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Mattresses of the Russian production. Whether it is worth taking?

Today the good firm mattress is similar to the new car is a product also can be equipped with an impressive set of the options defining various user priorities and opportunities. Therefore the cost of invariable attributes of our bedrooms often reaches very impressive sizes. Thus mattresses of the Russian production are even more often offered the buyer.

Whether our producers of a necessary level of quality reached? On which depends not only our dream, but also our health.

It is a little history

Today it is possible to tell safely – till 2000 good mattresses of the Russian production in the market simply did not exist. The buyer had to be content or very expensive Italian, English and German mattresses (the leading brands - Magniflex, Pirelli, Hukla, Sleepeezee), or doubtful products of the Chinese production. Gradually Russian producers realized prospects of this market and began to build own capacities actively. As a rule, such enterprises bought the equipment in Japan and Germany, beginning work on ready templates. As a result by 2010 in Russia own market of mattresses of a domestic production which managed to offer the buyer a worthy choice of high quality products was created.

What mattresses are popular today

At peak of consumer demand there are semi-soft mattresses with the independent block of springs filled with an effective combination from natural and synthetic materials. Even more often the buyer chooses the spring block equipped with 1000 springs on 1 square meter. Such products are capable to distribute optimum loading, practically without reacting to the movements of the neighbor in a double bed.

The second place is taken by mattresses with the zone distribution of loadings reached due to use of springs of various rigidity. Such mattress blocks are especially recommended to the people having problems with musculoskeletal system.

The third place of honor in a rating of sales is allocated for the mattresses of "a memora of forms" capable "to remember" position of your body, providing the maximum comfort of rest. Such products get out buyers, paying to a dream special attention in the life.

Prospects of the market of production of mattresses in Russia

In the conditions of the accruing competition producers and sellers of the Russian mattresses try to attract the buyer with various marketing mixes. Constantly expanded range allowing to choose a product under concrete practical inquiries and budgets is on the first place. Free shipping of a mattress – one more widespread privilege offered the potential buyer. There are in this segment also unique offers – so, the Matras.Ru online store is ready to make a non-standard mattress in one day without advance payment. Therefore prospects of the mattress market are obvious – forward expansion of a trade ruler with simultaneous building of a set of consumer privileges.

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