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That is necessary for opening of shop

How to open the shop? What it is necessary to remember thus? What details need to be considered that the shop made profit and was popular? So many questions should be decided that first and you do not know, for what to undertake. Let's try to understand together with that is necessary for opening of shop.
Как открыть магазин, что нужно для открытия магазина How to open the shop? What it is necessary to remember thus? What details need to be considered that the shop made profit and was popular? For some sense briefly "to open shop" not so it is a lot of, so far we do not face it. So many questions should be decided that first and you do not know, for what to undertake. But if thoroughly to be prepared for this question in advance, it is possible to avoid many problems in a consequence. Let's try to understand together with that is necessary for opening of shop.
Very first and in too time the most important question – what to sell. To choose suitable idea for future shop very important. Think, whether your production will be necessary to buyers, estimate, whether the goods from your shop will be competitive. Think over, your shop will be how big. Be defined how sales – whether self-service (as practice, shows the most profitable way) will be carried out, whether sale through a counter.
Think over in what area there will be your shop. Investigate the area, study the contingent of the population, their requirement and consumer abilities. It will be quite good if you communicate to people and learn their opinion on possibility of emergence in their area of shop which you plan to open.
Make the business plan, and it is not important, you plan to open how big shop, the business plan will provide sequence of actions even when opening a small outlet in 10 sq.m.

Package of documents for opening of shop

Не забывайте, что вывеска вашего магазина – это, как таковой, рекламный щит Special question give documentation in the course of preparation of work of shop. warns that the bureaucratic red tape most often stretches on a long period therefore, making plans, it is worth finding more time, funds and nerves for obtaining all permissions, licenses, etc. What documents you need to prepare:
  • For registration of firm you will need to be ready to answer the following questions: how many your firm will have founders, a company name, the main kind of activity what you choose system of the taxation, the authorized capital will be brought property or money who will be the CEO and the chief accountant. You will need to receive the certificate on registration of legal entity and the certificate on registration and assignment of an INN for what it will be necessary to be registered by the Unified State Register of legal entities and to pass registration in IMNS. Besides you will need to receive Goskomsat's letter on assignment of codes (OKVED), to be registered in off-budget funds, such, as: pension, medical, social insurance fund, and also you will need to open settlement accounts in any bank and to make the press.
  • Do not forget that the sign of your shop is, as that, a billboard. Respectively, you should get permission that is not so simple for it. You should provide for obtaining permission: the demand, a registration card, notarized copies of the certificate on opening of firm, the lease contract certified notarially, the sketch of the image certified by the press of the enterprise, coordination of a location with the owner of the building, the worked design of the image, color photos of an estimated location, the card of a location.
  • For the conclusion of the State fire supervision you will need to prepare the following documents: letter demand, certificate on registration of the enterprise, lease contract of the room, floor-by-floor plan of BTI, contract on installation of the fire-prevention alarm system, and also insurance policy of object. Besides you should appoint one employee the chief of fire safety and to conduct a course of its training.
  • For obtaining the sanitary and epidemiologic conclusion from Rospotrebnadzor you will need to prepare an obligatory package of documents also: the statement, the certificate on registration of firm and registration in IMNS, the lease contract, the assortment inventory, medical books of employees of shop, the sanitary passport of object, certificates on goods of shop, the contract for garbage removal and MSW.
  • You should not forget and about permission for cash registers. To register the cash register (CR) you will need to prepare the following documents: the application, the lease contract for that room where there will be this KKM, the passport of KKM certified by the master of TsTO, the hologram of the State registry and servicing, the copy of certificates on opening of the enterprise and registration of IMNS. recommends if financial means allow to think of a nervosberezheniye and to order obtaining all permissions and certificates in specialists of legal agencies. Their services to you will cost in the sum from 30-35 thousand rubles, however in time, roughly speaking, about a month you get all necessary permissions and the conclusions.
Your shop it is not simple an income source, business, it as a canvas on an easel – a source of your creativity. Of course, so far you think how to receive a full package of initial and allowing documentation, to your creative ideas of the appendix not to find but when you already think of the name for your shop, here already and the flight of fancy begins. You can order a name for your shop to experts. Actually, a naming – not simple business, after all is important that the name enticed visitors that its treatment was clear that the name could not be remade game of letters in something obscene and that it did not cause ridiculous associations. An unsuccessful name the name "Evening Ring" can serve as an example for shop of ware. You hinted in a name at a crystal ring, that it is possible to find high-quality ware in your shop, but visitors can have an opposite association – that your ware low-quality and fights with a ring, evening, such, a ring.
Already is on the threshold of resolute actions to ponder and design of your shop. It is worth thinking over appearance before you move off in searches of the room. Concrete requirements to the room will help you to pick up the best option.

The room under shop

Whether you Правильно выбранное место – залог вашего успеха will buy, rent or build the room for the shop, it is important to consider some key moments:
  • Location – whether good passability will be at your shop, whether a convenient entrance, whether the parking is possible nearby.
  • The size of the room and its planning – in your shop it has to be not close, it is necessary to define office rooms, warehouse rooms, to think over, whether the separate office entrance will be necessary.
  • Technical conveniences – it is important that it was convenient to you to install electrical equipment, water, warmly, telephone and Internet lines, security systems.
Correctly chosen place – guarantee of your success, and also possibility of economy on technical and repair questions. Therefore take seriously a room choice.

Trade equipment

Особое внимание уделите кассовому оборудованию – его достаточное количество влияет на количество и качество продаж Depending on the chosen system of service (self-service or trade through a counter), order the trade equipment – racks, cases, counters, show-windows. There is, a lot of, firms specializing on the trade equipment therefore you without effort will be able to order for your shop that will be necessary and at the same time that will competently fit into design. At transformation of usual rooms and halls into floor spaces do not forget about the general design impression in space. Remember that buyers like be pleasant in your shop. People will want to come back to beautiful shop again and again.
Pay special attention to the cash equipment – its enough influences quantity and quality of sales.

Choice of suppliers

Suppliers very much influence work of shop. Try to choose to yourself firms with good reputation. In delivery of goods punctuality, obligation is important for your shop. The most important at a choice of goods is its quality, the price, schedules of delivery. pays your attention that long trade relations with the supplier develop them, bringing you the most favorable conditions of cooperation. Select such suppliers who will provide you with advertizing production for your goods, nominal stands and so on.

Calculation of goods and internal registration of shop

Ваш товар должен быть разложен не по принципу наибольшей вместимости, а по принципу удобства для покупателя Your goods have to be spread out not by the principle of the greatest capacity, and by the principle of convenience to the buyer and at the same time the greatest safety (provided that the buyer will be able to take goods in hand for studying). Opening the shop, it is worth studying at least merchandising bases. Use knowledge of psychology of the buyer for obtaining the greatest benefit. Think over how to place price tags that also they worked for you. For example, if you have some description of goods which you release at the price, very favorable to buyers, and you know that it is the price below, than at the next competitors, allocate this price with the large price tag or a bright inscription "The special price!". Rather expensive goods it is worth making on the contrary: let the buyer should look for some time the price tag of beautiful, but expensive thing. At that time that the thing will carry out in hands at the buyer while he tries to find cost, will serve you on a hand – the buyer will get used to a thing and will not want to leave it.
For drawing attention of the buyer use all possible ways. You need suitable music, competently established illumination of a right tone, even smells play the role.

Staff recruitment for shop

В зависимости от рода деятельности вашего магазина вы должны подбирать персонал Depending on a kind of activity of your shop you have to select the personnel. Agree, it will be ridiculous to look the serious woman a wearing spectacles and strict suit selling youth clothes. The seller has to be not simply the person who is giving out you goods and receiving from you money for it, he also has to be the consultant, the assistant in a choice. Remember a known joke how the person left shop on the jeep though came only behind a hook for a rod. Sellers who sellers from God, are capable to raise sales level of your shop on very high level. Therefore treat staff recruitment for future shop with all responsibility.
Do not forget that your workers need trainings, do not save on training. Professionalism of workers will pay off very quickly.

Except all these global steps there is still a set of trifles which need to be considered, preparing opening of your shop. So, for example, it is worth thinking over registration of a prestore platform, it is necessary not to forget about a security system, and also about the advertizing courses.
To attract your first guests, prepare opening of shop in advance: Let on not properly executed show-window the big banner will be stretched: "Opening ** month!" In the opening day arrange a holiday with balloons on an entrance, with entertainments and festive representation, invite clowns, for example, or, say, a quartet. Let popularity of your shop begin from the very first day! wishes success to your business!
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