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We plan the family budget

Many families some days before a pay find out that in the house any money, behind an exception unless trifles on the drive suddenly ended. What to do? Only the accounting of finance can help out, and it means – planning and the subsequent observance of the family budget. On an order will also try to tell about everything.
Планируем семейный бюджет Many families some days before a pay find out that in the house any money, behind an exception unless trifles on the drive suddenly ended. All paradox of a situation, as a rule, consists in that, as the husband, and the wife in such families earn decently – in any case, during the period, free from conjugal ties, they had to look for much less often at whom to be borrowed.
What to do? Only the scrupulous accounting of finance can help out, and it means – planning and the subsequent observance of the family budget. On an order will also try to tell about everything.

What is the budget?

Simply speaking, the budget is an itemized list of all income and expenses for a certain period. Conditionally the budget it is possible to present in the form tables with several columns.
In the simplest option of such columns four: in the first column number of article, is specified in the second – the name of article (for example, the article "Salary"), the third column carrying the name "Plan" contains the sums planned for a certain period. And, at last, in the last, the fourth, a column the actual budget performance is displayed – that is how many was real means is spent for the reporting period.
The budget shares on two parts – profitable and account. All income which it is planned to receive in a definite time, in account part get to revenues, respectively, all estimated expenses are displayed. After calculation of the sums in all respects it is surely checked, whether the account part of the budget exceeded its revenues. If expenses suddenly exceeded the income, two solutions of the arisen problem are possible: or to cut down expenses under these or those articles, or to look for additional sources of financing.
Sometimes happens that at the end of a certain period (month most often undertakes the period) the enterprise still had not spent money. Such rest is entered in special article under the name "Balance for the Beginning of the Period" - actually it increases budget revenues by the next period.

How to plan the family budget?

 Садимся за компьютер и рисуем таблицу: столбцов в ней будет три, а строк для начала – две: доходная и расходная части бюджета How to apply the theory of budgeting used at the enterprises to family finance? Very simply. We sit down at the computer and we draw the table: columns in it will be three, and lines for a start – two: profitable and account parts of the budget. As the planned period for an example we will take month.
So, together with we plan revenues of the family budget. Think, of what articles there will be income of your family for the planned month? Here also the salary, pensions, grants, payments of children's grants, and also awards and any payment of extra work can be carried. In the Plan column opposite to each article put down the sum of alleged receipts in the family budget. Now add one more line, having entitled it "Total the income", and count the sum of financial means on which your family can count in the next month.

No. of St.

Name of article




12.500 rub.



3.000 rub.





Total income

20.000 rub.

We pass to account part of the family budget. With expenses, as a rule, there are certain difficulties: of course, the size of a rent and other utility payments is more or less fixed but who and when thoroughly counted, how many money in a month leaves on bread or milk? It is natural that the sums of the planned expenses of the family budget will be approximate, it is important to limit a certain framework only. In a total line we count, what sum your family is able to afford to spend next month.
If your family concerns to those who for commission of large purchases prefers to save, but not to possess the credits, bring in the budget one more line "Accumulation". Transfer the sums from this line from the period to the period the accruing result until save up the necessary quantity of means.
Планируем семейный бюджет One more necessary article – "Reserve". The family budget surely has to provide funds for contingencies, whether it be unplanned purchases, money for urgent treatment or other emergency needs.
Now we will count, whether the estimated income will be enough for estimated expenses. For this purpose in the line "Total Income" will subtract from the sum "Total expenses", "Accumulation" and "Reserve". If the rest turned out negative, think what to do: to refuse some expenditure, to take the credit or to look for extra work.
How to reflect the fact of performance of the family budget? Perhaps, at first it is necessary to count the sums by checks and backs from receipts. However, the family budget is good that does not demand mathematical accuracy in calculations – most often happens rather more or less precisely to specify value of the spent sums.
By the way, special programs, - in particular, X-Cash "The family budget", "Home Station 1.2 considerably can simplify and accelerate process of family budgeting. Accounts department for the house" or AceMoney Lite.

How to distribute money for the family budget?

Как распределить деньги для семейного бюджета? To distribution of money for family needs there are two main approaches. At the first of them the husband and the wife put the salary in the general family cash desk and within a month take money both on family, and on personal expenses from there. This way is ideal for very amicable married couples to which, besides, has the luck to possess identical interests.
The second approach means division of the income of each of spouses into two parts: public and personal. The public part includes the sums for the general family needs: utility payments, products, purchase of furniture and household appliances. On what to spend personal part of the income – each spouse solves.
One more option when one of spouses earning much more another completely assumes payment of all large family expenses; the truth, psychologically this way it is acceptable only for women, whose income is lower than a salary of the husband.

Councils from

Чтобы лучше контролировать свои ежедневные расходы, определите месячную сумму повседневных расходов и разделите ее на количество дней – так вы получите сумму, которую без опаски можно потратить за день Better to control the daily expenses, determine the monthly sum of daily expenses and divide it into number of days – so you receive the sum which bravely can be spent in a day. If suddenly you spent more planned, next day be going to tighten a belt: it is necessary to restore balance.
Never try to save on everything – to anything good it will not lead. There are things on which it is impossible to save is a good nutrition, rest, education – the and children.
And finally, recommends to all to analyze family expenses from time to time – can be, it is possible to clean some articles, and others, on the contrary, - to add. Sometimes, looking through the family budget, it is possible to make unexpected discoveries, having found, how many means leave on such things without which it is quite possible to do - whether it be purchase of sweets or uncontrolled hours-long sitting on the Internet. And then you will already bring necessary adjustments, thereby constantly improving the budget. And, perhaps, over time you will develop also the approaches to planning of the family budget.
Anyway, we wish you success in all undertakings!
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