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How to choose a schoolbag (backpack)

Schoolbag – an important choice not only for children, but also for their parents. It is important to know, by what criteria to choose a backpack to preserve a healthy back of your school student. Such requirements exist, and orthopedists put forward them. Doctors are sure that except color and material, there are more important characteristics which need to be considered at a schoolbag choice.
Schoolbag – an important choice not only for children, but also for their parents. Wish to know, by what criteria to choose a backpack to preserve a healthy back of your school student? will tell about all nuances of a choice.

Requirements to a schoolbag

Как выбрать школьный ранец (рюкзак) Yes, such requirements exist, and orthopedists put forward them. Doctors are sure that except color and material there are more important characteristics which need to be considered at a satchel choice for the first grader.
Let's begin with that school bags can be divided into satchels and backpacks conditionally. These two products in that the backpack is sewed from soft material differ, therefore has no younger school students of characteristics of rigidity, important for health. Teenagers at whom the backbone got stronger already enough can only buy such soft backpacks.
    Backpacks with one strap through a shoulder are inadmissible for continuous carrying – natural balance is so broken, and the weak skeleton of the child is bent. School students of any age need to buy only satchels with two straps. Thus choose those models in which straps are regulated both above and below (S-shaped) – so you will be able to record correctly a satchel densely on a back.
Requirements and are imposed to satchel weight. Empty it should not weigh more than one kilogram. Consider that the satchel filled with school supplies has to have weight no more than 10% (for the senior school students of 15%) the weight of the pupil.
The satchel back also has to be rigid. It protects the child's back from injuries, and satchel contents from a sminaniye. Now in the market anatomic or orthopedic models are presented. The back in such portfolios is stitched and in some places is condensed (the roller around a waist means). These nuances of a structure of a satchel allow to distribute evenly satchel weight on the child's back.
    We had a bitter experience of purchase of a frame satchel. The son long elicited a beautiful portfolio with the batman, and I gave up. The weight of an empty satchel was slightly more than a kilogram but when we put in it a case, notebooks, an album, textbooks, a small bottle of water and food, it became simply very heavy. And went the whole year – I bear a heavy, but beautiful backpack, the son goes nearby …
    The framework is useful only to that things in a portfolio are practically not rumpled. But if to your first grader to stamp to school of minutes 15-20, choose the easiest satchel!
If in the model which was pleasant to you a rigid back and the same bottom, bigger and it is not necessary to demand! It is considered correct if width of a satchel is equal, but does not exceed width of shoulders of the school student, and width of straps is not less than four centimeters. If straps already of 4 centimeters, they press and rub to the child a coat hanger.
Obligatory attribute of "a safe satchel" are light reflectors which have to be located both in front of a backpack, and on sides, and on straps. They are from a distance noticeable to drivers when your child crosses the road. These simple adaptations can save to your child life! In the afternoon the school student too has to be noticeable on the road. As the most successful flowers for satchels from this point of view are considered orange, bright yellow and poisonous-green. And even, if your commander has other flavoring preferences, choose model on which there are at least small fragments of the above shades.

Requirements to a convenient backpack

Как выбрать школьный ранец (рюкзак) Having chosen model taking into account safety wishes for health of the school student, do not forget to coordinate it with future owner. In an ideal, of course, a satchel to try on and look, how successfully he sits on the child in respect of density of a prileganiye of a back, convenience of adjustment of straps of compliance on height and width (the upper edge of a satchel is at the level of shoulders, lower – waists!).
Now let's think, whether there will be a satchel practical and convenient in use.
The first on what we pay attention – fabric. For obvious reasons it surely has to be with water-repellent impregnation. Ideal option – dense polyester or nylon. Know that such satchels can be washed, but not to erase in the machine! Check, how qualitative drawing on a satchel, whether it "is torn off" by a nail. If we choose a moisture-proof portfolio, let and its bottom will be dense and waterproof. And if on it are also "legs" as on suitcases, the kid can put it without consequences even in a pool!
    Straps and back of a backpack have to pass air, differently your kid will mercilessly sweat. For this purpose in many models special furrows are provided in plasticity or mesh fabric.
It is very important to examine satchel "stuffing". It is very inconvenient, if in it only one main office. There have to be two at least, differently the child will heap all accessories and for hours to try to discover them if necessary! Therefore let in a backpack there will be two offices and many pockets. Consider that pockets have to be protected from a rain and snow by special valves - "peaks". Check lightnings and flypapers – if they look unreliably, do not risk better, differently it is necessary to pay repair of a satchel regularly. It is convenient if outside of a satchel there is a pocket for a small bottle with water, and in a set there is an easy bag for replaceable footwear.
Before getting a backpack agree with the child that it will not carry in it unnecessary things at school. At first you should control this moment that the kid did not overload a portfolio. It is important to explain that to carry a backpack for the handle in one hand harmfully to a back and if to ride a portfolio from a hill, it will look slovenly or in general will tear. And surely before purchase listen to the child's wishes – after all to use a thing which is not pleasant, or such satchel which every second has, anybody will not want!
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