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As it is correct to choose the LCD TV

At the LCD TV choice before you by all means there will be a number of questions. To what characteristics it is necessary to pay attention upon purchase of the TV? Having read this article on, you learn a lot of interesting, and will not look "lamer" in the opinion of the unfair manager-consultant.
At the LCD TV choice before you by all means there will be a number of questions. To what characteristics it is necessary to pay attention upon purchase of the TV? To what values of these parameters satisfy modern ZhK of the panel? What producer should give preference? Having read this article on, you learn a lot of interesting, and will not look "lamer" in the opinion of the unfair manager-consultant who can offer you and not the most successful option of the LCD TV corresponding to criterion the price – qualities.

LCD TV diagonal size

Главное определиться с размером диагонали ЖК-телевизора Let's begin with the most important is a determination of the size of a diagonal of the LCD TV. If you pursue the aim – ensuring the maximum comfort at watching television – that distance from a sofa to the TV has to be 4-5 times more, than a TV diagonal. Therefore, if you bought the LCD TV with a diagonal 32 inches (1 inch = 2,54 cm) – the distance to a place of viewing has to be ranging from 3,25 m to 4 m.
    Council from If you buy the LCD TV with a diagonal 32", ask to include some models of TVs and depart from them on distance about 3,5÷4 of m. Estimate independently quality of the transferred picture. Choose the LCD model on which the picture will be "mile" for your eyes, and specify the following technical parameters.

Size of a matrix or permission of the LCD TV

If you want to look through only telecasts, remember that the transmitted signal in the PAL or SECAM format which is widely used in our country corresponds to permission 720х576 (720 lines on width and 576 on height). Also it is used that this size has 720 pixels on width and 576 pixels on height. Pixel – the small small square (point) having the rated size comprising information on brightness of three flowers (RGB – red (Red), green (Green) and blue (Blue). The image on the ZhK screen is formed of these points.
Если Вы собираетесь смотреть на ЖК телевизоре DVD фильмы, то разрешение должно быть как можно больше, например 1366x768 Therefore if you want to get the LCD TV with a small diagonal, look that permission was more than this size. For outdated LCD TVs with a small diagonal permission 640х480. Question. And where 80х96 more lines on width and height? For example, the seller, can tell you the following. The standard of the transferred television picture has to correspond to a ratio 4:3. LCD with the resolution of 640х480 also corresponds to a ratio 4:3 therefore do not worry for quality of the image – read the question raised above, once again. Follows from the aforesaid that for watching television of LCD has to have permission at least 800х600.
If you are going to watch movies on DVD LCD TV, permission has to be as much as possible, for example, 1366x768. Permission 1920х1080 can be necessary if the transmitted television signal is not analog, but digital. The digital television is available not only in Japan and the USA, but also in Russia (for example, satellite television from HTB+).

Response time (English response time)

In order that on the screen there was a color image which intensively changes when viewing any TV programs, of movies, etc. liquid crystals on which the production technology of LCD TVs is based, have to move from initial situation to the extreme. For example, in horizontal situation only white color when they turn over in vertical situation is visible, only black color will be visible. Time for which there is a movement of liquid crystals from horizontal situation in vertical and is called as time of a response of liquid crystals. Therefore, the quicker response time, the will be more qualitative an image color rendition. Otherwise if time of a response is of great importance, when viewing dynamic scenes behind high-speed objects there will be "loop" or one image will be imposed on another. For modern LCD time of a response has to be no more than 8 ms (milliseconds, that is 1ms=1kh10-3 c).
    Council from Do not think of purchase of the LCD TV with response time more than 8 ms.

Contrast and brightness

 Если контрастность телевизора будет маленькая, то на экране Вы не увидите богатую цветовую палитру изображений и насыщенную гамму тонов и полутонов цвета Contrast of the LCD TV – one of the most important parameters. If contrast of the TV is small, on the screen you will not see a rich color palette of images and saturated scale of tones and half tones of color. However recently this parameter lost special relevance as its qualitative characteristics already reached very high values. At ZhK (LCD) of TVs contrast 600:1 is specified. It means that the most dark sites the image differ from the lightest by 600 times. It is natural that the more this ratio, the will be better an image color rendition. Modern LCD TVs have to have a value of this parameter, at least 800:1 (look at council in the previous point, and paraphrase it independently). However, some producers can specify contrast 12000:1. Look attentively somewhere a row, by very small font it will be written that it is dynamic contrast which is reached due to use of special adaptive algorithms, that is due to additional adjustment of the image. Therefore you should not pay attention to this size.
Other not less than a ZhK (LCD) important parameter of the TV is image brightness. If brightness of the acquired model of the TV is low, you should strain very strongly sight, what it is good to consider the transferred picture of the image, and during daylight hours viewing of telecasts can turn into torture. Therefore brightness of modern LCD TVs has to be not less than 450 cd/m2, this value is considered normal for watching television. If the acquired model has a value of brightness more, than 450 cd/m2 (for example, 600 cd/m2), believe, it will not be a lack of LCD.
Separate models of LCD TVs have the built-in detector of determination of level of illumination in the working room. Depending on the measured value, brightness of the TV changes automatically for the purpose of achievement of the maximum comfort when viewing telecasts and video files. Specify at the manager-consultant of firm in which want to get the TV, whether the LCD TV has function of automatic control of brightness. If yes, that it is only "+" the model chosen by you.

Viewing angles

Вертикальный и горизонтальный углы обзора, параметры, значение которых нельзя недооценивать при выборе LCD телевизора Vertical and horizontal viewing angles, parameters which value cannot be underestimated at a LCD TV choice. If to look at the screen sideways from its center, it is possible to observe sharp decrease in contrast and change of flowers. With increase in distance from the center of the LCD TV of distortion will only increase. Minimum admissible value of viewing angles in the vertical and horizontal plane makes 160 degrees. It means, when viewing the TV at an angle contrast will be 10 times less than 80 degrees, than if you watch TV on the center.
Modern LCD TVs have to have viewing angles about 176-178 degrees. Therefore pay attention to this parameter not to buy the ZhK outdated model at which viewing angles I can have smaller value.


При выборе ЖК телевизора ссобенно уделите внимание имеющейся стереофонической системе At the LCD TV choice ssobenno pay attention to the available stereophonic system. The majority of modern models have the digital amplifier who is used for ensuring the maximum purity of sounding. The LCD TV has to have at least 2 band speaker system consisting of 4 loudspeakers and twitters. The size of speakers for comfortable perception of a sound has to be not less 6sm, and the size of twitters not less than 2 cm.
Quality of a sound can be estimated the power (P) of loudspeakers of the speaker system recently. Power units of measure – Watt. However, from the technical point of view – this parameter slightly influences quality of a sound. Therefore most of producers, using illiteracy of buyers, can specify ultraboundary power, for example 100 W or above, and managers-consultants can lawfully say that the more the number of Watts, the is better a sound. Actually it not so. I will explain this statement. Key parameter of a sound transmission is its intensity (I) which is measured in decibels (in abbreviated form by dB or dB), that is the more intensity, the sound is louder. Intensity of a sound or its pressure is determined by a formula I=10*log (P). Yes, power influences intensity, but in logarithmic scale. For example, if the power of system of 20 W and 100 W, we receive that intensity is equal in the first case 13 dB, and in the second 20 dB, thus the difference makes only 7 dB. From a physics course for the 10th class it is known that increase of sound pressure upon 10 dB corresponds only to doubling of force of sounding. Therefore, the difference between 20 and 100 W will be noticeable, but is not considerable. Not literacy marketing services of producers of speaker systems also use this.
Также учитывайте наличие в ЖК (LCD) телевизоре акустических систем, создающих эффект присутствия, стандарта Surround, например Dolby Surround или SRS TrueSurround Now we will define, how many the Watt is actually enough for normal quality of sounding of the speaker system in a network of 220 V (Volt) of an alternating voltage. Via the power unit about 9 V of constant tension arrive. For reproduction of a wavy (sinusoidal) sound signal on a maximum and a minimum of a sound wave we have on 4,5 B, that is this instant maximum value. For the receiving operating its value it is necessary to divide into 2 still. We receive about 3,2B. With a resistance of 4 Ohms will pass current of 3,2/4=0,8 through columns And (Ampere) that corresponds to the power of 0,8*3,2=2,56 W. As the majority of output cascades works with loss of power, in reality we will receive on each canal goes approximately on 2,4 W. Therefore upon purchase of ZhK if the producer will honestly specify in the specification on 10 W on the canal, you receive very high quality of sounding.
Also consider existence in ZhK (LCD) the TV of the speaker systems creating effect of presence, the Surround standard, for example Dolby Surround or SRS TrueSurround. And if you want to surprise the manager-consultant or to send him to a knockout (asked personally 10 consultants of shops of El Dorado, Tekhnosil, Chance, Energy), take an interest at them (though they hardly know) about such parameter as the efficiency of columns (EC). This parameter is actually very important when using columns. It shows, what sound pressure is created on distance of 1 m from the column loudspeaker at the power of equal 1 W. Here and fairly statement, the more the better.

LCD TV inputs and outputs

The majority of LCD TVs have a standard set of analog exits / entrances, such as S-Video, composite, component and SCART. However for sharing of modern devices, for example DVD players or digital cameras with the LCD TV it is necessary that the last had digital exits / entrances. It is necessary in order that at data exchange between these the device was not losses of information, and transfer would happen to the greatest speed and the maximum speed. The poet it is desirable that ZhK had sockets DVI (Digital Visual Interface) and HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface). Unlike DVI, the HDMI interface is allowed to receive in a digital form not only video, but also an audiosignal. Thus, the modern LCD TV has to have digital exits / entrances of a format DVI and HDMI.
At first we will give to attention to a question, to what ports of an input and output of ZhK it is possible to connect various devices. The majority of outdated videorecorders and video cameras transfer video signal in an analog form. Therefore for their connection with LCD it is necessary to use analog entrances of the TV. Cables of two types are for this purpose used: composite cable (Composite, VHS) and component S-Video (S-VHS) cable. For connection of a composite cable the RCA socket (tulip), and for the S-VHS cable – the S-Video socket is used. It is better to use connection on the S-Video cable as in this case you will achieve the best quality of the transferred analog video signal, and, as a result, very high quality of the video image on the LCD screen.
Для совместного использования современных устройств, например DVD-плееров или цифровых камер с ЖК телевизором необходимо, чтобы последний имел цифровые выходы/входы
The AV cable is intended for connection of a video camera, a DVD player or the camera with LCD and is used for viewing of images via the TV screen. In a different way connections of video cameras and videorecorders with LCD SCART European standard is. The Philips concern insisted that everything LCD had nests of this standard.
However all above ways of connection of digital devices with the LCD TV have one shortcoming – transfer video signal in an analog form. To receive the maximum quality of transfer of video signal, that is to provide viewing with the maximum permission on which the TV is calculated, it is better to use digital ports such as USB or HDMI. And if you actively use a digital video camera or the digital camera, for frequent connection them to LCD it is desirable that digital ports USB and HDMI were on its forward panel.
Для достижения максимальной функциональной производительности LCD должны быть оборудованы 2 слотами для подключения различных типов карт памяти и USB-портом
For achievement of the maximum functional productivity of LCD have to be equipped with 2 slots for connection of various types of memory cards and USB port. Existence of these ports will be just necessary if you have, for example, the digital camera or a MP3 player, that is you will be able to look through photos on the ZhK screen and to listen to music. Modern ZhK have to support reading the most widespread types of memory cards at least: SD (Secure Digital), MMC (Multimedia Card), MS (Memory stick), MS pro (Memory stick pro), SM (Smart Media), XD (Extreme Digital), CF (Compact Flash).
    Council from Surely upon purchase of the LCD TV be convinced that at it it is some digital conclusions. It is necessary for that case if you want to connect at the same time to the panel some sources of a signal, for example a satellite receiver, a DVD player or a video game console for games. Otherwise you constantly should switch between these manually that is very tiresome.

Final recommendations

При выборе LCD телевизора также полезно (но не столь существенно) обращать внимание на его дизайн и цвет, ведь он будет украшением помещения, в котором будет исходить лучезарный свет от его голубого экрана Before to stop the choice on concrete model of the LCD TV, independently define for value of all technical characteristics.
So, for example, if the LCD TV is supplied with the second TV tuner, you will be able to write down in memory twice more channels that is very useful if you have a cable television or the satellite antenna. Besides, this option will provide you existence of such function as "The picture in the picture" which happens very opportunely if necessary to look through one TV channel and at the same time to watch that goes on another.
When you define for yourself importance of all components of the LCD TV, can safely go to shop. At a choice of the LCD TV it is also useful (but it is not so essential) to pay attention to its design and color, after all it will be decoration of the room in which radiant light from its blue screen will proceed.
Upon purchase of the LCD TV more significant moment is the manufacturing firm. The most popular firms, for example SONY, Panasonic which only for the trademark increase the cost of TVs by 30%. Therefore if you not the fan of these firms, recommends to pay attention to South Korean models of LCD TVs of Samsung and LG firms, and also Phillips.
But the most important that you were not tormented then by doubts – choose that LCD TV which was pleasant to you.
We wish you successful acquisition!
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