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The recipe of preparation of pilaf with chicken

Many hostesses had a stereotype that only inhabitants of the East can prepare the real pilaf. agrees that to us not to reach tops of culinary skill in preparation of pilaf, but about labor input it is possible to argue. Let's prepare together chicken meat pilaf which technology will be easily mastered by any and everyone.
Any hostess wants that dishes which she prepares, were not only tasty and nutritious, but also various. But sometimes to achieve a variety of foods from usual products happens difficult and here already house forks the cloyed macaroni with sausages or rice porridge with cutlets inertly picks. Many, looking at the digested porridge, sincerely sympathize with the people of Asia that those are compelled to feed on rice constantly. And after all from this cereal it is quite easy to prepare a set of rich, tasty and beautiful dishes. For example, the best-known dish of Uzbek cuisine – pilaf.
Many hostesses had a stereotype that only inhabitants of the East can prepare the real pilaf, in usual kitchen it cannot almost be made and in general it is too labor-intensive process. agrees that to us not to reach tops of culinary skill in preparation of pilaf, but about labor input it is possible to argue. Let's prepare together chicken meat pilaf which technology will be easily mastered by any and everyone.
    Some scientists consider that the traditional name – pilaf – is an abbreviation. And names of its components in Uzbek are reflected in the name of a dish. Piyoz – onions, Ayez – carrots, Lakhm – meat, Olio – fat, oil, Blows – salt, About – water, Sholi – rice. Osh turns out "floors" which with time and turned into the name habitual to us – pilaf.

Pilaf with chicken meat, products

Ingredients with you pilaf are necessary for our preparation such:
  • 300 grams of chicken fillet,
  • 400 grams of rice,
  • 100-150 grams of onions,
  • 200 grams of carrots,
  • to steam Zubkov of garlic,
  • spices, vegetable oil.
    Even classical Uzbek plova very much differ on the structure. Pilaf can be with any kind of meat and a bird, carrots can be replaced with turnip, beet and even a radish. Incredibly, but also rice is not always included into the recipe of preparation of the Uzbek pilaf: it can be mixed with peas or haricot, and even completely to be replaced with them. Traditional smooth spices call red and black pepper, a zira (still called kumin) and a barberry. It is possible to add ginger and a saffron, at will.
Ингредиенты для приготовления плова

Preparation of pilaf, we prepare zirvak

How pilaf on structure and technology of preparation was various, but there are in it obligatory operations which we in our simplified recipe will also observe. So, preparation of a zirvak – gravy from all components of pilaf, except rice.
Each of three components of a zirvak is overroasted consistently, trying that all products kept the natural look. We put them in a cauldron layer-by-layer and we do not mix. All components are fried in strongly perekalenny oil. Perekalivany oils it was always emitted in separate obligatory operation in technology of preparation of a dish. But modern hostesses in most cases use the refined vegetable oil therefore in our recipe we will omit this procedure.
In the beginning on a frying pan in strongly heated oil we fry the chicken meat cut by small slices. If you want that meat was with a crust – fry it on strong fire if prefer gentle option of roasting – on moderate.
Вначале на сковороде в сильно нагретом масле обжариваем куриное мясо, нарезанное небольшими кусочками
After that we fry the onions cut by half rings till golden color. We shift it in a cauldron, to chicken meat. We do not mix!
После этого обжариваем до золотистого цвета лук, нарезанный полукольцами
In the last turn we fry carrots. In an ideal carrots are knifed by thin straws sharp, but we, without applying for professionalism, we suggest to rub it on a large grater. We fry carrots to a warm orange shade and also we spread an even layer on onions.
After that we fill in zirvak with boiled water so that water slightly covered a carrots layer, and we extinguish to readiness of meat on weak fire. At the end of suppression of products we add spices and salt to taste.
После этого заливаем зирвак кипятком так, чтобы вода слегка покрыла слой моркови, и тушим до готовности мяса на слабом огне. В конце тушения продуктов добавляем специи и соль по вкусу.
    Since we with chicken meat which prepares very quickly, 15 minutes of suppression will have a pilaf quite enough. If you decide to replace chicken meat from this recipe with other type of meat, remember that the more long on weak fire is extinguished zirvak, the taste of pilaf is better.

Laying of rice and bringing pilaf to readiness

We take rice (if necessary previously wash out until water becomes transparent) and very carefully we fill up it over a zirvak. Rees needs to stamp slightly a skimmer or a spoon. After that accurately we fill in boiled water so that water covered rice approximately on 1,5-2 cm. When water is filled in, fire is increased.
Аккуратно заливаем кипяток так, чтобы вода покрыла рис примерно на 1,5-2 см. Когда вода залита, огонь увеличиваем.

Let pilaf cook on moderately strong fire without cover until water is absorbed in rice.
When water was absorbed, we do small fire and we put in pilaf couple of garlic gloves entirely. Fans of a spicy food can put also a small pepper there, but considers that only garlic will approach gentle chicken meat pilaf. It will give to pilaf gentle aroma without characteristic garlick causticity.
Когда вода впиталась, делаем маленький огонь и закладываем в плов пару зубчиков чеснока целиком
Then the cauldron needs to be covered the most dense (or a plate) since steam will cook further our pilaf. We do the weakest fire and we mature pilaf under a cover of minutes 15. After that we switch off fire and – small cunning – we do not uncover 10 more minutes. And now time of the most pleasant part of preparation – giving of tasty, fragrant pilaf comes.
There are different traditional options of giving of pilaf.
The option first is very beautiful and it suits for family celebration or a sit-round gathering with friends. We do not mix pilaf and we overturn on a big dish. Thus rice will appear below, and vegetables and meat – from above.
The option second too often is applied in the homeland of pilaf, it is a daily way of giving of a dish: pilaf is mixed in a cauldron and at once displayed on portion plates.
Плов перемешивают в казане и сразу раскладывают на порционные тарелки

The main thing – to eat hot and with pleasure. Bon appetit!
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