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Maintenance of a gurama

Small fish of a gurama – fine option for those who wants to have houses a beautiful aquarium, without wishing to spend thus a lot of time for care of his inhabitants. As if are created by Gurami for such idlers: it is a pleasure to support the unpretentious small fish!

Characteristic of breed – long and thin fins moustaches on a breast. These "feelers" no other than an organ of touch thanks to which fish receives information that surrounds it. Look narrowly, and will see how guram dexterously feels threadlike fins food slices before regaling on them. An adult individual quite big, to 15 cm in length. A various and non-uniform coloring – a subject of special pride of this breed. Gurami by all means becomes bright accent of any aquarium. Breed is remarkable also that belongs to a labyrinth species of small fishes, and its respiratory organs can absorb atmospheric air.

It is necessary to look for such squabblers still! The most part of day of a gurama is carried out, sticking to smaller neighbors, it however looks quite amicably, and you should not worry about safety of other inhabitants of an aquarium. From an energy surplus mobile guram quite often jump out of an aquarium and risk to choke on a floor if the owner does not appear in time in time. To secure small fishes, the house reservoir is covered special or transparent plexiglas.

Besides an aquarian species of small fishes there is also a trade type of a gurama which in length reaches 60 cm However, this delicacy only inhabitants of Sunda Islands are able to afford – exactly there guram catch and cook from it a fish soup.

Rules of the maintenance of a gurama

With the maintenance of small fishes of this breed of problems will not arise even at the beginner. Let's note only that the spacious aquarium (more than 70 l) will arrange a large active small fish, otherwise guram will start missing and will droop from a lack of an empty seat.

Environment indicators for good health of an unpretentious small fish the following:

  • water temperature – 24-26 °C;
  • hardness of water – 8–10 gH;
  • acidity of water – 7–8 pH.

Important value for a gurama (as well as for the majority of aquarian small fishes) has lighting. In the active movement they carry out the most part of day therefore – natural or artificial – it is necessary to take care of high-quality lighting first of all. hurries to remind that in strongly shaded aquarium the water plants which are responsible for gas exchange and neutralization of waste products of inhabitants of a house reservoir will start being ill and perish sooner or later.

At registration of an underwater interior for a gurama it is possible not to be over-modest and to dream up much. These small fishes not from the category of mollycoddles: they quite strong and moderately impregnable for sharp snags and massive sinks with sharp ledges. Gurami, unlike telescopes with prominent and sensitive eyes, about them will not be wounded.

Plants, suitable guram

The poor vegetation of an aquarium suppresses guram and does them excessively timid therefore the flora of a house reservoir always needs to pay special attention.

Quite good option for this case – elodeya. The plant in a short space of time will fill the space which is taken away for it with a magnificent garland of the large leaves. For ability quickly to expand an underwater liana nicknamed water plague, but it does not characterize elodeyu from the bad party at all. On the contrary, its leaves absorb parts of dirt, clearing thus water in an aquarium.

The worthy competition the elody will make the Indian fern. Sufficient lighting – the only condition for its rapid growth. For very short interval of time shchuplenky branches of a fern turn into a smart powerful bush. Besides, the plant actually bewitches the beauty – from openwork foam of lacy leaves difficultly to look away. The violent fern needs to be thinned out from time to time, otherwise for a gurama in an aquarium there will be no place.

Feeding of a gurama

To fishes of this breed not to live without live forage, but it does not prevent them with pleasure to absorb also the dried-up food at all. Considering this feature, the diet of a gurama has to be balanced on the basis of a live and dry feed – a variety by it only on advantage.

Morning of a gurama can be begun with a live crank and water fleas, and to indulge them with the granulated forage in the evening. The ground cottage cheese, the crushed processed cheese, skobleny meat – these delicacies of a gurama very much "respect". At this breed not really big mouth therefore all food has to be carefully chopped on small slices.

Adult guram are liked to be eaten, of course, but quietly do without food of 1-2 weeks: for this time their owner can be sent on leave. Be sure – small fishes will wait for it!

Gurami and their posterity

One-year-old individuals are completely ready to reproduction. At desire to receive whitebaits it is possible already from 9-month-old guram. In 2 weeks before spawning the female and a male are recommended to transplant in different aquariums. To understand that spawning it is already not far off simple. For this purpose it is necessary to look narrowly at a female: if it was considerably rounded in a stomach, so process of formation of berries goes at full speed, and producers (heterosexual couple of a gurama) can be sent safely in nerestovik. In a separate aquarium of 20 l newborn small fishes will not become a forage for adult fishes and will be in perfect security.

Gurami – one of those breeds which needs "to hint" that spawning time came. Do it by means of water temperature, increasing it to 27-28 °C. Future parents are given a live large forage. Optimum option for such a case – a crank.

It is interesting to observe how "father" of a gurama builds a beautiful nest for the successors. As construction material the small fish uses vials of air which sticks together in thin foamy "island" (5–6 cm in the diameter) by means of the saliva and branches of plants. The male is occupied with construction of a nest 2 – 3 days, thus he almost eats nothing and jealously protects the construction.

During spawning coloring of a gurama gets more saturated and elegant color. As an everyday occurrence consider "marriage" race when the male of a gurama starts chasing a female. That she could hide and have a rest from so rough manifestation of tender feelings, in nerestovik from the main aquarium it is necessary to transfer a few plants. Something will approach fast-growing and magnificent like a rogolistnik.

Spawning of a gurama belongs to the category of those things which a picture is worth a thousand words, than hundred times to try to imagine. When all preparations are finished, small fishes swim away under a nest where the male impregnates berries milts. Caviar is easier than water therefore it emerges and remains in a nest from bubbles. Couple of gurama to disperse at this time: she hides in thickets of aquarian plants to have a rest, and he remains near a nest to collect a berry mouth which did not get to a nest, and to put them back.

After a while there is "mother", and starts over again to throw caviar. On average spawning lasts about 3-4 hours during which the female manages to sweep out to 1000 berries.

After the end of spawning the female is returned right there in the general aquarium: quite often during "showdown" the nest with berries is completely destroyed by a gurama couple. But a male, having remained in proud loneliness, behaves as the exemplary father: protects shelter with berries and watches its integrity.

At this time attentively control water temperature – it has to be stable. Even its insignificant decrease will force a male of a gurama to become agitated. Fish stops looking after caviar (or already arisen larvae) and right there everything destroys.

In 1–2 days from caviar there are larvae which will become whitebaits in 2-3 days. When whitebaits become rather active, a male delete from a spawning area that he did not eat small small fishes (the entire period of care of a nest and caviar do not feed him).

Normal growth small by gura requires a large number of infusorians, a kolovratok and nematodes. Not to allow cases of a cannibalism, individuals who strongly are ahead of the colleagues on development, otsazhivat in a separate aquarium.

Compatibility of a gurama with small fishes of other breeds

Skalyariya, mollineziya, botion, barbusa, danio, raduzhnitsa, som, petsiliya, sword-bearers and tetra will become excellent neighbors for a gurama.

And here the gurama neighbourhood from diskusa, the guppy, eels of m shrimps whenever possible it is necessary to avoid.

Guram are absolutely incompatible with cockerels, tsikhlida, goldfishes, carps, Which, astronotusam and piranhas.

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