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Mental disorders, ch.2

Scientists studied in detail influence on an organism of the injuring situation which causes changes in work of systems of an internal. By the first part of article you are already familiar with various mental disorders and their clinical manifestations. Here we will try to adumbrate to you about their treatment, including self-correction of mentality.
It is known that scientists studied in detail influence on an organism of the injuring situation which causes changes in work of systems of an internal. For example, if the person feels strong anger, the enormous amount of adrenaline which will organize all forces for fight against a stress comes to blood. The long stress can lead to diabetes, suppression of sexual desires, to a hypertension, and subsequently to bring to a stroke or a heart attack, that is why it is important to begin treatment in time, to liquidate the slightest manifestations of nervous breakdowns.
By the first part "Mental disorders, p.1" you are already familiar with various mental disorders and their clinical manifestations. Here we will try to adumbrate to you about their treatment, including about self-correction of mentality.

Treatment of mental disorders

Для лечения невротических расстройств используют седативные лекарства, обладающие успокаивающим эффектом The overall picture of treatment of mental disorders develops, proceeding from knowledge of a condition of the patient, an origin of a concrete disease taking into account the reasons which caused it and also that is very important, existence of a consent of the patient to treatment. In mild cases of neurosises and a depression, people understands the state and wishes recovery, in the others when the consciousness does not submit to the patient, appoint compulsory treatment up to hospitalization in psychiatric hospital.
For treatment of neurotic frustration use the sedative drugs having the calming effect. Carry tranquilizers, antidepressants, neuroleptics, psychostimulators, some compounds of bromine, influence which area to them – an emotional condition of the person and correction of mental disorders. Tranquilizers, as a rule, apply at a neurasthenia; for treatment of neurosis of persuasive states use a combination of antidepressants, tranquilizers and neuroleptics. Neuroleptics also apply and at therapy of such mental disorder as hysterical neurosis. For treatment of a depression, naturally, use antidepressants. At reception of the last it is necessary to remember that side effect of antidepressants is reduction in the rate of reaction therefore, accepting these preparations, it is necessary to refuse driving and performance of the work demanding high concentration of attention.
Natural medicines – herbs all of a known valerian, a pustyrnik also possess the calming action and help to stabilize differences of mood, a dream. Among other organic substances it is possible to call Corvalol or valocordin.
Природные лекарственные средства – травы всем известной валерианы, пустырника также обладают успокаивающим действием и помогают стабилизировать перепады настроения, сон purposely does not publish the scheme of treatment because preparations for treatment of mental disorders and their dose are appointed only by the doctor and according to the scheme which is accurately determined by it. He considers each individual case of course of symptoms, presence of others in parallel of the applied means and observes reaction of an organism of the patient to these or those structures of substances in drugs. If you decide to give or accept self-willedally any of means, you risk health, and maybe even life!
From the point of view of psychotherapy as soothing ways the correctional psychotherapy in combination with reception of those drugs which the attending physician appointed can be used. The psychotherapy is carried out by surely qualified doctor in the field, the psychiatrist, and the technique of carrying out sessions is discussed taking into account the violations demanded correction, sessions of psychotherapy can be as individual, group, and family. Though each type of carrying out pursues the aims and tasks, solves a certain circle of problems of nervous breakdowns, the most common goals are liquidation of the initial prerequisites which led the person to a disease or change of the relation to an illness. Autogenic training, suggestion, hypnosis is widely used, neurolinguistic programming is less often applied.

Self-correction of a mental state

Существуют также психологические способы коррекции, которые не требуют присутствия врача и их можно применять самому There are also psychological ways of correction which do not demand presence of the doctor and they can be applied most. They consist in formation of the correct and positive relation of the person to themselves and a surrounding situation in which he is time, its sober assessment of the situation and selection of the most acceptable ways of a solution at present. Effect of application rather high provided that you wish to preserve the psychological state and look for ways of overcoming of excessive concern, nervousness. will give below those basic principles of self-correction thanks to which your life filled with excessive alarm will change in the opposite direction so that you will become quieter, learn to find pleasure in every day, irrespective of the difficult moments of your life. So:

1. Live in the present day
Do not cling to the past with all its failures, failures – it already behind and you not in forces to change an event. Freight of last mistakes has to be considered and forgotten not to torment today poor nerves. Forget also about future alarms – they too not in your power. As soon as you reject experiences of the past and the future, will be able to feel considerable sense of relief as thoughts of the present bring much less concern and serve as incentive to make only those affairs which the current time demands. As soon as you unload baggage of your tortures, will feel as it became simpler to treat life.

2. If you can execute affairs today, do not transfer them next day
Для вытеснения беспокойства из вашей жизни постарайтесь всегда находить важное дело, которое потребует от вас сосредоточения всех умственных и душевных сил For preservation of composure in a mad time trouble of the urgent affairs collecting every day, this tactics will rescue from a nervous breakdown. Often we refer to unwillingness something to do, we believe that we will make up for everything, and is closer by critical o'clock when it is necessary to hand over any work, feverishly we try to execute a heap of affairs. The result is clear: either low-quality work, or the broken transaction.

3. For replacement of concern from your life try to find always an important issue which will demand from you concentration of all intellectual and sincere forces will explain it on a concrete example. In a family there were two misfortunes in a row – was lost two children the son and the daughter, the interval between death made year, there was still the third kid. The father was in a deep nervous shock, and nothing could bring him out of such state. Once the kid approached him and asked: "The father, make to me the boat!". Construction of the boat took some days, and he with surprise found out that sharpness of a grief slowly began to weaken. After the boat one more ship, some tell-tales was constructed. Imperceptibly for himself the father found out that cheerfully laughs together with the younger son, pottering with toys.
So intensive inclusion in activity helped the father to come out without serious consequences a dangerous state, to avoid threat of nervous exhaustion.

4. Trifles do not cost your experiences
Do not spend the feelings and emotions for insignificant annoying inconveniences or problems. For example, instead of being boiled on the fact that your husband again did not turn off the light in a hall, switch off it, silently, without claims.

5. For an assessment of unpleasant events always ask yourself a question: what probability, what they will concern me?
Under the law of large numbers, the probability there to appear is, as a rule, quite low. This thought will give you courage and hope to get to bigger percent with happy end. If are upset, up to a panic, it is very possible that in a temper will do still a heap of irreparable acts that will automatically increase probability of a tragic outcome of the drama.

6. Learn to accept turns of destiny
Учитесь принимать повороты судьбы If you not in forces to change circumstances though made everything that depended on you, admit its inevitability. Such recognition and the corresponding moral preparation will give you certain chances quietly to consider the current situation and to find the best option of an exit from an unpleasant situation. Remember that the way to freedom already consists in self-control.
One person spoke: "I will transfer everything, except sight loss". Time went, to it was executed seventy as suddenly he noticed that cannot distinguish subjects any more. Sight left it soon, but it did not lose strength of mind. Having undergone a set of operations, he learned to rejoice to the slightest progress, each weak ray which his eyes could apprehend. He became the irreplaceable friend for those who was in a similar situation. Helping another to overcome test of destiny, morally it became stronger. Needed it, and the consciousness of the usefulness fine helped to transfer the shortcoming. If he allowed an illness to win against himself, it in addition would catch long ago a mental disorder.

7. Behave joyfully!
Ведите себя радостно Long ago it is noticed that our external state is interconnected with internal experiences, alarms, fears or pleasure. Our person – the indicator of warm thoughts, and eyes, apparently, speak besides our will about feelings. If you are concerned, at you the internal tension which holds down the movements of a body grows, a mimicry and a look becomes stone, disturbing. To remove it, become in front of the mirror in what you would not be a state, mentally and physically relax all tight muscles of the person and a body, quietly move hands here and there, the humeral case bend forward and be unbent in a free pose. We expose a breast forward, shoulders back, the stomach is gathered in – and … we smile to the reflection, having enclosed in a smile a maximum of the charm and ease! Well and how, it became easier? Now think of everything that you have a good. If do not find anything positive in yourself – think up! It surely will appear. You felt easy rise – now keep joyful thoughts in the head and behave according to them.
This concentration on merits or successful affairs helps to force out depressive reflections, and will always keep you in a tone.

8. Do not try to revenge your offender surely
You to yourself will only make it worse. This principle follows from previous, i.e. the gloomy thoughts cherishing opportunity to salt to the rival to offend and humiliate it, strangely enough harm not to it, namely you. If kind and positive thoughts ennoble the person over oppression of everyday disorders, infect with energy, mental disorders in not dependence on the reason of their emergence painfully strike and on internal systems of bodies, causing failures in their debugged regulation mechanism. You can feel the annoying envy corroding you from within to test the irresistible rage forcing your cardiovascular system to idle, on wear. On your face there will be a repellent mask, to change which very difficult and even if it will be possible – people around an instant will feel insincerity.

9. Consider only the progress
Считайте только свои успехи Concentration on the udacha allows to increase the level of the importance, confidence in the opportunities, helps to aspire further, to master the new horizons. On the contrary, the accounting of troubles will paralyze will and desire of a victory over everyday circumstances that results in passivity and neurosises.

10. Be oneself
Do not copy other person what he would not be. As much from us become angry about themselves: to whom the nose is not pleasant to whom the figure, and afflicts someone ordinary-looking appearance – each person will have the complex which makes the life miserable. Someone exhausts himself with diets from all over the world, someone became reserved, and someone dreams to resemble the well-known star of cinema or the leader of rock music. Not to consider idols, however for some reason at achievement of an ideal image there does not come the full satisfaction. warns that, trying to get used to this image, copying foreign thoughts and acts, you will feel only internal emptiness, after all it other life not peculiar to you.
Therefore to be in harmony with itself, and, therefore, to avoid ambiguous situations and vain nerves, do not imitate grimaces of other people as it is done by dumb animals – monkeys. You were born to live the life and to make only your individual affairs.

11. If you are criticized unfairly, be not upset, most likely, you are envied
Before worrying and becoming limp from the critical statement, quietly analyse, than it is caused. If you in the heat of emotions and anger are not able to behave soberly in this situation, keep silent excess some minutes is will allow you time to collect the thoughts better and to cool down a little.

Except the above-stated ways, various actions such as active sports, favourite dish, foamy bathtub, massage, interesting book and others will help to normalize a mental state. It is just necessary to relax, remove stress sometimes, after all, as we know, nervous cages are not restored!
Good luck!
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