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How to avoid deception at a currency exchange

At the time of crisis, the exchange rate grows before the eyes. Simple inhabitants, and businessmen try to keep the savings, by transfer of our currency to the foreign. But also swindlers do not doze! Persons interested it is illegally to be enriched on a currency exchange becomes more increasing. How to avoid deception at exchange operations today will tell
At the time of crisis as you already noticed, the exchange rate grows before the eyes. And it is not surprising, as simple inhabitants, and businessmen try to keep the savings, naturally, by transfer of our wooden currency to the foreign. But also swindlers do not doze! Persons interested it is illegally to be enriched on a currency exchange becomes more increasing. How to avoid deception at exchange operations today will tell

Points of a currency exchange

Пункты обмена валют It would seem, well where it is possible to carry out more safely currency exchange, as in the certified point with a standard sign. Here is not present – an exchanger to an exchanger discord. And before running at top speed to change money at very favorable rate, it is worth thinking.
Recently, in article about fraud with cash cards, we told about ATMs phantoms. Modern Ostapy Bendery thought up the same and with exchangers. The bright sign and the stand with tempting courses is hung up on the most usual window in a building arch. Such pseudo-exchanger a couple of hours works, but during this time swindlers tens trustful citizens who at an exchange receive false currency fall into a trap. And when clients will bethink – will be late.
    Council from Be not tempted with too favorable rate of an exchange and do not trust such here "pereulochny" exchangers.
But, besides such here global frauds, there are also others. Agree, not each cashier will refuse some additional earnings. Here also "conjure" who as can.
Let's begin with elementary shortchanging. The cashier without effort will determine by a skilled eye the "hurrying" client who will hardly begin to recalculate money. In case the client notices shortage – the girl will apologize, having lovely smiled, and the conflict is settled. And still, some cashiers the trained gesture can put so money in a tray that some notes will jump aside in a far corner and not each client will notice them. What claims can be, after all you took not all money!
    Council from Recalculate money without departing from cash desk. Without comments.
Elementary option – the cashier can issue you the so-called "old" note with which you problems will not be gathered then. And it is good if you are able to consider "marriage" of the note, after all except the torn banknotes, oil spots burned or the decoloured money, can issue you also the note spots on which are visible only when checking on the special device.
    To me a few years ago there was a similar case. Upon purchase of currency in an exchanger of one solid bank I was awarded with such note. In few months when I decided to sell these 100 dollars, refused to me at once several banks. The reason such is – when checking on a banknote the uncharacteristic shining spots were seen. "Probably, you stored money in the conditions of high humidity, and they "protsvet", – one cashier told, – "now you can hand over this note only in the central branch of the bank and on much to the lowered course". I was shocked, after all "spoiled" was only one note from six, and all of them were stored together. I could sell this zloshchasny one hundred only in an exchanger at the station, quality of the note was seen the local cashier simply indifferently. It was lucky …
Пункт обмена валют Heard also that in one exchanger brought the note on which the word "HABAR" shone. Thus the note was real. Only it is unlikely someone will want it to get …
    Council from Attentively examine the note, and do not take money, even the little damaged.
Before making an exchange, specify exchange rate at the cashier. Quite often it happens that clients are enticed a high course at the stand, and sell currency on much smaller. Thus at the stand by small letters it is written, something like "the specified course works for operation with the sums more than 1000 dollars". And if you indeed want to exchange such sum, to you will refuse under the pretext of absence of the necessary quantity of currency.
    Council from Before an exchange specify the exchange rate and the size of commission charges directly at the cashier.
And still, according to the legislation, the cashier of exchange office has the right to withdraw the note forgery and to cause militia for clarification of circumstances. And so unfair cashiers have this right. However, are afraid to contact "large" notes, and here small currency "will easily call" false and will withdraw. Most of people will be frightened and, having left the note to the cashier, will leave. Everything is also calculated on it.
    Council from Upon purchase of currency surely keep the check which is issued in bank. On it a series and number of the bought banknote, date and the sum of purchase is specified. In the presence of such check problems the note are easily solved with sale.
If to speak about exchange offices of offices of banks, here usually problems do not arise. Though, even the wisest of us can make a mistake – even to unintentional "mechanical" shortchanging always there is a place.
    Council from Something guarded you or did not arrange in an exchange? Complain – at stands in exchangers phone for clients is specified.

Street moneychangers conjurers

Уличные менялы Crisis gave an impetus for appearance of street moneychangers. And now, almost like in the ninetieth, in crowded places it is possible to hear a quiet voice "Rubles, dollars, euro". Courses at such moneychangers are higher bank and citizens quite often use their services. And so in case of a currency exchange at moneychangers it is necessary to be three times as much attentive! After all among them there are a lot of swindlers who with ease will deceive you.
First, in so to speak "field conditions", without special equipment it is difficult to verify authenticity of currency. Therefore the forgeries walking among such moneychangers, weight. Be not too lazy to pass to the next branch of the bank and to verify authenticity of money. Secondly, skilled hands of moneychangers even in the conditions of your attention can imperceptibly change notes for forgeries or notes with smaller face value. And still the person working together with the moneychanger can simply snatch out your money, having used a crowd. Especially swindlers moneychangers love routine – stations, the markets, trains. There it is easier to distract the client and it is safer, after all to meet in similar places twice with one person it is almost unreal.
Many already heard how dexterously moneychangers with accomplices play whole "representations". It and the found purse which contents are suggested to be divided, and as a result get also all your savings. And "masked militiamen" who withdraw from you allegedly counterfeit money. Do not enter any conversations, do not give in on similar arrangements. Also know that the militiaman has no right to withdraw from you money under any pretext.
    Council from Such here schemes swindlers in the arsenal have hundreds therefore it is better not to push luck and not to contact similar exchangers. But if you decided to risk, be attentive, recalculate money several times, do not distract on foreign sounds.

Shifts of swindlers foreign

Обман при обмене валют Do not think that currency speculators are only in our country. Gathering for rest or in business trip abroad, it is necessary to be even more vigilant.
As a rule, provident people make a currency exchange in offices of banks. Also it is the safest option. But all the same there are situations when it is impossible to exchange money in bank – a lunch break or at all days off. It is necessary to look for other exchange offices or to resort to services of moneychangers. In either case it is necessary to be very attentive.
I will not claim that all street moneychangers – swindlers. I think, among them there are people who honestly earn to themselves a living. But, there are also what wish to profit on an inattention of tourists. In brisk "tourist" places such moneychangers often trade. To distract you and to change notes they can arrange the whole representation with participation of Roma or beggars. And can appropriate simply dexterous movement of hands some notes.
    This history happened in Italy. When my acquaintances noticed that they finished euro stock, there was a siesta. All banks were closed, and the break lasted about two hours. Having wandered on several offices of banks and having come across the closed doors, acquaintances were upset. But here as from under the earth the young man grew up and in broken English offered services in currency exchange. The exit was not. The exchange was made quickly. Only after a while noticed that "put" on them for 10 euros the easy movement of a hand. Then already the girlfriend remembered how in the course of an exchange she was "moved" from the curb by the girl with a carriage. That's it at this moment changed and appropriated the note. And acquaintances in a hurry did not even count. What for? After all the moneychanger considered notes at them in the eyes.
But also in exchange offices it is necessary to show vigilance. Before an exchange be not too lazy, specify exchange rate at the cashier. And still – many exchange offices exist at the expense of commission charges from transactions. Therefore ask percent of the commission the cashier, after all sometimes it reaches 10-15% and painfully hits the pocket.
    Council from Attention and once again attention! Do not distract on anything around if do not want to lose money. Once again I will repeat – independently recalculate money and it is desirable several times! It is impossible to trust in such affairs to anybody.

Profitable exchange of money on the Internet

Обмен денег в Интернете The Internet – the most fertile environment for "scams". Money, appear, floats to you in hands. On infinite banners offers of the fabulous income "without efforts" dazzle. The experienced user of a network for anything will not believe that money on the Internet can be earned "without efforts" unless most not to organize the project calculated, I'm sorry, on suckers. But now not about it. This point should be read attentively that who is going to trust in magic on-line exchangers.
    Irina not often used the Internet. So, at work, in a lunch break could wander on ladies' forums or the sites. Only once on one of forums she came across the whole subject under the name "real earnings on the Internet". In this article the author told how she easily manages to earn to 3000 dollars a month, spending at most one hour in day. All counter was in the wonderful exchanger found it in which allegedly there was "a program hole". Exchanging WMZ for e-gold, the fee is not charged, and for 1 e-gold give 1,2 WMZ. That it is not necessary to earn much: at least 2 (5, 10) dollars which at a repeated exchange give profit to 40 (60, 80) dollars a day. However, "hole" does not pass more than 20 exchanges in day. As everything is simple! Yes, and birthday of the husband, and money for such desired GPS navigator is not present soon. Without doubting seconds, Irina opened the account in WebMoney and next day filled up it exactly for 10 dollars. For the first exchange the girl earned 2 dollars. Just like that! Inspired with success, she carried out one transaction for another. Only after the third exchange for the account "fell" nothing. Absolutely anything. Here and stories end.
It is the most widespread scenario of deception at a currency exchange. Money from air is not formed. Think, the similar course is favorable to what exchanger – nobody will sell for a song blood. And similar "hole" – a real invention, as scripts solid an obmenok very much and very qualitative. And the girl, having told this story at a forum, did not receive personal benefit. The sense then to share it "a fish place"?
There are still options – to you will offer the whole program which inexplicably, allegedly knowing "favorable exchange offices", itself exchanges money. You even should do nothing! There is such miracle of program thought from 800 to 2000 dollars. Only … will also pay off literally for couple of days. Well, than not "divorce"? And people are conducted as thirst for a freebie at our people will never disappear.
Councils from Обмен денег в Интернете
  1. Do not try to earn on the Internet on a currency exchange. The only place where it is real – the Forex exchange but really there to make good money, it is necessary to study and be the lucky long.
  2. If you need to exchange currency on the Internet, use the checked, solid, proved exchange offices. I personally prefer, to exchange means through an obmenka of WebMoney. It is checked for years, though a course low.
  3. Do not risk means and do not use services of private moneychangers. Similar announcements at forums on earnings weight. And the people offering an exchange at very favorable rate, most often simply swindlers.

So, we draw conclusions. And a conclusion from the aforesaid one: we would be deceived not so often if ourselves it did not allow. Of course to be alert all life extremely difficult, but to include attention on full at operations with cash it is just necessary. Listen to our councils and be vigilant!
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