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Rhinoplasty or plasticity of a nose

Rhinoplasty is a plastic surgery on change of a shape of a nose. Often it is enough of it for a radical change of shape of the person, after all the nose is one of the most important components of the person, its brightest detail. By means of rhinoplasty of people can forever get rid of the complex connected with a shape of own nose.
Ринопластика, пластика носа Rhinoplasty is a plastic surgery on change of a shape of a nose. Often it is enough of it for a radical change of shape of the person, after all the nose is one of the most important components of the person, its brightest detail. By means of rhinoplasty of people can forever get rid of the complex connected with a shape of own nose. But, besides the cosmetic purpose, this operation has a functional application – improvements of passing of air through a nose.


The main indication to rhinoplasty is that the person does not like a shape of own nose – congenital or acquired owing to a trauma or an illness. Rhinoplasty allows to clean or create a small hump, to give other form to a nose tip, to change a nose line out, to reduce or increase a nose (or its separate elements), to level a nasal partition (not really considerably externally, but significantly influences quality of breath), to eliminate asymmetry, to correct racial or national features.
Separately would like to mention post-traumatic rhinoplasty. At injury of a bone and cartilaginous skeleton it is better to address to the doctor in the first 10 days after a trauma – then probability of adequate restoration much higher and loading one organism smaller – it is not necessary to break that managed to grow together already incorrectly, rather simply to give the necessary form to that already is.


Ринопластика Contraindications to rhinoplasty can be shared conditionally into two groups – when simply it is impossible and when it is possible, but there is no special sense.
It is impossible – actually in all cases when any operation is contraindicated. It at diabetes, diseases of cardiovascular system, an internal, infectious diseases, oncology, and also at violation of coagulability of blood.
It does not make sense – till 18 years, except post-traumatic rhinoplasty or correction of nasal breath. It is connected with that bones and cartilages of a nose continue to grow, and is high the probability of that the nose still will change the form, and it is not possible to consider, how exactly.


As well as at any kind of operations, at rhinoplasty some complications are also possible.
Discrepancy of the received results to expectations of the patient is on the first place. First, completely it is almost impossible to predict result of operation such. Secondly, one business – to admire the person with a new nose in the photo or the monitor of the computer, and absolutely another – to see every day such person in a mirror moreover and to observe reaction of people around, which not always such is as it would be desirable. warns: it is almost impossible to return to an old nose – it is possible to perform new operation, but its result is too not guaranteed and some operations in a row will not do good to your nose. Therefore well consider need for such operation, and, having decided, carefully choose the expert to whom will entrust the person, and a nose in particular.
With other possible complications it is much simpler. Sometimes, depending on specific features, after rhinoplasty there are rough internal hems – they are moved away in the operational way, and breath is restored. Problems and with scars on a face – are possible at an open method. They are eliminated in the same way.
Occasionally there are problems with vessels or nerves, but at sufficient qualification of the surgeon and adequate behavior of the patient during the recovery period their probability is almost equal to zero.

How to choose clinic

Ринопластика, пластика носа First of all it is worth paying attention to documents of clinic, and specifically the doctor, the granting right for similar operations. If refuse to provide you them for acquaintance – means, already something not so.
Ask to show also to you a selection of photos "before and after", pay attention to the cases similar to yours. Well if someone from your acquaintances was already operated at this doctor and remained is happy – but only if it is about rhinoplasty because doctors versatile persons are rather rare, and from this that the surgeon well inserts implants, does not follow that it is capable to give the beautiful form to your nose.
According to, also other criteria in an assessment of this or that expert are not less important. The good plastic surgeon is also obliged to be and the artist-psychologist to a certain extent. If the doctor and bezotgovorochno agrees at once with everything that you want from him – he should not be trusted. It surely has to consider specific features of your person that the new nose was not "beautiful in general", and beautifully and harmoniously looked on your face. It is also necessary to consider that the nose is a not only decorative, but also both functional element, and its reduction should not complicate breath significantly.
In good clinic will show you the expected result by means of computer modeling, and will surely let time think, will not hurry with the decision.

Rhinoplasty methods

Ринопластика, пластика носа It is rather difficult to characterize in general methods of modern rhinoplasty – each surgeon has the set of methods which in total help to reach desirable result.
Rhinoplasty depending on that actually it is required to change (a nose tip, to clean a small hump, to straighten a nasal partition, etc.), happens bone, cartilaginous or bone and cartilaginous.
On an operating method rhinoplasty happens opened and closed. Open is when the surgeon does a cut near by, raises a skin rag and actually under it and makes correction. The main advantage of a method – the doctor sees that it does. The closed rhinoplasty completely is made through cuts from within nostrils. At this method appearance is quicker restored, and the patient can return to social life earlier – but it is necessary to pay in increase of risk at operation for it. By which method to use specifically in your case – to solve to the surgeon depending on what nose at you, and that you want as a result.
Some clinics also use the laser instead of a scalpel for decrease in injury of procedure. It does not introduce fundamental differences in operation – naturally if the surgeon has corresponding skills.

Preparation for operation

Preparation for rhinoplasty essentially does not differ from preparation for any operations under the general anesthesia. In two weeks prior to operation it is necessary to stop taking the medicine influencing coagulability of blood – such as aspirin, antitussives, etc. One days prior to operation – a fasting day (is a little and only easy food). In day of operation it is better to eat and not to drink nothing. In some cases the doctor can recommend to take 2-3 days before operation the medicine strengthening blood vessels (for example, askorutin).
In case of cold or periods rhinoplasty is postponed for more favorable time.

Rehabilitation period

Ринопластика, пластика носа The first couple of days after operation it is necessary to breathe through the mouth – the nose is completely filled at this time keeping a shape (and absorbing postoperative allocations) with tampons. From the external party the shape of a nose is held special plaster (or from other, lighter solid materials) by a bandage in the form of a butterfly. It is necessary to carry this bandage one-two weeks – depending on a concrete case. It is clear that so far such bandage on a face, about any social life out of the question, especially because the person after operation swells, and this hypostasis descends too approximately in two weeks (though moderate hypostasis can keep before half a year, but it can be disguised cosmetics).
After extraction of tampons adequate nasal breath is restored too not at once: internal hypostasis can keep about three months.
At first after the carried-out rhinoplasty it is better to sleep with the raised headboard – hypostases will so quicker descend. It is also necessary to limit physical and emotional activity – that there were no nasal bleedings. At least for a week it is necessary to refuse hot or cold food. especially emphasizes that moment that the first one and a half months after operation it is impossible to wear glasses – even easy frames can deform a nose until it began to live finally.
Usually the patient spends the first 2-3 days in clinic – in order to avoid complications after rhinoplasty, and also for psychological comfort. Then tampons are taken, and the patient goes home. Sometimes after tampons for maintenance of the correct shape of a nose special soft polyurethane plates protectors are inserted into nostrils. They are not visible outside, practically do not complicate breath and leave in three weeks after operation.
During carrying an external bandage it is possible to accept cool (not cold and not hot!) a shower and a bathtub but so that the bandage remained dry.
After removal of a plaster bandage it is possible to use cosmetics – but it is necessary to put it extremely carefully not to injure a nose. Also it is worth remembering that after the postponed tests leaving, but not masking is useful to skin of a nose.
Cosmetic procedures (like a peeling) can be carried out not earlier than in three weeks after rhinoplasty.
To sports activities or other physical activities it is possible to come back not earlier than in 3-4 months after rhinoplasty, but thus it is necessary to protect about a year more a nose from injuries.

It that, the most necessary that persons interested to make plasticity of a nose should know and remember. In each case methods and expediency of rhinoplasty in general it is discussed in an individual order. Remember that on beauty it is better not to save and address to skilled experts because even at them not always it turns out to execute operation without the subsequent its complications. Even surgeons with impressive experience in their practice have a small percent of failures. Therefore nevertheless you should not hurry and think twice, after all it is about your person.
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