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How to choose phone for the child

In the XXI adult does not represent the life without mobile phone. And here when the speech about need of purchase of the device to the child comes, almost always this question becomes "edge". Whether phone is really necessary to the child? From what age? What to buy – being in the use or new? Expensive or cheap? Today also we will answer these questions.

When the child needs phone?

Absolutely at all families a view of education of the child the different – someone gives to the children freedom of movement, someone seeks to control constantly. But as far as externally "quietly" parents would not treat children's independence, inside the question always ripens: Whether "And everything is good with it now?".

At such moments of mother and father understand that the mobile phone is simply necessary for their child. Besides that on it it is possible to make a call and to learn, whether all as it should be, so still modern operators offer various services in instant definition of location of the child.

And here, how many will be years to the child when parents at last decide on purchase of phone, depends already on customs and education in a concrete family. At someone children round the clock are under supervision of adults till 10-14 years, and at someone does not remain a choice and from the moment of achievement of school age (7 years) the kid is already provided to himself. And some families consider that the best gift on the 5 anniversary is a mobile phone.

And after all each of the listed categories in own way the rights. If the child constantly under supervision, the mobile phone and, however, to anything unless with schoolmates to call up and exchange SMS. If you worry about your child who independently goes to school, comes back home, eats, does homework and even goes to walk, phone is certainly necessary. The same concerns also a gift for 5 years: each parent himself knows that is necessary for their child.

Another matter if you ask the 7-10-year-old kid, whether it needs the mobile phone. And he with confidence will answer you that, of course, is necessary! And not any former mother's or father's with the functions "call", "calculator", "alarm clock" and SMS, and with modern fashionable appendices and opportunities. After all it is prestige among contemporaries, it is an occasion "to flash" and be allocated.

It turns out that even if you do not see for the first grader of need for the mobile phone, be sure that he dreams of it. After all depends on it not only "rating" of your child in a class, but also, maybe, his behavior and even progress at school.

What phone is necessary to the first grader?

It is necessary to understand that under the word "child" nevertheless some categories differ. Especially the difference is felt at school age. It is considered that there are three main "concepts":

  • younger school age (7-10 years);
  • middle school age (10-14 years);
  • advanced school age (14-16 years).

Therefore in an ideal throughout this time the child needs at least three phones. Though, certainly, you should not hope that for such long period of time the child will make thrifty use of this "toy".

Proceeding from it, we will designate some criteria which phone for the school student of younger school age has to have:

  • low cost;
  • existence of the big screen that the child did not damage eyesight;
  • strong case;
  • simple functions that the child could understand quickly.

Today some producers already invented "children's" models which can be found in specialized shops. Such phones possess four-five buttons and are only capable to call on numbers of relatives. In the domestic market there were also phones which built-in functions allow to listen continuously to that occurs round your child, and also to obtain data on a position of your child.

Of course, to these phones there is also an alternative in the form of simple models of the most famous producers. The price at them small, is a lot of functions and "resistance" to falling is high.

But sometimes some school institutions simply forbid use of mobile devices in initial classes. It is not surprising, after all the child did not learn assiduity yet, and existence of the mobile phone can decompose discipline of the kid even more. Therefore you need to prepare seriously the child for use of such thing, as phone. First of all, he has to understand that it – not a toy, but a means of communication. Perhaps, it is worth putting phone on the silent mode and to put in a backpack, and to speak to the child to use it only at an exit from school and when comes home.

Phone for an average and the advanced school age

We not for nothing united these two age, after all they are in many respects similar. To the child in 11 and to the teenager in 15 years equally not all the same, what phone at it in a pocket. A difference only available functions which to the school student will be enough for this or that age.

So, in 10-14 years to the child it is necessary:

  • the big screen not to damage eyesight, reading text messages and playing games;
  • the strong case, after all not to avoid falling;
  • possibility of a file transfer by means of Bleutooth, existence of infrared port is desirable;
  • the color screen, polyphony and functionality of this sort is very desirable.

For the teenager of 14-16 years still it would be desirable to add to the listed qualities of phone:

  • touch screen;
  • good earphones for listening of favourite music and radio;
  • possibility of connection to Wi-Fi;
  • quite capacious memory card;
  • opportunity "to download" various appendices from specialized markets.

It is also necessary to be attentive at a choice of mobile operator, after all many of them offer different functions. For example, so-called "indicator" can be ordered not in all, and tracking of all entering and outcoming calls – and even less so. And it is good if the child and so shares all information of this sort with you, with ease tells where it is with whom communicates. But situations happen different, and best of all to think over beforehand.

Phone which was in the use or new?

Actually so-called "second-hand" models and new have advantages. Of course, first of all, it is a considerable difference in the price. After all for the same $100 it is possible to buy either very unpretentious new phone or more "modern" second-hand.

Whether but there is a game of candles? Sellers of second-hand phones give a guarantee of only 14 days. If during this time to phone it happened nothing, later you will already prove nothing. And after all children already not especially accurately handle mobile devices. For this reason quite often there is a situation, when "penny-wise and pound-foolish".

How to achieve careful attitude of the child to phone?

It would seem, the child constantly wanted to play on your phone and when you decided to buy new and to give to the child this, it suddenly loses any interest in a tube, "forgets" it to load, can leave somewhere. As a result you most often cannot simply phone on number of the child, swear, but everything is ineffectual.

The described situation though very often meets, but is not surprising at all. But to a great extent ourselves are guilty that so occurs. We or long do not buy to the child the "desired" mobile phone, or, on the contrary, we indulge their frequent change. And, maybe, the child asks concrete model, but we buy phone to ourselves, and we give to the child the old.

Therefore Mirsovetov recommends to approach purchase of phone for the child with big gravity and responsibility. Even if it will be the 5th phone, and previous were simply broken or lost, this time make everything in a different way.

Sit down with the child and seriously talk. Explain for what, from your point of view, it needs the mobile phone, tell that strongly love the child and very much endure every time when it switched off a tube. Together think up any insignificant "punishment" for every time when the tube is again switched off. For example, earlier to go to bed or is one half an hour less than games behind the computer this day. Let the child together with you will find that option which will be convenient to both of you, he has to understand that already bears full responsibility for the actions.

But do not forget, as you need to listen to the child attentively. It is very important to understand, what phone the child wants and that did not arrange in the previous. If financial position does not allow to buy that phone which is dreamed in dreams, so to the child and explain. And once again find a common ground. Perhaps, the child will want to help more to you about the house, for what you will give him the unlimited sum which will be postponed in a moneybox. Or agree that now you buy phone more simply, but it is very important that looked after it that then it could be sold for the favorable price and, having reported on a little more money, to buy, at last, the device of which he dreamed.

Important point is purchase. If all of you decided that buy phone which was in the use or simpler model, than the child wants, make it together. In shop grant an option to the child, having limited only to its set sum, do not interfere with the questions and doubts, answer only when the child himself asks. Let he will feel all responsibility for the choice.

If all of you decided to buy phone of that model of which your child always dreamed, make from this a holiday. Perhaps, it will be a gift for any significant day or a surprise "just like that", but the child by all means has to remember this day and feeling of the pleasure overflowing it.

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