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How not to fall asleep at a wheel

The car is a convenience and mobility. But except advantages there are also shortcomings – opportunity to fall asleep at a wheel, to lose vigilance and to get into road accident. will tell about the simple receptions allowing to cheer up to the tired driver.

Everyone can fall asleep at a wheel. It usually happens because of banal fatigue, a habit to doze after a nourishing lunch, decrease in concentration of attention because of the taken medicine or monotonous landscapes. Much that can be. One business, so far as concerns a half-hour trip on the city, and absolutely another - the 12-hour movement on the route. To those drivers who are compelled to drive long time the car without interruption, and this article is devoted.

The best cure for fatigue – a dream

If to ask the skilled trucker that it is necessary to do not to fall asleep at a wheel, he will answer – to get enough sleep before flight. A heat bath, a good dream and a cool shower since morning – here guarantee of cheerfulness. But what to do when the trip everything does not come to an end, and eyes simply stick together? It is better to stop on a roadside, to close the car and to take a nap minutes 15-20. Even such small rest will return to an organism working capacity for 3-4 hours. The most "sleepy" hours as practice shows, it from 14 to 16 days, from 20 to 22 evenings and from 2 to 4 nights. It is better to spend these passive periods not at a wheel.

Isn't it time to be refreshed

To cheer up, it is necessary to move a little. For example, to play muscles standing or periodically to change provisions of a driver's seat, depriving of it pleasant convenience. Or to stimulate active points on an auricle. Perfectly the improvised shower encourages – wash cool water or wipe a neck and a face damp napkins. All these methods will be suitable for hot summer day. In a cold season simply open a window, and cool air will refresh you. Often at drivers eyes are tired, there are discomfortable feelings of a zaporoshennost. For such cases hold near at hand any eye drops or "artificial tears" gel, they will quickly bring sight into norm. Surely stop as all eye drops for some minutes obscure a look.


Yes, coffee and tea is our everything. Anybody did not think up anything more effective and available yet. But, unfortunately, you get used to caffeine and its action becomes not so noticeable over time. Therefore you should not abuse. Exactly, as well as power engineering specialists. Yes, after the first small bottle inflow of forces lasts hour two. Everyone following already to the detriment. According to researches, to people, with heart diseases it can strongly do much harm. Also overdose by power engineering specialists (is especially terrible up to hallucinations), especially at a wheel.

Favourite music

It would seem, any vigorous music is capable to drive away a dream. Actually, if you long listen to music of one style, it will want to sleep even more. Change radio stations better or in advance write down to the road a disk with favourite songs which will be able loudly to sing. And it is even better to take in travel of the talkative fellow traveler. Ask it periodically you to straighten out small remarks. Or start interesting conversation is invigorates!

Let's chew?

Skilled drivers always have near at hand "something to chew". Someone uses sunflower seeds for these purposes, someone is afraid to soil salon and chews a salty peanut. Many buy kislenky sugar candies ("shipuchka") or fruit (apples, grapes, oranges). Also the banal match in teeth does not bring. And the easiest way to cheer up – to chew an extra-mint cud or menthol sugar candy. Also do not take in head to get wood, lavandovy fragrances for salon! Only citrus, sea and coniferous – they will help not to fall asleep at a wheel.

New technologies

Especially for drivers new gadgets – devices an anti-dream, in common people of "budilka" are invented. It looks as a usual bluetooth-font, fastens to an auricle and reacts to a ducking. As soon as the driver started filling up and inclining the head forward (the inclination is not considered back), works a sound signal. This so useful gadget costs 2 dollars. It already even started being integrated into new models of a bluetooth-font.

Tablets energy drinks

One more novelty for drivers. In fact it is the same power engineering specialists only tableted. They often contain the same caffeine, vitamins and taurine. Plus of such tablets is the impossibility of overdose. It not tasty drink of which you will drink, how many you will want. And at a wheel to drink from banks absolutely inconveniently, and took a medicine and you go further.

It would be desirable to tell about two the "invigorating" preparations known to me. The first – the Driver the bioscan +. This preparation does not contain caffeine, does not cause reexcitability and consists of natural components. Quite often within an action at some gas stations, it is given out free of charge to the drivers who are filling in a full tank. Very few people believe in efficiency of magic tablets, but reviews of a preparation the tremendous. Drivers easily transfer the road, they increase concentration of attention, drowsiness leaves. And, arriving to the destination, they quietly fall asleep, without toiling with sleeplessness and tachycardia. Two capsules of a preparation on action are comparable to liter of the power engineering specialist! And one more preparation Elton - the item. It takes off even the strongest fatigue at the expense of the content of natural power tonics (roots of an eleuterokokk) and vitamins. These preparations are not medicines, they are registered as dietary supplements therefore before reception surely consult with the attending physician.

Here we also told of the most widespread ways of fight against fatigue and drowsiness. Share the unique methods if those are available with readers!

Nailing, a staff!

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