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Symptoms of premature birth

Not to all future mothers it is allowed to feel pregnancy delights all nine months. At some childbirth comes the put term much earlier. In what the reason of such failure in the nature, than threatens it to mother and the child and what to undertake if premature birth began? Will tell about all this.

Reasons of premature birth

The main reason because of which at the woman premature birth usually begins are an existence of an infection. At the healthy pregnant woman the cavity of a uterus is always sterile. And any inflammation does uterus walls vulnerable, and pregnancy in this case proceeds until walls have opportunity to stretch, after achievement of the limit the organism itself will look for a way to get rid of a fruit. Than will also provoke premature birth. Therefore all gynecologists insistently advise, not to regret time and forces, and to pass full inspection on existence in an infection organism, especially it concerns some diseases which proceed without symptoms. In an ideal it needs to be done even before pregnancy, when planning the child. The doctor has to pay special attention when conducting pregnancy to women who in the anamnesis have acute or chronic inflammations of appendages and a mucous membrane of a uterus, what had any intrauterine interventions, such as abortion or a scraping, and also in cases of a spontaneous abortion.

If analyses show an inflammation, it is natural that it needs to be cured, and then to become pregnant. But if there were some reasons for which analyses before conception did not become, all these tests are made when diagnosing pregnancy. The earlier will find an infection which can cause premature birth in future mother, the better. Today the modern medicine in an arsenal has many means capable to keep pregnancy about the put forty weeks.

There is one more quite common cause not of incubation of a fruit to term is an istmiko-tservikalny insufficiency. At it a muscular layer of a uterus defective it also loses ability to hold a fruit in a uterus. ITsN happens both congenital, and acquired, after abortion, ruptures of a neck of a uterus on the previous childbirth and in general any injuries of a neck of a uterus.

Besides premature birth can arise because of failure in work of a thyroid gland. If these serious violations, the woman is not able independently to become pregnant at all. Also childbirth can begin earlier, if pregnancy polycarpous or the child large. You should not do hard manual work, to be in a long stressful situation, all this can provoke the beginning of childbirth also.

Behavior at the beginning of premature birth

If the pregnant woman had any disturbing symptoms, such as belly-ache, dribble of amniotic waters, it is necessary to call urgently the doctor and in ambulance. Only in hospital can help and appoint the correct tactics of behavior. Before arrives fast, it is possible to take couple of a pill but-shpy and if the pregnant woman drank Ginipral before, to take one more excess medicine of this preparation.

Usually in a hospital do everything possible that as it is possible to keep more long pregnancy because every day, carried out by the child in mother's stomach, gives it chance to be born live and healthy.

But there are such situations that doctors do not prolong pregnancy, and ahead of schedule the woman rodorazreshat. It usually occurs at heavy forms of a gestoz, or late toxicosis or when there are chronic diseases of bodies menacing to life of mother and a fruit. Also if the term of pregnancy is more than 34 weeks, pregnancy do not keep any more, and try as it is possible to carry out childbirth more accurately.

As doctors stop premature birth

First of all at emergence of fights the doctor registers preparations which will lower a uterus tone. They are entered at first intravenously and after fights stop, it will be possible to pass to a form of tablets. This medicine should be taken till 37 weeks. After stopped fights, the doctor looks for the reason of their emergence, that is an infection, appoints the antibiotics and sedative preparations capable to calm future mother. Because any excitement, and furthermore such strong as fear to lose the child, increase a uterus tone.

On term till 28 weeks at emergence of ITsN the doctor imposes special seams on a uterus neck which will not allow to leave to fetal egg a womb. After that term enter a special ring which as if supports a fruit into a vagina, without allowing it to press on a uterus neck. Usually, if fights are already not present, at this stage disclosure does not proceed.

At premature birth the preparation Dexamethasone is obligatory. It does not influence disclosure or prevention of childbirth, it is directed on that at the child lungs revealed and he could breathe independently.

To the woman the bed rest, besides in hospital is appointed. Also it is recommended not to eat a heavy and spicy food.

It is more difficult to keep pregnancy if amniotic waters leak. If doctors manage to suppress patrimonial activity, the pregnant woman has not increased temperature and a condition of a fruit satisfactory, it is possible that pregnancy will try to keep, but thus will surely appoint antibiotics. The matter is that when waters started leaking, it means that integrity and sterility of an amniotic bubble and a way for infections was lost is open. So, to accept antibiotics are a vital need.

After the delivery

The postnatal period at such patients usually differs in nothing from what happens at the timely end of pregnancy. If the woman is also detained in maternity hospital, usually it is connected with in what state the child.

All women pass full inspection in which establish the reason of the beginning of childbirth, make tests, are examined by experts.

At the subsequent pregnancies the woman is hospitalized usually in critical terms of last pregnancy. The most dangerous is the term of the beginning of the former childbirth. Besides, terms on three weeks when there is a fixing of fetal egg are considered unsuccessful, in 12 weeks - when the placenta is formed, and in 22 weeks - when there is a strong increase in volume of a uterus. And also it is worth being afraid of all days which periods correspond.

Today in medicine nursing cases even the semi-kilogram child born on 25 weeks, but it more likely an exception to the rules are known. And recovery of such children the very expensive. It is possible to speak about more or less decent figures of survival among kilogram children. However, and here every second child is doomed. And only since 1,5 kilograms, pediatricians give good chances that the child will live as all bodies at him quite mature for independent work. After reanimation when already threatens nothing to the child's life, the second stage of nursing usually is necessary to him. There is it also in hospital and can last before half a year, everything depends on how the child gains weight and develops.

Quite often these children lag behind in development the full-term children a little, but at the correct leaving and development they by three years usually completely catch up with the contemporaries.

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