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How to make washing of a nose

Not always as washing of a nose is paid to such procedure enough attention. And after all it bears in herself some values: it and personal hygiene which can be put in one row with toothbrushing and washing, both treatment, and prevention of the majority of catarrhal diseases.

Advantage of washing of a nose

It is known that the nose is the natural filter for air. It reduces number of hit in our organism of bacteria, allergens, and, of course, viruses. All these microorganisms settle on shchetinisty hairs which are in a nose. The developed slime which possesses enormous bactericidal action fights against all these harmful bacteria.

Also the nose carries out air moistening function to that today doctors and scientists attach huge significance. Together with moistening air, getting through a nose, heats up a little. Thus, the cleared, moistened and rather warm air that allows them to work without tension gets to lungs.

But if the slightest dysfunction of work of a mucous surface is observed, there is an obstruction of nasal bosoms, the obstacle for clarification of air and healthy release of slime is created. The slightest failure in this process is capable to provoke viral diseases, an allergy, decrease in immunity.

For this reason from time to time it is recommended to wash out a nose, without waiting until any disease is caught. Together with it washing of a nose in the hygienic purposes makes the following preventive impacts on an organism:

  • prevention of an allergy: dust and other allergens are late on an entrance, without hit in lungs, and it is best of all to help an organism - from there "to wash away" them;
  • prevention of development of any inflammatory respiratory diseases: washing out a nose, we either receive treatment, or we prevent development of a possible disease;
  • immunity strengthening, in particular the local;
  • ease and freedom of breath, at the expense of what – increase of a tone, improvement of the general state.

Remember that the opinion saying that it is necessary to wash out a nose only in the period of a disease is absolutely incorrect. In the hygienic purposes it is important to do it several times a week. If all of you got sick, washings even more important to resort to procedure, after all violation of breath is fraught with consequences, such, as:

  • sleep disorder, appetite;
  • considerable decrease in working capacity;
  • if it is about children, the delay in development, and also growth delay is probable even;
  • violation in work of a brain;
  • violation in work of nervous system;
  • increase, growth of adenoides;
  • diction violation.

Medical contraindications to washing

From the aforesaid it becomes clear that it is necessary to wash out a nose actually at any catarrhal disease. The exception can be made:

  • sharp otitis;
  • exacerbation of chronic otitis;
  • allergy to composition of solution by which the nose is washed out;
  • nasal bleedings, especially if they develop too often;
  • cysts and any educations in a nose cavity;
  • impassability of the nasal courses.

Anyway, if you know that are sick before being engaged in washing of a nose, consult with the doctor. He will acquaint you with ways of washing, will teach to do it correctly, and also will answer all your questions.

Types of washing of a nose

There are some types of washing of a nose. It is possible to do it and independently at home, and also on reception at the doctor. Mirsovetov suggests to study the main list of the types of washing of a nose applied today.


At antritis and some other respiratory diseases pus accumulates in gaymorovy bosoms and is independent to get rid of it rather difficult. Doctors register washing in these cases the special preparation called by "cuckoo".

Something this unit reminds the small vacuum cleaner. During procedure from one nostril slime is extorted, and into another the special syringe with a rubber tubule enters physical solution or solution of Furacilin. Procedure takes some minutes while bosoms do not start leaving transparent slime.

Washing in house conditions.

Perhaps, it is one of the most popular methods of washing of a nose. It includes preparation of solution for washing and a choice of the syringe. The last can be absolutely different: there are special adaptations similar to a small chaynichek with a long nose with which it is accepted to wash out a nose. But if such at you is not present, do not despair, for washing it is possible to take a big syringe, of course, without needle, the syringe and, in principle, any means. Here the main thing - the correct washing, but not the adaptation by which it is carried out.

As for solution, you can as buy special mixes and already ready liquids in a drugstore, and to prepare their houses. Here the most popular and simple:

  • water. The main requirement – that it was soft and warm. Water from under the crane is usually applied in the preventive purposes, and here in medical it is better to take mineral without gas. The main thing, remember that liquid has to be warmed up to the temperature of 36-40 degrees;
  • sea water. In drugstores quite big range of the cleared sea water with addition of useful essential oils is provided;
  • hydrochloric solution. On 1 liter of water add 1 teaspoon of salt. It is most preferable that this salt was sea, but will approach as well the iodated. Salt in low concentration clears and humidifies a mucous surface;
  • physical solution. Also in a drugstore it is possible to get usual physical solution in bottles which costs kopeks, and action it is worse nothing than other preparations both bought, and prepared independently;
  • various broths: camomiles, sage, calendula. The main thing, watch that mix for washing was slightly warmed!

Frequency of washing of a nose

It is very important factor in treatment. Washing frequency depends on what aim you pursue: preventive or medical. For prevention 2-3 times a week, the most smaller – once a week there are enough. Over time you will understand as often it is necessary for you and will have desire to wash out a nose as, for example, with acceptance of a shower or bathroom.

If you had antritis, it is necessary to increase number of washings to daily, and in the period of epidemic of respiratory diseases it is best of all to wash out a nose twice a day.

It is also necessary to increase number of washings in day if you got sick. 4 times a day – it is necessary to adhere to this figure. The course of treatment depends on disease severity and varies from 10 days to 6 weeks respectively.

Technique of washing of a nose

It is simply to do it, but some practice nevertheless is necessary. The easiest way which is better for applying only in the preventive purposes is zacherpyvany waters from a palm.

If you got a special watering can for washing of a nose, the principle of its use is simple. Enter a nose into a nostril on some millimeters, be inclined over a sink at an angle of 90 degrees, slightly incline the head. Slightly open a mouth and begin washing with that party towards which the head is inclined. Liquid will join and will pour out from other nostril that is "below". Hold the breath that liquid did not get to a throat or lungs.

If you chose for yourself any other adaptation for washing (a syringe, the syringe, etc.), you have to remember that there should not be a big pressure and pressure. Use accurately, watch that liquid poured out from other nostril. In total about 2 glasses of ready liquid can be necessary.

It is also necessary to be careful and to watch that liquid did not get to a middle ear. It can cause such prenepriyatny disease as otitis.

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