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How to choose the refrigerator

To resolve an issue as what to choose the refrigerator, it is necessary without running on shop, and looking in everything. To make really standing purchase, it is necessary to foreknow that you want to receive.
Какой выбрать холодильник To resolve an issue as what to choose the refrigerator, it is necessary without running on shop, and looking in everything. To make really standing purchase, it is necessary to foreknow that you want to receive. As well as for any other goods, there are certain criteria of a choice here. For this reason it is desirable to receive useful information about refrigerators in advance.

Volume and sizes of the refrigerator

Before choosing the refrigerator think where you will put it also how capacious it has to be. The sizes get out taking into account the empty seat which is taken away for the refrigerator. Standard depth makes 60 cm but if the kitchen allows, perhaps you will like the refrigerator with depth to 80 cm more. Height depends on configuration of chambers and can be from 50 to 210 cm. On width of model of refrigerators are presented from standard value of 60 cm to 100sm. The volume of the refrigerator has to allow to place products not closely, and with a stock of free space for air circulation. So, in more detail …
Холодильники Side-by-Side внушительны по объему For small apartments or that who will not become needs large volume quite justified choice the small and compact refrigerator. Such models, as a rule, single-chamber with the small freezing office located in the top part ("freezer" can be absent). By the sizes they reach 160 cm in height (is also absolutely small 50sm), and width and depth usually standard 60x60 cm. Their volume will be enough for those people who lives one, and also for lodgers in hotels.
Refrigerators of the "European" type can also be put in kitchen, small by the size. They rather narrow (width of 60 cm) and thus can be in height to 2,5 meters. Depth standard for the European countries – 60 cm. Depending on refrigerator height volume can make from 200 to 350 liters. Freezing and refrigerators settle down one above another and have separate doors. At such refrigerators most often the freezer is below, but also the opposite option is possible. Models of the "European" type ideally are suitable for a small family, the only shortcoming is an inaccessibility of the top shelves of the refrigerator for people of small growth, especially for children.
At rather wide kitchen you are able to afford the refrigerator with a width up to 1 meter. And, unlike the "European" type they will be much lower (to 180 cm) and it is more convenient for all at the same volume. Such models are characteristic for Asian producers. Release such refrigerators generally Asian producers. For these models the top arrangement of the freezer is characteristic an arrangement.
It is possible to choose the refrigerator of large volume and among the Side-by-Side models. They represent a case with two doors on each side (freezing and the refrigerator). These models refrigerators can be offered with a volume from 300 to 650 liters. Their sizes are also impressive: width to 1m, depth is up to 85 cm with a height up to 180 cm. Side-by-Side refrigerators are calculated on big families or for those who got used to prepare large volumes of products. Many famous producers have such models of refrigerators (LG, Samsung)
Upon purchase of the refrigerator consider scope of doors – abroach they can strongly disturb in close rooms. On some models there is an opportunity to change the party in which the door will open.

Built-in refrigerator

The built-in refrigerator is good that completely fits into an interior of your kitchen. The refrigerator is closed by a door, remain only its temperature sensors and other indicators are visible. Thus, without opening a door, it is possible to operate operation of the built-in refrigerator. The space under the refrigerator is used as a locker or, for example, for the dishwasher. On it its advantages come to an end. The built-in refrigerator is more expensive than the analogs of the same volume. Besides, its net volume at least is twice less, than all the volume of the place taken by it. As for service regulations and installation: in furniture cuts for free passing of air to the refrigerator compressor have to be made.

Number of cameras of the refrigerator

Двухкамерные холодильники наиболее распространены Number of cameras – one of the main criteria in a question as what to choose the refrigerator. Their possible number from one to three depends on your requirements to functionality of "the keeper of products".
Single-chamber are refrigerators only of small dimensions with one door. They generally consist only of refrigerating office. But also models meet a small freezing compartment where it is possible to place no more than 2 kg of meat.
Refrigerators with two chambers (refrigerating and freezing) are most widespread. The main criterion at a choice of the two-chamber refrigerator is a relative positioning of "freezer" and refrigerating office. Producers create models of two-chamber refrigerators as one-door, and with two doors. Advantage of two-chamber refrigerators with two doors that when opening one chamber the cold atmosphere in the second is not broken. Thereby also the electric power necessary for maintenance of a certain temperature is saved.
On the basis of idea of division there were three-chambered refrigerators. But they were not widely adopted. Partitions between chambers "eat" the net volume of the refrigerator.
It is desirable that that chamber which will be used most often, settled down in the top part. Naturally, it does not belong to Side-by-Side refrigerators. An important detail choosing the refrigerator with the freezer located in the top part – economy of the electric power to 10 percent.

Holoditelny chamber

The refrigerator, as a rule, occupies the main volume of the refrigerator. In it the set of shelves and containers for various products are located.
Regiments do or glass, or in the form of a lattice. Glass are good that they easily wash and look more esthetically and beautifully. Advantage of lattices that they do not interfere with air circulation in the refrigerator. And, generally, any regiments, except plastic, are very strong, the main thing that in a chamber there was enough fastenings. It will allow you to create any combinations with height of shelves in the refrigerator.
The system of defrosting in the refrigerating works only in the automatic mode. Today two main systems are applied: drop ("the crying wall") and No Frost.
At drop system of defrosting or as it is called still "the crying wall" moisture gathers on a back wall of the refrigerator, then flows down in the special pallet which is taken away for it and evaporates. But after all at such system it is desirable to defreeze the refrigerator independently time in half a year. Refrigerators with drop system cost cheaper, than with No Frost system.
The No Frost system is based on the principle of air circulation in a chamber. At the expense of it not only it is not formed hoarfrost, but also uniform temperature on all space is maintained. Moisture is condensed on the cooling chamber element, then gathers in the capacity from which gradually evaporates. Inconvenience of this system only that it occupies net volume in a chamber.


Depending on an arrangement of the freezer different designs in it are applied. At an arrangement in the lower part of the refrigerator the freezer is equipped with three boxes which can be put forward. If the chamber is above, usually it shares shelves on parts.
The main criteria for the freezer is a net volume and ability to maintain a certain temperature. At different temperatures products are capable to be stored rather long period. For storage within a week there is enough temperature of-6 degrees (such refrigerators have one asterisk). If temperature of-12 degrees is maintained, it guarantees safety of products for up to 1 month (two asterisks). At temperature condition-18 degrees (three asterisks) it is possible to store products in the refrigerator about three months. If there is a possibility of installation of temperature lower than-18 degrees, you can not worry that products will deteriorate at least within half a year. Such refrigerators are marked by four asterisks.
Systems of defrosting are applied as automatic (drop, No Frost), and manual. At manual system of defrosting it will be necessary to switch-off the freezer through certain time, having removed the accumulated hoarfrost and at the same time having washed office.
At a choice of the refrigerator do not forget that the more there will be a freezer, the volume refrigerating is less. Think, what office is necessary for you more.

Zero zone

The zero zone represents a chamber or a compartment where zero temperature with big percent of humidity is maintained. Thus products most long keep the freshness. It happens conveniently when you want to prepare something, but not in a minute, and through some time and therefore there is no requirement a product to freeze.

Refrigerator compressor

Компрессор - главный механизм в холодильнике One or two-compressor to choose the refrigerator depends on many factors.
It is clear that the small refrigerator will be anyway with one compressor. Producers release big refrigerators with one compressor at the smaller price. But thus the motor will work at the same time for "freezer" and refrigerating office. I.e. in a case when it is necessary to lower temperature only in one of chambers, the compressor will cool both, spending thus the additional electric power.
Therefore it is expedient to choose the refrigerator with two compressors. First, one motor is not capable to cool a large number of products quickly enough. Secondly, for the refrigerator with two separate, freezing and refrigerating, offices presence of the second compressor is better. In that case each of motors will cool the chamber which is only strictly allocated for it, and temperature for each of them can be regulated separately. Of course, in the market models in which separate cooling is realized by means of one compressor are presented, but such it is not enough. An additional benefit of the refrigerator with two compressors in possibility of shutdown of one of them. For example, it is convenient to wash only one office, and to leave the second in working order.

Class of energy consumption of the refrigerator

It is important to choose correctly the refrigerator depending on a class of its energy consumption. The most economic refrigerators are marked by a letter "A". Follow classes "B" and "C" which not strongly differ from the first and also are considered as the economic. Refrigerators with higher rate of energy consumption (from "D" to "G") are practically not issued today. The difference between classes, except energy consumption by compressors, consists also in that, what is the time the refrigerator is capable to maintain temperature without use of electricity. Therefore, pursuing a class, you can overpay for the refrigerator. The considerable difference in the price of two relatives on a class of energy consumption of refrigerators will hardly pay off. Therefore the main thing that profitability was expressed by a letter not below, than "With".
Besides, if you want that the refrigerator used less electric energy, follow some simple rules. First, do not put in it products which temperature is higher than the room. Naturally, do not leave for long time open for a door. And, it is desirable, to choose a place for the refrigerator the most remote from the battery and the stove.

Refrigerator price

The price of the refrigerator is the important limiting factor. To choose the refrigerator is more expensive, than the budget allows it will not turn out. Cost will depend on volume and number of cameras of the refrigerator, and also on their functions and systems of defrosting. The additional making refrigerator prices – number of compressors, an energy consumption class, and, naturally, brand of the producer (such as Miele and AEG cost not much not). Cost increases and at a number of additional functions. For example, very convenient function is the sound alarm system of long open door. Some prestigious refrigerators have even a special compartment for storage of various hygienic creams.

Relying on all these criteria, it will be much easier to choose the refrigerator. In view of that producers represent a wide number of models in the market, the above information has to be extremely useful to you.
We wish you only a right choice!

Popular models of refrigerators

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