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How to save on purchases

Popular wisdom says - saved, so earned. As well as where to buy qualitative goods at minimum price? It is especially actual if the budget puts you in a rigid framework and, unfortunately, big expenses it is too expensive. And after all there are various ways and tricks, about them and the speech will go today.

Sales (on products and services does not extend)

The most widespread and all a known method – to buy things on seasonal sales, them still is called sales (in translation from English "sale" - a discount). It is known that by the beginning of a new season the new collection comes to clothing stores. When the season approaches end, discounts start affecting clothes from a new collection, 30% of the initial price, then 50% and final sale in the beginning – to 75%. Thus, for example, if the thing cost 100 conventional units, you can buy it for 25.

    Pay attention, during sales some shops use cunning. For example: the goods price without sale was 100 conventional units, the shop declares 50% sale and at the same time does a donatsenka for 30%. Thus, the goods price on sale will make under such circumstances 100-50+30=80 conventional units. And the sale declared 50% actually makes only 20%.

In the first days of sales in shops there's not an inch of room – crowds of buyers, and on turn in a fitting room a booth it is necessary to spend a lot of time. To save not only the money, and both time, and nerves, I, some days before alleged sale, quietly I choose that is necessary to me, I measure, sometimes I write down the article of goods and then when sale starts, simply I take the pleasant thing which is in advance picked up for the size and I buy it.


Autleta are the shops which are engaged in sale of clothes and footwear of the stale goods which remained not sold in shopping centers during sales or which remained in warehouses with the producer. There are such shops usually on suburbs of the large cities and the prices the most pleasant for the buyer there.

Besides, popular online stores of clothes often have the virtual autleta where it is possible to buy real things with a huge discount.

Online stores

With development online of shopping online stores were widely adopted – here it is really possible to buy anything and at the favorable price.

The prices in online stores are lower because owners do not incur heavy expenses on rent of the areas, a salary of sellers and other. Sale of goods is carried out directly from a warehouse. Many online stores give a guarantee of the producer on the goods (often it concerns different equipment).

It is also favorable to buy goods (clothes, footwear, cosmetics) from online stores which are abroad. Despite payment for delivery of goods, its price is much lower, than in domestic shops. Besides, on the sites of such shops there are "happy hours" when various things from a new collection are on sale within one-two hours at a discount to 50% long before seasonal sale. On the sites of online stores there is a section full sale – things which remained in one size are on sale here or unusual color and a courageous style - it is possible, they wait for you.

    To buy things, household chemicals, office and cosmetics through organizers of joint purchases even cheaper. It is easy to find them at regional forums. These are people who for the small commission organize wholesale repayment and the subsequent mailing of goods at the producer. Due to this repayment at wholesale price, it is possible to save 25-30%.

Sites of coupons

On the Internet every day more and more broad application is found by the various sites where it is possible to buy the coupon on any service. Such sites are widespread in the basic in the large cities. They work as follows: for involvement of new clients, or as advertizing of the services, various firms (beauty shops, hairdressing salons, saunas, the medical centers, cafe, etc.) publish offers on considerable discounts for service on the specialized websites. On the site any person can buy the coupon on granting a discount for the pleasant service, and this discount makes from 50% to 90%. Payment is made by the cash card then the coupon which needs to be unpacked and shown at service comes to e-mail. Recently on the sites-kuponatorakh there were also goods (not only services) with the acceptable prices. Favourably to all - the seller attracts new clients and advertizes the services, the buyer receives high-quality service and spends for it kopeks.

Actions in supermarkets

Purchase of products and household chemicals - usually the biggest item of expenditure in the budget of any family. And here it is not necessary to wait for big discounts, but it is that case, when take care of the pence, the pounds will take care of themselves.

Not there will be a secret well-known recommendations, first, before visit of a supermarket it is necessary to eat densely. When the person is not hungry, he will not buy, having given in to an impulse, unnecessary products. Secondly, write the list of necessary products when go to a supermarket. Plan, what menu you will have for a week, and then, proceeding from it, make the list, and, shopping, accurately adhere to it.

In supermarkets and in a set of other shops there are special cards of the buyer according to which discounts are provided, they small - from 2% to 5%.

    Besides, supermarkets often carry out various actions when selectively do discounts for certain goods for a certain period, so-called "hot offers". It is possible to learn about auction offers from printing catalogs which can be taken free of charge in a supermarket or having subscribed to the newsletter on the Internet.

Often actions with reduction of price of the goods are carried out directly by producers. For example, for the purpose of drawing attention to new production, producers make an advertizing set (promonabor) in which the known and popular product is on sale together with a novelty. Often the buyer pays only for one product, and the second receives as a gift.

Also recommends to pay attention to actions of the following type: suggest to buy the buyer two goods, and to receive the third at a discount, or to buy one, and another to receive at a discount 50%. If it is not necessary for you at once so much, it is always possible to cooperate with the girlfriend and to make a favorable purchase.

Successful purchases!

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