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Mental disorders, p.1

In our disturbing time seldom whom you will see with a serene look. The problem of good psychological health remains a sensitive issue. About those types of psychological frustration which we inevitably should face in everyday life most often, and we will talk in this article.
Психические расстройства, психические заболевания In our disturbing time seldom whom you will see with a serene look. The increasing rate of life, an avalanche of unresolved questions, the solution of numerous problems rise before each of us in all the sharpness and the frightening sizes. Whether be it the school student, a subject, trying to understand difficult for it; the teenage girl living with the stepfather; the father of big family who is digging up resources for livelihood of the children; the teacher hoping for increase of payment of the hard work, the businessman wishing to increase profit of the business – all without exception pass through a strip of tests of durability of the nervous system.
If to estimate in memory, we will be able to remember only the few friends or acquaintances who managed to cope with the state in difficult vital circumstances and to remain unperturbable, having kept the clear head at the solution of the current problems.
The problem of good psychological health remains a sensitive issue and today. About those types of psychological frustration which we inevitably should face in everyday life most often, and we will talk in this article. intentionally tried to leave from strict medical terminology to state everything in an available form for laymen.


The first step to a nervous breakdown is the elementary concern. Agree as often we start imagining improbable things, drawing various horrors, and then it appears that all alarms are vain. Then, in process of development of a critical situation the concern can pour out in more serious nervous breakdowns that leads to violations not only mental perception of the person, but also to failures of various systems of an internal.
Причиной невроза может стать любое тяжелое для конкретного человека событие или длящаяся в течение длительного времени проблема (в семье, на работе). Это естественно отражается как на психическом состоянии (устойчивость к психологическим нагрузкам минимальна), так и на физиологическом (учащенное сердцебиение, нарушение работы желудка и т. д.) In the life we most often face such type of psychological frustration as neurosises which number of manifestations blows our mind. For example, neurosis of fear leads to stomach ulcer, problems in warm activity; motive neurosis (tics, involuntary twitchings of parts of a body or stutter) – to impossibility of commission of natural movements of a body.
Under the word "neurosis" the extensive group of mental disorders is joint. Any event, heavy for the specific person, or the problem lasting for a long time (in a family, at work) can become the reason of neurosis. It is naturally reflected as in a mental state (resistance to psychological loadings is minimum), and on physiological (tachycardia, violation of work of a stomach etc.).
As an example of the events leading to neurosis, the fear of loss of relatives, threat of parting with darling, disorders concerning possible material crises or downgrade in career can give If the person is in mad circulation of urgent matters, tries to remake them for short term and is not in time if it does not fill up, undereats if he has any serious illness – all this leads also sooner or later to a mental disorder.
That is important: at neurosises consciousness of the person clear, he can offer a satisfactory explanation for the events and seeks to leave the injuring circumstances. At women the frequency of manifestation of this mental disorder is much higher, than at men that is explained by special type of the organization of their emotionality and perception of the current events. They are more open, take very much to heart the experiences, worrying for the least thing. As for men, at them the logical component prevails over emotions and sensitivity which helps them to give the assessment discharged of feelings to situations and to undertake search of a rational solution.
Other forms of neurosises – a neurasthenia, neurosis of persuasive states, hysteria – belong to more profound manifestations of a mental condition of the person and are their clinical options.


Такое психическое расстройство как неврастения возникает в ответ на длительное воздействие травмирующей ситуации и сопровождается высокой утомляемостью человека, истощаемостью психической деятельности на фоне излишней возбудимости и постоянной сварливости по мелочам Such mental disorder as a neurasthenia arises in response to long influence of the injuring situation and is followed by high fatigue of the person, an exhaustion of mental activity against excessive excitability and constant peevishness on trifles. And excitability and irritability are protective ways from final destruction of nerves. The people with call of duty and uneasiness and also who are not getting enough sleep and burdened with a set of cares are especially inclined to a neurasthenia.
The mental disorder slowly develops, thus symptoms become complicated, characteristic for the general neurosis and sensitivity to external influences, such as air temperature, lighting brightness, force of tactile touches becomes aggravated. Everything is perceived by patients quite sharply and causes strong flash of irritability, discontent. Except external irritants internal changes of a state strongly disturb (a headache, heartbeat, weight in a stomach, weakness in feet, etc.), deteriorations of thought processes, memories are also noticeable, the attention is weakened, the general working capacity decreases, rest does not give desirable relief. In the sexual sphere at women the inclination decreases, men can have impotence and these factors often lead to additional problems in family relationship, up to their gap.
Not to allow development of a neurasthenia, recommends to alternate reasonably work to good rest and walks in the fresh air. At impossibility to eliminate influence of the injuring situation, it is useful to be engaged in some simple business which will help to distract from negative thoughts.

Neurosis of persuasive states

Невроз навязчивых состояний сопровождается многократным повторением в сознании человека одних и тех же мыслей, не имеющих никакой значимости для него, совершением серии обязательных движений перед каким-либо делом, возникновением абсурдных навязчивых желаний Neurosis of persuasive states is followed by repeated repetition in consciousness of the person of the same thoughts which do not have any importance for it, commission of a series of obligatory movements before any business, emergence of absurd persuasive desires. At the heart of emotions of the people who are in a similar state sensation of fear lies and fear to arrive contrary to an internal voice with what it would not be absurd.
Thicket conscientious, timid people, unsteady in the decisions and dependent on opinion of strangers are subject to a similar mental disorder.
There is a separate group of persuasive fears, for example, fear of darkness, fear at the sight of spiders, fear of height, etc. They meet at quite healthy people, the reason of their emergence is connected with a combination of the injuring situation and this concrete factor, for example, the fear of darkness can result from children's memoirs when the child was frightened specially by any monsters and horror stories before going to bed.
Increase of a self-assessment, confidence in the importance, development of independence and independence of people around helps to avoid developing of a similar mental disorder. Children need to be preserved against "terrible" literature unusual for their age, against toys monsters, to exclude methods of threats in the education.

Hysterical neurosis

Истерический невроз возникает в результате сильной травмирующей ситуации, причем человек не пытается сопротивляться ей, а, наоборот, «убегает» в нее, заставляя себя испытывать всю остроту данного переживания Hysterical neurosis results from the strong injuring situation, and the person does not try to resist it, and, on the contrary, "runs away" in it, forcing itself to test all sharpness of this experience.
The pathological perception develops, for the patient stay in a hysterical state becomes pleasant, it is very difficult to bring him out of this state. Range of manifestations is very wide: from stamping by feet, a vyryvaniye of hair before driving on a floor in convulsions, so the patient takes certain benefits and can manipulate both the relatives, and strangers. For example, the whimsical children deprived of attention try to attract with similar manifestations parents to themselves, the hysterical wife can achieve in such a way a desirable thing from the husband etc. Performance of whims and requirements creates something like a conditioned reflex when the person, falling into hysteria, receives desirable, the behavior is fixed and becomes personal feature. And women are more inclined to such mental disorders.
Hysterical neurosis can last from several minutes, hours to several years, and, than for longer period it extends, the mental disorder can be that more strongly, and having only changed the relation of the person to the illness and attacks, it is possible to achieve the termination of this disease. pays your attention that for prevention of attacks of hysterical neurosis useful is a temporary isolation of the person from people around – as a rule, this state quickly passes since existence of public creates conditions for demonstration of the desires and an imaginary heavy state.


Для некоторых депрессия побуждает приложиться к спиртным напиткам, наркотикам и другим, вредным для здоровья, средствам. Усугубление депрессии опасно тем, что больной, теряя критичность и адекватность мышления, может покончить с собой, не выдержав груза тяжести этой болезни. Also carry a depression which is characterized by absence of pleasure to neurotic frustration, pessimistic perception of life, grief and unwillingness to change something in the life. It can be followed by sleeplessness, refusal of food, of sexual communication, absence of desire to go about the own business including favourite business. Often manifestation of a depression is expressed in apathy of the person to the events, melancholy, he as if is in the measurement, does not notice surrounding people. For some the depression induces to be put to alcoholic drinks, drugs and another, unhealthy, to means. Aggravation of a depression is dangerous by that the patient, losing criticality and adequacy of thinking, can commit suicide, without having sustained freight of weight of this illness.
The depression is hard had if the person lives one therefore recommends to the family not to leave such person alone with itself at all, unostentatiously to involve it in the general rhythm of life, without overloading with affairs. In communication with it remind more often that this state temporary, and soon it again will recover, will be, as before, cheerful, surely support in it belief in the recovery.
By own efforts it is possible to avoid development of a depression, having correctly organized the daily routine and rest in which a lot of place should not be allocated for idle and aimless pastime. An interesting hobby, hobbies, various occupations and games outdoors positively influence the general health, loading with cheerfulness and energy.

Throughout this article we will say how to become the psychotherapist for ourselves, in more detail, in the form of councils, we will tell how it is possible to be saved from all mental disorders mentioned in this material, and even on the contrary to improve a condition of the mentality.
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