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Retinoyevy wrinkles ointment

Over the years our skin does not become better, a sleep debt, stresses, the wrong leaving lead to emergence of wrinkles. From year to year the situation is only aggravated. Hope for rescue at many women only one – to get expensive means. Often expensive cream does not cope with the tasks, and simple pharmaceutical means will help to solve a problem.

So why saloon means for skin are not capable to smooth a wrinkle? It would seem, the high cost of means has to be justified wholly, but the result is not present. The matter is that skin of the person is so arranged that it is impossible to get into a deep layer. Therefore when we apply cream on skin, it puts a barrier and means is distributed only on blankets. The vicious circle turns out. If to remember means, popular in the end of the last century, for treatment of rashes on skin and wrinkles, it is possible to improve its state for the short period. Retinoyevy ointment in the 80th years of last century enjoyed popularity among teenagers and women after 40 years. Every year this inexpensive pharmaceutical means became more demanded, thanks to good visible effect of smoothing of wrinkles.

Some words about wrinkles

Before tells readers how to use pharmaceutical means, let's find out why on skin there are wrinkles.

Now wrinkles develop at women after 30 years. If earlier the Soviet women reflected on it a little and accepted emergence of the first wrinkles after 40 years as due, present modern women of fashion do not want to be reconciled with it. Why skin starts growing old so early? The matter is that aging of this body begins at once after puberty, in skin approximately the amount of moisture and collagen decreases by a third. These substances are responsible for elasticity. Every year collagen becomes less and less and by 35 years these manifestations become noticeable. Such skin needs due leaving.

In the world there are many various techniques of fight against an age illness, beginning from usual house procedures and finishing with expensive equipment rooms. As a part of saloon means there are Retinolums, that is medicines with high content of vitamin A. Just retinoyevy ointment also belongs to such means.

Composition of retinoyevy ointment

As a part of pharmaceutical means there is the main active ingredient is izotretinoin. It will help to get rid of rashes on skin, to clarify pigmentary spots, to clean wrinkles and to prolong youth of our skin.

As a part of ointment there are such substances:

  • Retinolum (it is vitamin A);
  • Retinolum isomers (including izotretinoin);
  • vitamin A aldehyde;
  • acetate of Retinolum or air (plus palmitovy and acetic acids).

The main component of ointment – izotretinoin is capable to get into deep layers of skin, naturally, its concentration gradually goes down, but also it will be enough to normalize work of cages and to influence updating processes. As a result of use of Retinolum of a cage are quicker updated. Naturally, you should not expect instant result as the visible effect requires time. If you want to get rid of small wrinkles and to improve a condition of skin, then stock up with patience – retinoyevy wrinkles ointment "works" slowly, but the result is worth it. After several weeks of application of inexpensive pharmaceutical means you will see that your skin considerably freshened up, and wrinkles began to be smoothed.

How to return to skin youth

It is possible to buy ointment in any drugstore. Upon purchase of retinoyevy ointment pay attention to percentage of a preparation, these are 0.1% and 0.05% of active ingredient. The cost of a tube of ointment fluctuates ranging from 200 to 240 rubles, depending on concentration.

Retinoyevy ointment is a difficult medicine, it is necessary to use for the person ointment very carefully as it suits not all and as a result of the wrong application there can be even pigmentary spots.

So, as it is correct to apply retinoyevy ointment, will prompt The first that it is necessary to know – apply ointment with a thin layer on the cleared skin. The second – make a break after the first test for some days. If for this period skin reacts normally, it is possible to continue use of means. If you see that skin starts being shelled strongly, next time it will be possible to use ointment only in 7 days. It reaction of skin as all retinoidny means cause active peeling of skin is normal.

If you see that your body reacts to a new preparation normally, in 3 days it is possible to continue treatment.

For this purpose it is necessary to prepare correctly skin:

  • wash up a face means for washing;
  • plentifully moisten with water to wash away the means remains;
  • now accurately blot a face with the soft, well absorbing moisture towel (it is possible to use disposable paper towels). Try not to pound vigorously the person, we need well moistened skin;
  • now squeeze out from a tube on a finger a small amount of ointment and put on a face a thin layer. It is possible to use ointment as a prophylactic and to distribute on all surfaces of the person, or to apply vitamin A pointwise on problem sites.

    Very important! It is forbidden to apply retinoyevy ointment on area round eyes. Avoid hit of cream in eyes and other mucous membranes.

Remember that means is put with very thin layer, since the top part of the face (forehead), then it is possible to walk on nosogubny folds, to apply a little cream on a chin and cheekbones. The visible effect is reached only after daily application.

Precautionary measures

Not always at women it turns out to get rid by means of retinoyevy wrinkles ointment. Many do not know how it is correct to put means, forget to do it regularly and do not follow certain rules. As a result skin becomes covered by red spots, starts being shelled strongly. Perhaps, the preparation really did not suit such people, then it is possible to speak about individual intolerance of means. Another matter when women during treatment do not follow the basic rules.

So that it is necessary to know not to do much harm to the skin:

  1. Izotretinoin affects skin differently. On the one hand – it gets into deep layers and forces cells of skin to be updated quicker, and on the other hand – strengthens a susceptibility of our skin to ultraviolet rays. If you decided to begin fight against wrinkles right now, you need to use surely a sun-protection series on care of skin. Go outside in the morning – do not forget to put on a face cream with protection against ultraviolet rays. Besides, it is impossible to be on the street at midday when sunshine are especially active. Also it is forbidden to visit a sunbed. For this reason it is possible to choose certain time for care of skin. For example, to apply ointment for the night.
  2. It is impossible to use ointment and in case you already accept vitamin A (it is a part of many vitamin complexes).
  3. For restoration of skin it is important not to use peelings and srubs.
  4. It is forbidden to apply on big sites of skin retinoyevy ointment and to pregnant women. The surplus of vitamin A can negatively affect development of a fruit.
  5. To avoid a gipervitaminoz, ointment is used by no more than 2 months, then it is necessary to make a break.
  6. It is impossible to apply ointment on the damaged skin sites. If you have cuts, burns or small wounds, and also eczema, it is necessary to wait at first for full healing and only then to start fight against wrinkles.

In total courses directed on smoothing of wrinkles in a year it is possible to do no more than two. Optimum time – spring and fall. Duration of influence of retinoyevy ointment – from 2 to 4 weeks, but is no more!

About contraindications

As each preparation has contraindications, it is impossible to use retinoyevy ointment during pregnancy, at diseases of kidneys, a liver and also if you suffer from chronic pancreatitis.

Anyway, if you want that skin was healthy, be not too lazy to get advice at the dermatologist. In that case it is possible to count on a positive effect.

If for health reasons it is undesirable to you to use this ointment, be not upset, there are also other inexpensive pharmaceutical means by means of which it is possible to improve a condition of skin.

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