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How to reduce the photo size online

For today the Internet is developed so that former dependence on the concrete computer and a set of programs is practically not present. Many services are available online, it concerns and editing photos. With little effort and additional programs it is possible to reduce a photo online or, for example, to make a collage.

Availability of the Internet from an every spot on the globe, from any device led to absolutely other principle of work with photos and pictures. A set of online services act as replacement to standard programs for editing a photo which, sometimes, and are difficult for development. Especially, when it is required to reduce the photo size only. Simplicity, convenience is in that case important. can act as an example of such online service, and we will talk about it.

Service suggests to reduce a photo online in three simple steps.

Loading of images will not cause difficulties even in novice users. For bigger simplicity possibility of addition of a photo by their direct dragging from any folder on the Load Images button is added.

At successful loading will see small copies of your photos and pictures. It should be noted a tick those which size needs to be changed. It is possible to load as on one photo, and 10 at the same time.

After loading it is necessary only to reduce the photo size. The toddler to the necessary value is offered to draw, changing photo width (in pixels). Especially quickly the necessary size gets out during the work on the touch screen of the tablet or the smartphone.

Further choose the format of a photo suitable you and quality. In most cases this romper suit can be not touched. Press at once on "To change the size" and receive result which at once can be kept on your computer, the smartphone or the tablet.

As you can see, it is possible to reduce a photo online in only a few seconds. It is not required any special knowledge and skills. Service allows to save time on such simple operation. It is possible to reduce the photo size, and to 10 for once, having made them identical on width.

As a result, we have an available online service which free of charge suggests to work with any photos and pictures. To increase or reduce the photo size, by means of any modern computer or a gadget. And that is important, without loss of quality of the photo!

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