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Pregnancy after Cesarean section

New pregnancy after Cesarean section is planned by about 30% of women as special contraindications to it are not present except that sometimes such pregnancy is interfaced to certain difficulties. Optimum time for repeated conception – in 3 years, is enough this time that the organism of the woman was restored after operation, and hems on a uterus were tightened.

Indications to Cesarean section

According to obstetric statistics, about 15% of all pregnancies come to an end Caesarian with section. This indicator is higher in the clinics focused on difficult childbirth as the complicated pregnancy increases probability of that future mother will not be able independently to give rise.

Operation of Cesarean section is performed for a number of such reasons:

  1. Too narrow basin of the woman in labor.
  2. Heavy gestoz on the last trimester of pregnancy.
  3. Patrimonial activity of the woman is reduced.
  4. Placentary prelying.
  5. If ultrasonography shows defects in development of a fruit.
  6. The progressing infection of genitals.
  7. Psychological diseases of mother.

Depending on the reason for which the decision to carry out Cesarean section was made, the gynecologist defines, whether the woman is capable to become pregnant and take out the healthy child for the second time. If operation was performed because of the wrong prelying of a fruit or, for example, genital infections, obstacles to the next pregnancy are not present.

The essence of procedure of the Cesarean section (CS) consists in a section of the lower part of a wall of a uterus, from where the newborn is taken subsequently. After that seams are imposed, the wound heals and there is a hem. The fresh postoperative wound cicatrizes about three months, and the complete recovery of a uterus will require about 6 months.

The more time it will be allowed for mending of body, the is higher the probability of that at the following pregnancy it will be possible to avoid such troubles:

  • peeling of a placenta on the third trimester;
  • problems with a hem at a vaginal rodorazresheniye;
  • the hem becomes the reason of a low arrangement of a placenta.

If a year later after KS you made the decision again to conceive the child, this pregnancy and childbirth will significantly not differ from normal in case there were no problems with mending of a scar on a uterus. That not to tell about early pregnancy which is fraught with a rupture of a uterus as rather fresh hem is not capable to resist loading under the influence of the growing kid.

If after all there came pregnancy right after Cesarean section, most likely, the gynecologist will suggest it to interrupt to avoid complications. However in exceptional cases women successfully bear the child, having become pregnant even a month later after artificial childbirth.

Planning of pregnancy after Cesarean section

Preparation for the second pregnancy after operation of an artificial rodorazresheniye consists in full protection and application of contraceptives. The uterus has to be in rest that wounds were tightened, and connecting fabric became strong.

The most optimum term for approach of new pregnancy is 2-3 years. Besides that future mother has to gain new strength, it is necessary also that muscle fibers of a uterus were restored and the strong hem was created. Planning of new conception has to go according to the general plan, and the woman should adhere to performance of the following conditions:

  • frequent walks in the fresh air;
  • observance of the mode of a dream;
  • that after Cesarean section to raise a tone of muscles of a back and stomach it is necessary to practice yoga, fitness, swimming;
  • the daily food allowance has to include the fruit, vegetables, products rich with calcium, phosphorus and iron;
  • consultations and surveys of the gynecologist have to become regular.

Before repeatedly conceiving the child after operation of Cesarean section, partners need to be examined completely by the gynecologist and the urologist, to make necessary tests which can theoretically interfere with normal pre-natal development of a fruit.

As in certain cases new pregnancy after KS can bear a certain danger of mother and to the child, in addition the woman needs to investigate a condition of a hem on a uterus by means of a gisterografiya, hysteroscopy and ultrasonography with the intra vaginal sensor.

Gisterografiya represents procedure of radiological inspection of a seam and it is carried out not earlier than in 6 months after rodorazreshayushchy operation. Hysteroscopy, in turn, allows to examine visually a seam by means of the endoscope. This manipulation should be carried out only in a year.

At survey the doctor has to be convinced completely that the hem on a wall of a uterus has sufficient thickness to sustain pressure and not to become torn.

Pregnancy after the Caesarian

During incubation of the child it is especially carefully necessary to watch a condition of a seam, and at suspicions on a divergence of fabrics it is necessary to go immediately on treatment to a hospital. It is necessary to treat providently the organism, after all if you are going to give rise independently, the hem has to be in a good shape.

After the postponed Cesarean section the subsequent pregnancy does not exclude emergence of complications, and every third woman is subject to pregnancy interruption threat. The most frequent complication in this case is the low arrangement of a placenta.

One of features of such pregnancy is the wrong arrangement of a fruit, and at women after KS the child usually accommodates in cross situation.

Here dangers which trap the woman during pregnancy:

  • insolvency of a hem. It is shown by pain in the bottom of a stomach and in a waist;
  • rupture of a uterus. It is usually observed when during operation cuts were incorrectly made.

The undergone operation of Cesarean section can provoke also such complications of pregnancy:

At such pregnancy it is necessary to pass often inspection on the device ultrasonography, especially when the woman bears twins or triplets.

Pregnancy after Cesarean section always means that it is forbidden to give birth in house conditions. Moreover, any adequate obstetrician-gynecologist simply will not allow it as such childbirth can turn back unforeseen complications.

The pregnant woman with a seam on a uterus has to be already in hospital on the 35th week of incubation of the child. Before childbirth usually there is a premature otkhozhdeniye of amniotic waters, and after the delivery – difficulties with office of a placenta.

As obstetricians speak, the girl can give rise vaginalno if seam thickness on a uterus makes not less than 4 mm. Thus it is necessary to understand that if at the time of delivery something will go not so, operations not to avoid. Epiduralny anesthesia at childbirth is contraindicated as the constant control of process from the woman in labor is necessary.

Childbirth after the Caesarian

To tell precisely as will pass process of a rodorazresheniye: naturally or a surgical way, only the doctor can and is exclusive during the period from 33 to 35 weeks of pregnancy. As the medical statistics says, every fourth woman is capable to give rise independently after the postponed Cesarean section.

Patrimonial activity is carried out without stimulation not to break integrity of genital body. In some cases indications to repeated operation are:

  1. Too early pregnancy, in 6-12 months after KS when the seam did not manage to be tightened yet.
  2. Pregnancy after the second operation of Cesarean section.
  3. Korporalny KS.
  4. The age of the woman in labor is more senior than 30 years.
  5. If the hem on a uterus provoked a low arrangement of a placenta.
  6. Otsloyka or increment of a placenta.

These signs cannot be foreseen up to childbirth. At such symptoms remains nothing to doctors, except how to perform operation for rescue of the child.

The fear of a rupture of a uterus is the main reason for refusal of natural childbirth after KS. In practice the percent of women who had a gap, makes only 0,2% of total number. Besides, threatens nothing to life and health of mother with the newborn child. Moreover, threat of a possible gap successfully comes to light on ultrasonography.

Cesarean section is recommended to carry out no more than three times and each subsequent operation exhausts uterus walls more and more.

Recommendations of doctors at pregnancy after KS:

  1. Early pregnancy (less than in 6 months) demands constant gynecologic control.
  2. On the thirtieth week of pregnancy it is necessary to decide on possible risks which can arise at the time of delivery.
  3. Since 35th week the thicket needs to visit the doctor and to watch a condition of a hem on a uterus.
  4. It is strictly forbidden to lift heavy subjects, including the senior child or a baby carriage.
  5. The supporting bandage is necessary to reduce load of a waist and to support a stomach.
  6. In the presence of a hem on a uterus it is extremely undesirable to gain weight. Watch the food allowance.
  7. Try to avoid distant trips, flights and stresses.

Care of the health, lead a measured and quiet life without additional loadings. Mirsovetov recommends to the women planning pregnancy after Cesarean section to take care and listen for the organism. It will promote normal course of pregnancy and easy childbirth.

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