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Recipe of fresh-salted cucumbers

The person is arranged in such cunning way that later short time, having satisfied the first hunger, we start wanting something salty, ostrenky. And it is desirable that thus also the freshness of vegetables remained. If all aforesaid fully concerns to you, suggests to resolve a problem, having prepared fresh-salted cucumbers.
The spring and summer please us not only the first heat and a bright sun behind which we manage to miss in the long winter, but also fresh fruit and vegetables. Of course, it is possible to go in the winter to a supermarket and to buy fresh hothouse cucumbers or tomatoes, but to their taste nevertheless does not get something. Here and it turns out that in the winter we eat tinned cucumbers more actively, snatching in the spring and in the summer on the fresh, crackling soil, "" cucumbers. But the person is arranged in such cunning way that later short time, having satisfied the first hunger, we start wanting something salty, ostrenky. And it is desirable that thus also the freshness of vegetables remained. If all aforesaid fully concerns to you, suggests to resolve a problem, having prepared fresh-salted cucumbers.
    If to ask us where there is a historical homeland of a cucumber, most likely, we will think of Russia. Also we will be wrong. The cucumber is from the Indian subtropics where it grows already for the 6th thousand years. Scientists by right call it one of the most ancient vegetable cultures. Mentions of it are even in the Bible where it is called "a vegetable of Egypt". Though here we are waited by the fact which can cast into shock. The matter is that actually cucumber not vegetable, but berry. It treats family pumpkin and formally is berry, as, for example, the water-melon. Scientific botanists call cucumber fruits "false berry" or "tykviny". And in the same way, as well as other representatives of family pumpkin, it is possible to eat cucumbers crude, to pickle, salt, and also to extinguish and fry.

Fresh-salted cucumbers – products

  • cucumbers;
  • fragrant greens;
  • garlic;
  • salt;
  • water.
Малосольные огурцы – продукты

Fresh-salted cucumbers – preparation

First of all it is necessary to choose cucumbers for salting. It is best of all to choose cucumbers about one size, hard, dark green and in pimples. If you have a giving, the best time for gathering "false berries" – morning. The sun did not manage to dry cucumbers and to evaporate from them moisture, so, such cucumbers need to be washed up only carefully. If dachas are not present, and time of collecting cucumbers for you remains a riddle, before preparation fruits need to be washed up and wetted carefully in cold water at some o'clock.
Перед приготовлением огурцы нужно тщательно вымыть и замочить в холодной воде на несколько часов
After the expiration of the specified time we prepare ware in which cucumbers will be salted. It can be a glass jar or the enameled pan with the intact enamel – any not oxidized ware.
    Never salt cucumbers in aluminum ware since salt and acid will destroy a thin film of an oxide of aluminum, and substances from it will partially pass into a ready-made product.
The cut garlic is stacked on a bottom banks or pans, black and allspice, fragrant greens. It is possible to add leaves of cherry, a horse-radish or an oak on a bottom. They will help cucumbers to remain crackling, and also will give them remarkable aroma.
На дно банки или кастрюли укладываем нарезанный чеснок, черный и душистый перец, душистую зелень warns city dwellers against use of leaves of cherry or an oak broken in the city yard or along the road. The passing cars release into the atmosphere a set at all of substances not useful to our organisms which then settle on leaves of trees. Heavy metals, a soot, dust, sulphurous connections and many other things chemists can find in leaves of city trees. So if there is no giving in a green zone – better to be limited to spices and fennel parsley.
We take out our cucumbers and it is cut accurately off by it tips. It becomes in order that fresh-salted cucumbers were ready as soon as possible. Some hostesses even in addition pierce fruits a needle. Then densely we stack cucumbers in bank (or a pan), but we do not ram them. The pressed and squeezed cucumbers also considerably lose the hrustkost.
Плотно укладываем огурцы в банку (или кастрюлю)
Now we prepare a brine. It is the simplest of all simple operations on preparation of fresh-salted cucumbers. We pour water in a kastryulka and we pour salt, at the rate of 2 tablespoons with a hill on water liter. We bring a brine to boiling. At desire, in it it is possible to zakipyatit part of spices. We switch off gas and we fill in cucumbers. If there is a wish for cucumbers as soon as possible, we fill in with a hot brine. However, not abrupt boiled water again to keep a hrustkost of cucumbers, and having slightly cooled it, degrees to 80. If you feel in yourself forces to wait with readiness of a product in exchange for an outstanding crunch, we fill in cucumbers with the cooled brine.
Чтобы огурцы получились с хрустом их нужно заливать охлажденным рассолом
    If cucumbers strive to emerge, we put oppression: a pure plateau or a saucer on which we put a plastic bottle with water. For oppression in bank carefully we wash a bottle bottom and we put just like that.
That's all. We leave capacity with cucumbers at the room temperature. In a day fresh-salted cucumbers, not fresh, but yet not salty and sour, it is possible to try. If it is taste of your dream, it is time to clean cucumbers in the refrigerator, having stopped thereby fermentation. If to hold them at the room temperature more long, fermentation will proceed, every day cucumbers will become more and more salty and will gain characteristic sourness. What taste to choose – to solve to you, after all, as we know, on taste and color – companions are not present.
Малосольные огурцы

"Fast" fresh-salted cucumbers

All this of course is good, the last way that is called is checked by time (so prepared fresh-salted cucumbers still ours pra-pra-pra-… grandmothers). But at all the simplicity, he nevertheless demands certain time. And what to do if there is a wish right now? Also there are no forces to wait even for days? The solution of this dilemma was solved in due time by Ilya Lazerson, one of the leading culinary specialists of Russia. wants to spread this remarkable recipe according to which as it appeared, cucumbers prepared not only the chef, but also many other inventive citizens and citizens. So, small cucumbers with not a thick skin will be suitable for preparation of early fresh-salted cucumbers. Hothouse cucumbers which can be bought and in the winter will be a remarkable choice.
We take the plastic container or a glass jar with densely screwing up cover. If the similar utensils are occupied, safely replace it with couple of dense plastic bags inserted one into one. (In packages) we stack cut greens, couple crushed on a container bottom (the knife handle, not through a press for garlic) or the sliced garlic, the crushed halves of fragrant and black pepper.
На дно контейнера укладываем резаную зелень, пару раздавленных или порезанный ломтиками чеснок, раздавленные половинки душистого и черного перца
Cucumbers it is cut lengthways (large hothouse it is possible to cut with quarters, small soil, perhaps, it is possible not to cut in general). We stack them in the container and it is plentifully salted. By amount of salt be guided by the taste: imagine that you are going to salt cucumbers to eat their fresh. And now fill salts 3-4 times bigger. So to speak, salt 4 times.
Огурцы разрезаем вдол, укладываем их в контейнер и обильно посыпаем солью
Now we close the container (we screw up a cover, densely, hermetically we tie packages) and we start shaking brutally capacity with cucumbers. Contents of the container will fight about walls and the friend to the friend, to start up juice which will dissolve salt and in minutes 5-10 cucumbers will be half in a brine from own juice, juice of greens and salt. Leave the container at the room temperature approximately for an hour, stirring up it periodically. Or shake minutes 20. And your cucumbers are ready! It was necessary only to wash away from them surplus of salt and to lay out on a saucer.
«Быстрые» малосольные огурцы

And, certainly, to start food. Bon appetit!
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