you planned installation of the car in already available kitchen (the kitchen set is already established), and in advance did not leave in a font of a place under the car, you, as a rule, will suit the third option – the free-standing dishwasher. As any free-standing equipment, at it has the case. That quite naturally, it will stand on a look and to differ from set. As a rule, they monophonic (without invoice), are more often white or silvery. And despite independence in respect of existence of the case, its installation site after all are limited to need of an eyeliner of communications that can not fit into interior design. However if in the near future you plan change of set or it is not present at all, recommends strongly you option with the full-built-in car. Then she completely will fit into design and will become imperceptible, i.e. will look as a usual case of your set.

    Nuance of such decision will be that production of furniture will require the sizes of the dishwasher, therefore, it in an amicable way already has to be bought. Or to do the standard size, and then to select the car under it, but where it is more difficult to make it for obvious reasons – or the car approaches on functions, but does not approach by the sizes, or, on the contrary, approaches by the sizes, but the set of functions is not pleasant.

    So, decided on type and the size and already even bought, it is excellent. Adhering to the tradition which means impartiality to brand, I and in this article will not recommend you this or that brand. I hope, it to you will help to make common sense, responses on the Internet, the selling assistant, and also a big hint to you will make the budget of purchase.

    Now on an estimated place it is necessary to establish all required communications: electric socket; water supply system of cold water; sewerage. If it is the built-in car and set it is already started in production according to the received car dimensions, how you understand, cannot be changed the car location by no means. You will have to bring all communications to this place. The problem at this stage consists that if the electrical equipment can be installed practically everywhere, here pipes …

    As a rule, not to entangle all kitchen pipes, install the car nearby with a usual sink where those are already available. Here, naturally, not an essence important, at the left or to the right of it where it will be more convenient to you. Besides, having established, thus, the dishwasher you will manage to connect it regular means, i.e. practically without buying in addition anything any more. Otherwise it is necessary to take a tambourine in hand and to begin shaman dancings round it, increasing and adapting a binding for a place. Now, of course, it is possible to branch out and prolong pipes, but there are some moments which are required to be considered. Also we will begin the accounting of these moments with dirty business, i.e. with the sewerage.

    We carry out the sewerage

    Everything is simple if the car costs nearby and its native drain hose reaches a place plum, a sink siphon. In this case you will only need to get a special siphon with additional branch for connection of dishwashing or washing machines. Is and with two such branches, then you can also the washing machine to connect, and here if it is not present and it is not expected, it is better to look for with one branch, differently it is necessary to put any cap on not used branch. The car hose is connected to this branch, as it is clear. First, the qualitative siphon guarantees lack of excesses with penetration of smells of the sewerage into the car, and further in kitchen. Secondly, the point of water drainage turns out highly (height is regulated in the instruction) that will prevent hit of sewer drains in the car. Thirdly, you receive a bonus in the form of washing of a siphon during the operation of the machine. The hose has to be fixed and laid by car and on branch from the sewerage as it is shown in the instruction. At least, it is necessary to aspire to it. Do not forget to dress on a hose in a place of accession to branch of a siphon the buckle which is applied to the car. Without it the hose can fall down, and you receive one more "bonus", in the form of a sink of neighbors, but it already for a fee. If the producer of the car saved and did not apply such buckle, be not too lazy and buy a collar of suitable diameter.

    Now we will consider that case if after all there was no regular length of a drain hose. It is possible to extend it with the same corrugated hose of similar diameter. Even it is possible to find such extenders in sale. But I do not recommend to choose this reception if lengthening more than on 1-1,5 m is required. The matter is that its diameter is very small, and a corrugation still aggravates business, complicating current to water. As a result of such water drainage can not cope with the task. It will be better if you do not throw this extender on a floor, and fix on a wall. Business here even not in beauty, and in reduction of height of raising of liquid. If it is required to carry a connection point further the distance specified by me, it is better to choose other option – with installation of a plastic sewer pipe. But also there are two main issues. First, such sewerage needs difference of level (bias) and the party of the car has to be higher. Otherwise water will not leave a pipe, and the hydrolock will be formed. And the return bias is absolutely inadmissible! In this case water will not be able to leave even a tank of the car and will accumulate there. Secondly, if you have a narrow table-top, places behind car remains very little. I hope, you will not guess to start a plastic pipe of the sewerage for the car, it has the hose. By the way, do not forget to make in a place of transition of a pipe to a hose on a pipe rise under 90 degrees precisely to prevent the return current of water from the sewerage in the car. Try to choose a thin pipe with a diameter of 40 mm instead of 50 mm and to mount it as it is possible closer to a wall. However, here I can understand you if you have a regular supply of the sewerage to a sink other, than than you chose if conditions allow, better, without applying adapters from one diameter on another, to continue a pipe by the same diameter. All connections it is carried out on conscience, remembering neighbors and own living space.

    Eyeliner of cold water

    Here same options. When the dishwasher costs nearby, simply we connect it a regular hose. In an opposite case it is necessary to conduct the pipeline to a necessary point of connection. Besides it is not obligatory to bring a pipe to the car, and to a place where its hose with some stock will reach. Choose a point of this transition in that place where there is an access, at least, to manage to examine at any time without problems this connection and in case of need to execute manipulations on installation/dismantle. The same remark concerns also a point of transition of the sewerage.

    The pipe of a cold water supply system is under pressure therefore it can be passed at any suitable height and with any bias.

    By the way, about pressure. According to CONSTRUCTION NORMS AND REGULATIONS, pressure in a point of analysis of cold water can be from 0,3 to 6 atmospheres (that is approximately equal to values in dimension of kg/cm2). And here one more nuance in the decision on need of purchase of the dishwasher – whether it will work with such pressure. Admissible range of pressure is specified (perhaps) in the instruction. If the problem of an elevated pressure can be solved acquisition of the reducing valve, pressure here lowered is much more desperate. And the first meets where less than the second. Low pressure is, as a rule, inherent in multi-storey buildings (9 floors and more) without additional pumps in system of water supply. Here it is simply to define. Discover only cold water "to the full extent" if it flows very quietly, pressure low. As, in most cases you cannot increase by own forces pressure, can leave so that it will not be possible to use the car.

    However we will return to our pipes.

    On branch from a regular pipe anyway it is necessary to install the high-quality spherical crane. As a rule, the dishwashing, as well as washing machine, is connected by a cap plastic nut with a diameter of 3/4" (3/4 inches).

    Therefore if you connect directly, the crane it is more favorable to put through an adapter, if the highway of other diameter, also on 3/4" once again not to reduce the section of a pipe through passage. If you extended the highway, most likely, used a pipe of the same diameter, as your water supply system, and it almost always in apartments 1/2", and on the termination of this pipeline already put an adapter with 1/2" on 3/4". We put the crane on a pipe extender entrance. Categorically I do not recommend to extend a water supply system with a flexible hose, unless just you not the ardent fan of risk. Economy cheap, and risk high. Whatever was the good hose, as if at it there did not correspond pressure and temperature, but, first, it grows old, secondly, sometimes happens that hot water starts coming to the highway, but not all hoses stand her. And mechanically they are vulnerable. Therefore I insistently advise you only stationary lengthening by the same material, as regular pipes. And if tubas plastic, it is absolutely good if the crane is well fixed to a wall since spherical cranes have tendency to wedging after idle time and, using force, it is possible to kill that is called a pipe, more precisely, to its connection.

    The sewerage and water supply system were connected, this the most important, what further? Still the dishwasher needs power supply. And it rather powerful (on average about 2 kW) therefore I advise not to use extenders by experience with pipes. If you not inveterate fayrmen, we start to …

    Installation of the socket

    Proceeding from just told, it is more rational to lay to readers of stationary conducting and to install the socket. And considering that we will start installation of other equipment in the near future, I advise to calculate conducting on big loading, than one dishwasher consumes and to install some sockets (block) that then it was not necessary to remake, and it after repair is problematic. Even if now you were solved only on installation of the dishwasher, all the same put the block of sockets who knows that will be in the future, it is better to think over beforehand.

    Depending on requirements it is necessary to choose the section of feeding socket (blocks of sockets) of a cable. It anyway should not be less than 2,5 mm2, and veins of a cable have to be copper and with the grounding vein. As a rule, it is enough to choose the maximum section within 6 mm2. Once again I will focus attention that it is not necessary to neglect grounding of such equipment because metal, contact with water …

    If you planned also to connect an electrooven, in an amicable way it is necessary to connect such conducting directly to your automatic switch on an electroboard, without having forgotten to replace thus this machine gun on corresponding face value current and to quality of production because fire safety of your apartment very strongly depends on it. You will find all capacities in passports of your equipment. And will calculate current of the automatic machine for a formula I=P/U where I is current, And; P – power, W; U – network tension, i.e. it is possible to substitute at once 220 Century. Be not mistaken, kilowatts (if power is specified in them) need to be transferred in watts, i.e. to increase by one thousand. The face value of the machine gun gets out the next bigger. If devices it is much connected to one machine gun, at calculation their currents need to be put.

    At once think over about geometry. No, not about science, as that, and about a geometrical arrangement of equipment in kitchen, including about the potential. Better at once on the route of this conducting to place some sockets (blocks). Choose reliable, high-quality sockets for kitchen equipment, do not sink down on low cost. The matter is that if you decided that you will have (or already is) a stationary kitchen set, will change the failed socket, as a rule, rather trudozatratno since often it is necessary to dismantle part of set in that case. And from bad contact, know that happens.

    Besides install sockets so that there was to them an access since the equipment sometimes should be switched off and taken. Establish them as it is possible below because on narrow table-tops the back parties of equipment are practically driven into the corner and places there very little. I not for nothing repeated it already several times that it stuck into memory and you did not make a fatal flaw.

    Remembering a proverb "Seven times …", all is better to think over actually in advance and several times to measure. If it is admissible, put at the level of a socle – there always an empty seat, only do not get on an edge of furniture boards. Standard height of a socle – 100 mm, but not always, ask the manufacturer of furniture where you were going to order it. If that is already available, not the problem to measure.

    Here, perhaps, and everything, as for connections of communications. It was necessary only to test in operation. Only to do it as "Murzilka" says, it is desirable without ware.

    It is necessary for washing of the car, filling of technological cavities with liquid and that is important, for your training. By the way, by tradition, I you convincingly ask to read "Murzilka", i.e. the maintenance instruction to your dishwasher. Not for nothing after all in the animated film "Fiksiki" constantly read these instructions, it will not prevent to do to us too. The thing is difficult and not cheap therefore it is better not to be too lazy and read, without relying at random I will guess.

    In the instruction all necessary procedures are described how to prepare for a sink how to set the mode etc. Here I will specify, or I will focus attention only on some, in my opinion, important points.

    We start use

    Let's begin with technical details. If your car is equipped with system of prevention of a leak, and it at different producers is called differently, for example, at Bosch firm it is Aquastop (Akvastop), but it does not change an essence, it is necessary to know some nuance of work of this system. And it is capable to carry out the functions and to block water supply by the valve (only on a site from the beginning of a regular hose of the car!) only at the machine which is switched on in a network.

    Therefore do not switch-off the machine from an electric network, and disconnected – block the crane on its highway.

    For a sink in the dishwasher you will need new absolutely white cotton rag. Stop! What else rag? And it is right. If for a manual sink you used in most cases a rag and not always new, here it to you not the assistant. Gather, you should buy tablets. But not from the dizziness which arose at you in an anticipation of automation of process of a sink of ware, and behind special tablets for dishwashers. Come into the household shop which is pleasant to you or shop of household chemicals and and ask the seller about tablets. But do not take much, as if you did not want it, be limited to the smallest packing. Quite perhaps, what exactly this type will also not suit you. Here two main issues: all have water, different in rigidity, and ware, different in "gryaznost". Therefore here it is necessary to experiment some time with types of tablets. If you accept means at once, will afflict, it too not an occasion to refuse experiments, it is possible to try cheaper means because it is not always better to pay more and better to receive. And may be that cheaper means will wash not worse. But there is more to come, it is possible to save even more on tablets. They can be broken! By the way, their some types have a notch, as at usual medical tablets. Having broken in half a tablet you use on a sink cycle only a half of a tablet – be surprised, but tablets will be enough for twice more sinks (that is logical, in general) and, notice, without any discounts in 50% offered you in shops. Especially it is actual for cars of small and average capacity.

    Tablets is the pressed specialized powder consisting of a set of components for the best impact on various types of pollution which together with hot water and washes dirt from your mugs plateaus. It is quite possible to manage only them but if you the fan of purity of ware also do not suffer even stains after a sink, a conditioner to you in the help. It is poured in a special compartment, and it is dosed by car at a sink automatically therefore you should not fill in it before each sink.

    Of course, this means is the most actual for ware from glass because, say, on wine glasses stains and spots will be well visible to your guests.

    One more specialized means – the softening salt. However, if according to your data, or at least on own feeling water and so soft, it is possible not to use and disconnect it this option in settings of the machine. However, originally you should fall asleep according to the technology given in the instruction. Salt is necessary for the sensor which is settling down in the bunker for salt, without it it will fail (there will be no ionic exchange) and the car will incorrectly work.

    There are also universal remedies which unite in themselves all set of wonderful properties all or nearly is higher than the given preparations. But their quality depends on conscience of the producer and it "cockroaches in the head" which dictate them a compounding and a ratio of these components, and it can be improper or simply inefficient. Here as will carry.

    It is favorable to wash the dishes at night and to receive the mountain of pure and dry ware in the morning. If you decided to load all ware, and the car is jammed, the longest cycle and the maximum loading of detergent will be required. Prepare for a campaign in shop of disposable tableware if you had such imprudence to make it not for the night. And upon termination of a sink do not hurry to open directly at once a car door, ware very hot, wait 10-20 minutes. Whereas after unloading, do not hurry to close a door – let's dry, differently will be as in a known children's rhyme: "… from dampness the mold can grow".

    Here, in general, and all. If you connected the assistant truly and reliably, neither from a network, nor it can be not disconnected from a water supply system.

    Skripuchesti to your plateaus, transparency to your liqueur glasses, gloss to forks, and you useful pastime so far your dishwasher washes for you!

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