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Lavender, landing and leaving

Unless can someone from flower growers and to leave fans of the nature indifferent gray-silvery bushes of a lavender during their blossoming, followed by delightful aroma? Really the lavender perfectly feels only in south countries? If you have a desire to have fragrant bushes on the site which is in a midland, is ready to share features of their cultivation.

Interesting about a lavender

It is the evergreen bush which in a large number is found in the Mediterranean, Greece, Spain, Algeria, India, Pakistan on the Canary Islands. In translation from Latin "lava" means "to wash". And all the matter is that Romans often added parts of a plant or aromatic oil at acceptance of bathtubs, for giving to a body of feeling of freshness and a thin fragrance. It is considered what exactly Romans transferred love to a lavender to Europeans. Long time it occupied big territories of monastic gardens. When its medicinal properties were studied, a lavender began to grow up in the industrial way in France to use in perfumery, at creation of various cosmetics. Now many use lavender oil for knocking over of attacks of headache, removal of consequences of a stress, relaxation, calm, a pacification. Admirers of gentle aroma display on shelves of the case sacks with the dried-up florets of this plant. And here in France, Italy and Spain the lavender is used as original seasoning to culinary masterpieces. For these purposes in the beginning of blossoming its young branches with leaflets are cut off, then they dry then are milled in the coffee grinder.

Description of a lavender

The elevated part of a plant reaches height on average of 50-70 cm. Numerous branches form very compact krone similar to the sphere. Leaflets narrow, are entirely covered with hairs therefore there is an impression that they silvery, gray. Annually on the ends of escapes tetrahedral tsvetonosa with the kolosovidny inflorescences consisting of small fragrant florets grow. Their coloring most often blue, blue or in violet shades. But the grades giving pink white and even purple flowers are now removed.

The most known types and grades:

  1. The lavender medicinal – a holodostoyka, quietly transfers frosts to 25 °C. If to outline on a bush it is more than snow, will sustain also -30 °C. Its essential oil is considered the most curative. The dried-up lepestochka of this lavender, a jasmine and a rose add to tea. Flower growers appreciate a delfiniyevidny version, it more than 30 cm does not grow.
  2. Lavender English (narrow-leaved) – its escapes grow on height of 60 cm. Leaflets greenish-gray, having a silvery shade due to omission. Flowers lilac or blue-violet. Time of its blossoming – July or August. With shelter can sustain fall of temperature to minus 35 °C. Grades with intensive coloring – "Munstead", "Hidcote Blue", "Alba" (already from the name it is clear that its inflorescences purely white)," Rosea" (with pink cones).
  3. The lavender Dutch (hybrid) – it too is popular with gardeners because can transfer frosts to 29 °C. Inflorescences at it big therefore escapes hang on the ends. At a grade of "Grosso" large flowers of lilac-violet scale, and at a grade of "Arabian Night" they dark-blue or violet.
  4. The lavender broad-leaved – has very beautiful flowers (violet, lilac, white, claret, pink, greenish). Needs warm conditions of keeping, blossoms early (April-May). Can become covered in the flowers in the fall again. Surprising forms - "Papillon", "Willow Vale", "Tiara".
  5. The lavender gear – too is thermophilic, differs in the cut-up leaves. At large flowers strong aroma. Flower growers prefer to grow up this look as a houseplant.

Crops of seeds

Skilled experts advise to carry out long stratification of seeds for forty days. And one more nuance: before seeding seeds to the prepared earth, wet them for the night in a glass with warm water, then the essential oils interfering germination will be dissolved. In this water it is possible to drip (according to the instruction) any biostimulator. Carry out crops to the last week of February or to the middle of March. Then keep capacities with the earth in the refrigerator (or the cold room). After germination seedlings can be contained in heat and on light.

Other time of crops of seeds – directly in soil at the end of October. Then in the middle of May there can be shoots.

Recommendations about leaving

Choose a constant place for a lavender such that it was solar and well warmed up. The soil more preferable gravel, or sandy-argillaceous, on nutritiousness the moderate. If the soil sour, by all means bring a dolomitic flour or lime. And here on heavy clay soil where also water stands, it will not be pleasant to a lavender. Place the grown-up saplings in a garden in June, being guided on weather. Between them leave distance of 30-40 cm. Further leaving will be simple – watering if the earth strongly dries up, and spring cutting. Only do not forget that these plants cannot carry out strong cutting, they can be lost. If at the beginning of blossoming the earth long remains dry, inflorescences is formed a little. In the next years regularly carry out lavender lives top dressing, using organic chemistry and mineral complexes. Then on one place your lavandovy bushes will perfectly develop and blossom on an extent of 10-15 years.

That young bushes of a lavender well wintered, carry out such works in the fall:

  1. To the bases of plants to a podsypta substratum of a compost pit.
  2. From above cover bushes fir twigs.
  3. Closer to cold weather it is possible to throw also ukryvny material, it is only not necessary to carry out a full ukutyvaniye of landings, there air that there was no podoprevaniye surely has to arrive.
  4. The best shelter – thick "a snow blanket".

In the spring if notice the turned black, decayed leaflets on bushes, remove them, and then process these places by means of a brush potassium permanganate solution. After a while you will see that the lavender got stronger, on it new escapes roughly went to growth. If you wish to multiply a lavender, it possibly to make by means of shanks, a layer, young growths or division of an adult bush. And more than every six years it is useful to carry out rejuvenescence of bushes.

By means of a lavender in a garden it is possible to make a beautiful bordyurchik, to plant trees and shrubs in stony places. And it is possible to create at himself small uchastochek with spicy herbs. Perfectly the lavender with roses, a sage, santolinam looks. If you wish to stock up with flowers of a lavender, collect them when they are intensively painted and completely revealed. To receive excellent raw materials, dry it in the place which is well aired, protected from sunshine.

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