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Karipazim's application

In recent years doctors began to use the fermental preparation having a phytogenesis under the name Karipazim at treatment of the patients having mezhpozvonkovy hernia and other serious illness of a backbone. Practice shows, what even in hard cases after such courses of treatment the condition of patients improves, many patient the preparation helps to avoid operation.

Initially this means was used for treatment of burn surfaces. For the first time to treat Karipazimom mezhpozvonkovy hernia, osteochondrosis and other pathologies were offered in 1999 by doctor V. L. Naiding, professor managing office of neurorehabilitation of research institute of neurosurgery of Burdenko. He developed a technique of application of this preparation. Karipazim has the certificate of quality, all necessary accompanying documentation, is allowed for use for patients in out-patient conditions and hospitals.

Problems with a backbone

In 90% of cases a back pain arises because of osteochondrosis. Thus degenerate changes of intervertebral disks gradually develop. In increasing frequency at MRT mezhpozvonkovy hernia comes to light. Physicians report that about a quarter of the population has this pathology. Over the years disks of a backbone grow old. Each of them consists of a gelatinous kernel and an external rigid protective cover (a fibrous ring). Gradually disks lose elasticity, elasticity, become impregnated with calcium salts. And here in one of the moments when there is a strong load of a spine column, the external cover as if "vybukhat" to the narrow spinal canal. Such phenomenon is called as a protrusion. If the cover bursts, through the formed crack internal contents start arriving outside. In such here way hernia is also formed. Some time of people can not notice that to it happens. But if camber is directed towards the nervous terminations or the most spinal cord, there is a pain which can gradually accrue. When hernia squeezes blood vessels and a nervous back, there is a sharp shrill pain. Most often the lumbar department suffers, is more rare – cervical and chest. Developing of hernia is promoted:

  • wrong bearing;
  • long continuous sitting behind the computer at office or houses;
  • lack of the correct, feasible physical activities;
  • age changes;
  • injuries, strong loads of departments of a backbone, infectious processes, osteochondrosis;
  • genetic predisposition.

General information about a preparation

Karipazim is made of an extract of lacteal juice of such plant, as a papaya. Natives in Mexico and Costa Rica call it "a tree of good health". In juice of a papaya there is an enzyme regenerating connecting fabric therefore it is recommended to use at different diseases of a backbone between vertebral disks.

Biologically active connections which are a part of medicine make salutary impact on cartilage tissue. When by an electrophoresis the preparation arrives to fabrics, hernia is gradually softened, the jammed nervous terminations are released, pain ceases. Positive influence appears and on nearby vertebral disks, they become less fragile. The preparation is able to split a large number of proteins, after all in its structure there are a lot of splitting enzymes: himopapain, papainase, proteinase, lizotsin. This means dilutes the viscous secrets, exudate which became lifeless fabrics, blood clots.

Still the means containing a papaya are used at treatment of arthritises, arthroses, burns, keloidny hems, cosmetic defects of skin, a spinal and cerebral arakhnoidit, syndrome of the carpal channel (so-called tunnel syndrome), radiculitises, some forms of neuritis, a shoulder - scapular periartrit, contractures of fingers. To them inflammations, solderings treat, warn cellulitis.

Karipazim represents lyophilisate, white poroshochek, being in a bottle. Then from it solution prepares. 100 mg of a preparation are 350 PE (activity units are so designated). It is necessary to store Karipazim at a temperature no more than +4 °C, the place has to be protected from light.

How Karipazim is applied?

When mezhpozvonkovy hernia leads to a jamming of various nervous terminations, carrying out an electrophoresis with Karipazim in combination with gel is recommended. Scopes of this means:

  • traumatology;
  • neurosurgery;
  • neurology;
  • orthopedics.

Treatment of mezhpozvonkovy hernia long, consists of several courses. One course includes from 20 to 30 procedures of an electrophoresis. Between them it is sometimes allowed to do a break in one or two days. Interval between such big courses, as a rule, one or two months. At first in a procedural office solution from lyophilisate prepares. Take contents of the whole bottle or its half and part at 5-10 physical solution milliliters. Then add two-three droplets of Dimeksid. The prepared solution is applied on filter paper, it is located on laying of an electrode. It is possible to have electrodes as it is longitudinal, and cross. Duration of procedure makes from ten to twenty minutes.

Karipazim is successfully used when processing burns of the third degree. For this purpose solution is made of lyophilisate and novocaine (or physical solution). After that moisten with this solution sterile napkins which impose further on burn surfaces. From above it is required to apply a water-proof bandage. At once it is possible to process about 30% of a surface of a body of the victim. Such bandages change once in 24-48 hours. Thus the died-off fabrics accurately are removed. Treatment proceeds from 4 to 12 days. During this time wounds are cleared, there is their accelerated healing.

About by-effects and cautions

There are cases when after procedure allergic reactions are found in the patient, then treatment needs to be stopped. Sometimes after procedure some patients have an itch, or temperature rises. It is necessary to report about it to the doctor, he can recommend antihistamines. Sometimes it is necessary to refuse Dimeksid's addition at preparation of solution for an electrophoresis, or the medic who is carrying out an electrophoresis reduces current. Places where electrodes were applied to a body, in some hours it is possible to process soap solution and after an obsushivaniye a towel to grease with the cream or gel containing papainase. You should not worry if in days between the fifth or eighth procedure you feel that the disease became aggravated.

Neither in a vein, nor this means is not entered into a muscle. It is not used at pregnancy, during breastfeeding, at hypersensitivity to components of structure, an allergy to papainase. At a sekvestration of hernia only surgical intervention is shown.

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