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Obtaining license for carrying the weapon

In the previous articles about self-defense of considered some samples, available to protection, and found out that for acquisition of stun guns and gas sprays it is enough only existence of majority while for purchase of the traumatic weapon it is necessary also the special license.
Получение лицензии на ношение оружия In the previous articles about self-defense of considered some samples, available to protection, and found out that for acquisition of stun guns and gas sprays it is enough only existence of majority while for purchase of the traumatic weapon it is necessary also the special license. To find out where it still can be useful, let's address to the law on the weapon.
Article 13 of the Federal law on the weapon:
    "The citizens of the Russian Federation who reached 18-year age after obtaining the license for acquisition of a concrete type of weapon in law-enforcement bodies in a residence have the right for acquisition of the weapon of self-defense, the sports and hunting weapon, the alarm weapon and the cold bladed weapon intended for carrying with national suits of the people of the Russian Federation or the Cossack form".
Of course, we will leave meter Cossack checkers to Cossacks, and the sports weapon to athletes as for self-defense we are interested in other weapon more, namely:
- self-defense weapon;
- hunting weapon.
As there are different types of the weapon, respectively on them it is necessary to receive various types of licenses:
- license for acquisition, storage and carrying weapon of self-defense;
- license for acquisition of the smooth-bore hunting, pneumatic or cut weapon.
Process of obtaining these licenses almost identical and differences are covered only in some subtleties.

License for acquisition, storage and carrying weapon of self-defense

Before going into battle and at once to rush behind obtaining the license for a start, perhaps, it is necessary to find out it in what general cases it is impossible to receive:
Лицензия на приобретение, хранение и ношения оружия самообороны - absence of majority;
- absence constant residence;
- the account in a psychoneurological clinic;
- the account in a narcological clinic;
- a criminal record for a deliberate crime;
- existence within a year of a repeated administrative offense;
- existence of chronic diseases with often shown painful symptoms;
- problems with sight.
So, obtaining the license, perhaps, should be begun with search of department of license and allowing work (OLR) which is at in the Department of Internal Affairs, in a residence. In order that in a consequence there were no excess problems, it is better to glance at once in this institution and to specify, whether really here are engaged in that is necessary to us. If the building with necessary offices is found, it is possible to go to one of policlinics in a residence. Here it is required to receive the special medical certificate code-named: No. 046-1. If you at least once passed medical board on obtaining the driver's license or for employment, will hardly see something new here. The majority of procedures can be referred to simple formality and here as the main barrier only visual acuity can serve, perhaps. To pass a test it is necessary to have visual acuity not lower than 0,5 on one eye, and thus not lower than 0,2 on other. I.e. in all the known table for check of the visual acuity beginning with big "Sh B" you have to read at least the 5th line from above one eye and respectively the 2nd line to another.
In order that in the medical certificate 046-1 set the control seal, it is necessary still, to sweep to a psychiatric and narcological clinic where it is necessary to receive references that you have no relation to these places.
Now, when the medical certificate is ready, it is necessary to collect all package of documents which have to enter:
- statement for licensing. Usually this form is given by the inspector and is filled in directly in the Department of Internal Affairs;
- passport photocopy;
- passport;
- photos of 3х4 cm, in number of 2 pieces;
- medical certificate No. 046-1.
When everything is ready and collected, it is possible to go directly to department of license and allowing work and if with documents is everything is all right, to you will give out:
- the direction in training center on delivery of dough on use of the weapon of self-defense;
- the direction to the district police officer;
- the receipt for payment of the state collecting.
So, for what it is necessary, and that with all this to do. Let's begin one after another, namely with training center. The training center will be to a certain address which will be specified in the direction, and, respectively, will work in certain time. Therefore for its visit, perhaps, it is necessary to find part of the working hours. Having arrived here, you are thrown at once into fight and for successful delivery of dough you have to answer 9 of 10 asked questions. Tests can be carried out both in paper option, and on the computer. In order that to be prepared for it, you can make prospecting departure in training center, and understand that from you want. If you are sure of the forces, can simply be prepared according to found in the Internet and at once go to delivery of tests.
Will be useful for positive passing of dough knowledge of articles concerning self-defense and also rules of weapon handling, in particular:
- the federal law "About the weapon" the Russian Federation: article 17, 22, 24;
- criminal code of the Russian Federation: article 37, 38, 39, 222, 223, 224;
- the code of the Russian Federation about administrative violations: 20.8, 20.9, 20.11, 20.12, 20.13;
- rules of safe handling of firearms;
- rules of a turn of the civil and office weapon and cartridges to it.
For example, the question on appropriate section can be raised as follows:
Article 24. Use of weapons citizens of the Russian Federation
    "… Thus the use of weapons in a condition of necessary defense should not do harm to the third parties".
Этапы получения лицензии на оружие
Respectively the question in the test can be the following look:
    Use of weapons:
    a) can do harm to the third parties;
    b) cannot do harm to the third parties;
    c) cannot do harm to the third parties, except for cases of necessary self-defense;
In case from the first a test it will not work well, allowed to pass one more attempt, however, it is necessary to pay for repeated passing once again. If this time not to manage to clear the bar, to the beginning fighter the direction is given for a course of paid lectures then all process repeats. When tests are handed over, the training center issues the reference which will need to be carried in Department of Internal Affairs.
Now again we will return to the given-out papers and we will talk about the direction to the district police officer. As busy local local persons and it is constant in traveling, better at once to know number of its phone, business hours and to specify time when those business hours work. This person will have to come to you home and to record at you existence of a weapon box about which we will talk a little below.
Well and, eventually, we still had receipt on payment of state collecting. Here everything is simple: we go to bank and we pay.
Now the receipt on payment and the references received from local and training center need to be brought in Department of Internal Affairs and if everything is in norm, for you will start making the license for acquisition, storage and carrying the weapon of self-defense. Production terms from the moment of submission of the first documents theoretically should not exceed 30 days, but in practice process can drag on for some months.
The ready license is the universal document for acquisition not only the traumatic weapon, but also gas.
When obtaining the license, most likely, it is necessary to pay in the following cases:
- photo;
- narcological clinic;
- psychiatric clinic;
- medical certificate No. 046-1;
- tests;
- receipt on payment of state collecting.
Of course, financial side will depend on a medical institution, number of attempts of delivery of tests and cost of photos, but in principle on everything about everything more than $50 should not leave.

License for acquisition of the smooth-bore hunting, pneumatic or cut weapon

Process of receiving it like the license practically differs in nothing from the license for the weapon of self-defense and distinction between them it is possible to observe only right at the end. Instead of the license for carrying and storage you only obtain the license for acquisition of 1 unit of the weapon which is valid within half a year. If during this time you buy nothing, the license will need to be handed over back or to prolong for a floor of year.
The license for acquisitions of the weapon represents three backs. Upon purchase of the weapon the shop takes away two of them to itself, and one gives out to the buyer. With it during 2-week term after purchase it is necessary to return to Department of Internal Affairs where instead of a back you will be given out permission to storage of concrete fighting unit. There will be it, of course, not at once, and it is necessary to wait, most likely, about 1-2 weeks.
Охотничий билетHunting ticket. So, the weapon is bought, and permission to storage is got. Here a keyword is "storage". Actually in this case the only place where your weapon can be are limits of a residence. In case the employee of GAI at survey of the car finds in a luggage carrier the smooth-bore weapon with only one permission to storage, at the owner I can appear some problems as where the side between storage and carrying lies, the inspector will solve in this case. To get the combined permission to storage and carrying firearms, when obtaining the license it is necessary to show also the hunting ticket.
How to receive it? Here everything is quite simple. To become the hunter, it is not necessary neither the weapon, nor the license for it. For this purpose it is enough to find hunting club, where to provide a photocopy of the passport and two photos. That it will be for club, essentially for self-defense does not matter and the main priority at a choice is a size of an entrance fee and annual membership dues. In general hunting tickets happen two samples: member and state. In the first case the entrance fee will equal about $30 and plus approximately as much will walk to pay every year for extension. In the second case you pay the sum several times less and receive still free annual extension. In legal sense between these tickets there is no difference and if you are not going to be engaged in hunting, can safely choose the state option.
After delivery of documents the young hunter will be thrown on the same tests which are usually called "охотминимум" at which passing the hunting ticket will be issued.
At presentation of the hunting ticket in Department of Internal Affairs you should not go to training center and everything any more that it is necessary to make, it to deal with the weapon safe and the receipt on payment.
License for acquisition of the cut weapon. A standard lack of the smooth-bore weapon is small maximum aim range of firing which according to the most optimistical forecasts can equal 100 m. To have opportunity to conduct firing at more distant distances, it is necessary to get the cut weapon. In a trunk of this weapon lots settle down, at the movement on which the bullet is untwisted in the longitudinal direction. Existence of a rotary motion stabilizes flight of a bullet therefore it is possible to conduct aim firing from such weapon at distance in 300-500 m.
Of course, at distances of the exceeding 10-15 m already it is hardly possible to speak to self-defense, nevertheless, in the presence of such weapon besides protection of own life it is possible also to be engaged in hunting at the professional level. However, it is possible to obtain the license for purchase of such weapon far not at once and for this purpose two components will be necessary:
- the experience knowledge of the smooth-bore weapon has to make not less than 5 years;
- existence of the hunting ticket, and also with the 5th summer experience of possession in order that the available weapon was considered hunting, but not for self-defense is necessary;
In all the rest process of obtaining the license differs in nothing from the smooth-bore weapon.

Purchase of the weapon

Покупка травматического оружияPurchase of the traumatic weapon. In this case all process is quite simply. With the obtained license you go to shop where and sell you the sample of the traumatic gun which was pleasant to you. Now within 2 weeks you have to visit with the bought weapon already become almost native OLR of your Department of Internal Affairs where the inspector will verify number of the weapon and will set in the license the seal.
Besides purchase of the weapon in shop, it can also be got and from hands. Here the joint campaign with the seller in Department of Internal Affairs in its residence where it will be necessary to fill paper about renewal will be the most optimum option for the buyer. Actually OLR in this case acts as shop. Further everything occurs according to the standard scheme and within 2 weeks you besides have to issue the weapon on the license.
Покупка гладкоствольного оружияPurchase of the smooth-bore weapon. Process of purchase of the smooth-bore weapon differs only in that you have only one license for acquisition which after purchase changes on permission to carrying a concrete sample. To get some samples of the smooth-bore weapon, it is necessary to obtain respectively some licenses for purchase for what in your OLR it is necessary to take more photos. Though it is possible to obtain without problems one more license within half a year as in this time the medical certificate No. 046-1 will be considered still as the valid.
Do not forget also that at registration besides the license with itself it is necessary to take the passport and actually itself the bought weapon.
The maximum number of the acquired weapon. The license for the weapon of self-defense allows to get no more than 5 units of traumatic arms, thus all of them are brought on a reverse side of one license.
The same concerns also the smooth-bore weapon, only this time there will be 5 various permissions to carrying the smooth-bore weapon.
Even on exhaustion of these limits in 5 years of knowledge of the smooth-bore weapon you acquire the right for purchase of 5 more units of the weapon with a rifle barrel.

Period of validity of the license

Licenses for acquisitions of the smooth-bore weapon: 6 months
License for the self-defense weapon: 5 years
License for permission of carrying the smooth-bore weapon: 5 years
After the termination of period of validity of the license for acquisitions of the smooth-bore weapon it needs to be prolonged for a floor of year or to hand over in OLR of your Department of Internal Affairs. At the termination of period of validity of the license for the weapon of self-defense or permission to storage of the smooth-bore weapon all registered samples are subject to a repeated re-registration.

Purchase of a weapon case

Оружейный шкаф So, as already told, at an intermediate stage of obtaining the license existence of a weapon case, as according to the legislation will be necessary:
    Citizens of the Russian Federation have to store the weapon belonging to them and cartridges in a residence (in a stay place) in the locked safes or metal cases, boxes from high-strength materials or in the wooden boxes upholstered with iron with observance of conditions, ensuring safety of the weapon and cartridges, safety of their storage and excluding access for strangers to them.
Today there is a lot of places of acquisition of a weapon case and it is possible to begin searches with large weapon shops. In addition now there are many organizations which are engaged in installation of safes, and in this case everything that is necessary, it to make the order then the chosen model can not only be delivered to the house, but also to establish.
In the simplest case it will be possible to buy the weapon box collected from thin steel which door to be locked. A lack of such design will be, of course, that it will be simple protection against curious eyes, and to open or even to take away with itself this "weapon packing" moreover and with all weapon will be as easy as shelling pears. To reduce probability of such drama events, it is possible to get the weapon safe which will possess higher weight and resistance to penetration. Of course, minus of such products is their quite considerable cost therefore here it is necessary to look for a compromise between safe cost, the weapon cost, a location, presence of "ill-wishers", etc.
The basic, on what it is necessary to pay attention at a choice is, of course, box dimensions which have to correspond to the sizes and quantity of future arms. Therefore if you still definitely did not decide on purchase, purchase of a box with a stock on height and width will be the best option. Not to draw attention of excess eyes and not to break a room interior, it is possible to get models of safes which are established in a wall. However, this option is suitable only for owners own the house as search in the apartment of a wall more than 30 cm thick can appear unsoluble occupation more likely.
One more nuance upon purchase of a weapon box is own opinion of the district police officer which can even quite disperse from precepts of law. So sometimes in a box demand existence of the compartment locked for cartridges, or the installation site should not be in a communicating room. Of course, to prove the case or to follow some quite reasonable demands is a personal record of everyone, but nevertheless recommends to take an interest about the demands made to storage in advance.
Оружейный сейф Also do not forget that the box has to be attached to a floor or a wall by means of anchor bolts or screws. Of course, the decision from the point of view of counteraction of theft of the weapon quite disputable, nevertheless, first, it will help to avoid problems with the district police officer, and secondly, it will not allow the big heavy safe to fall when opening on the owner's foot.
Cost of safes at the moment the following:
- the simplest models of pistol boxes of 20х30х25 cm in size with type locks a la "mailbox" cost about $30-40;
- more protected colleagues already with crossbar locks will cost $60-100;
- the cost of the pistol safes made of steel 3 mm thick begins from $100;
- the weapon box of 120х25х25 cm in size with a capacity at 2 trunks will manage ~ $150:
- the prices of weapon safes for the smooth-bore or cut weapon usually begin from $250.

As obtaining the license is quite burdensome procedure demanding time and financial means there are "hunters" who prefer to buy the double-barreled gun on the village from the grandfather. In case of detection of such weapon of the owner by law enforcement agencies the criminal liability provided by Art. 222 can wait. Besides, if such illegally acquired weapon has the "dark" past, problems in this case will be even more. Therefore irrespective of, whether you want to join the ranks of hunters or to protect the life, store and buy the weapon only legally.
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