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Treatment of pre-natal infections

As soon as the woman becomes pregnant, for nine months she should make many tests. Frequent campaigns in laboratory are necessary for health of the woman and her future child. After all the most terrible enemies for a fruit are pre-natal infections. recommends not to fall into despair and to examine in more detail types of pre-natal infections.


What means the diagnosis "Pre-natal infection"? Gynecologists answer this question so: in a female organism there are activators which can provoke inflammatory process. As a result – under the threat a fruit during its development in mother's womb.

There are two centers:

  1. From the woman – to a fruit through a uniform blood-groove.
  2. At the time of delivery, when the kid passes through patrimonial ways and can take the infected amniotic waters.

Depending on the activator and its type there is a penetration into an organism of the child of an infection. For example, the woman got an infection which is transmitted through genitals. It means that viruses can promote further and there is a risk of infection of a fruit.

So far as concerns a transmission of infection through a uniform blood-groove, it can be promoted by strong toxicoses at pregnancy when perenashivat pregnancy and if the woman has a chronic insufficiency of a placenta.


Are the reasons of developing of an infection:

  • virus (herpes, flu, rubella, cytomegalovirus);
  • bacterium (streptococcus, treponem pale, hlamidiya, colibacillus);
  • fungus;
  • toksoplazma.

Especially the risk of influence on a female organism increases when the woman has chronic diseases, and also often is nervous, works hard and has not a rest, smokes, drinks alcoholic drinks. Besides the group of risk includes the women having inflammatory processes of urinogenital system which were not treated.

Special danger is constituted by an infection for the pregnant woman if her organism faced it for the first time.

Groups of infections

Above-mentioned group of infections doctors call "TORCH". The infections entering it have almost similar symptoms.

The word TORCH has such interpretation: the first letter means an infection toxoplasmosis. The following letter – unites in itself such infectious diseases as measles, clamidiosis, parotitis. The third letter – a rubella, the fourth – a cytomegalovirus, the last letter – herpes.

Infections which constitute the greatest danger to development of a fruit:

  • cytomegalovirus. Enters into group of viruses of herpes. Infection of the child occurs vnutriutrobno, is more rare – when he passes on patrimonial ways (at childbirth). The illness is imperceptible for the woman, and at the kid born on light well is shown. Often the defeat reason – insufficient protective function of immune system of the woman. Treatment of this infection perhaps special preparations when the kid is threatened by danger of death.
  • herpes infection. The child catches at the time of delivery when passes through patrimonial ways of the woman. Often, to avoid infection, obstetricians-gynecologists appoint to the woman operation Cesarean section. To the newborn carry out special therapy to minimize negative consequences of an infection;
  • clamidiosis. It is transferred sexually. The woman during pregnancy needs to avoid casual sexual contacts. Reveal the activator "dab" which undertakes from a vagina. If the activator is found, the pregnant woman will appoint a course of antibiotics. Also it is recommended to receive medical treatment also to the woman's partner. The fruit can catch as vnutriutrobno, and passing on patrimonial ways. At the kid do not reveal heavy deviations, note only loss of appetite and the speeded-up chair which can appear for the third day after the birth;
  • toksoplazma. Very dangerous infection. Her messengers - birds, rats and cats. It is possible to catch and through products (for example, having eaten meat of sick chicken) therefore meat needs to be subjected to careful thermal treatment. Besides the sick insect can bite the woman. Doctors consider that girls from early age need to contact to cats more. Thus, at the first infection (an allergy benign or banal a SARS) the organism itself will develop immunity and further, especially at pregnancy of problems should not arise. If the kid was infected, at the correct treatment it is possible to avoid complications;
  • rubella. It is considered a children's illness. If the pregnant woman had a rubella, the reason for concern will not be. If is not present – in 60 days prior to conception it is necessary to do vaccination. If to ignore recommendations of doctors, consequences can be serious: development in a fruit of heavy pathologies and even abortion. If the kid was infected at the time of delivery, he can get sick with a rubella in one-two years.

In what danger

If the female organism was familiar with the activator earlier, at the woman protection has to be developed. At the subsequent meeting immunity will not allow a virus to develop.

When the virus for the first time gets into the woman's organism, it is fraught with defeat of an organism of mother and directly her kid.

If infection of a fruit happened till twelfth week, it can lead to an abortion or defects in development.

If infection happened in an interval from the twelfth to eighteenth week – the child can be born with insufficient body weight.

On late term the infection can affect already created bodies of the kid. The brain because it develops up to the birth is often vulnerable. Besides, also other vitals of the newborn can be struck.

What signs?

Each two weeks for nine months the woman makes tests. Besides, if the illness progresses, at the first survey of the woman on a chair it is possible to reveal inflammatory process. Often the infection develops in a vagina and a uterus neck, being shown by an inflammation of these bodies.

Statistically, the beginning process of infection at survey of the woman on a chair, it is difficultly to reveal. The only reliable diagnostic method are analyses. Also will help with identification of deviations of pre-natal development of a fruit a method of ultrasonic research.

Symptoms of an infection at the child:

  • jaundice;
  • lag in development;
  • skin rash;
  • heart failure;
  • apathy, weakness;
  • pale integuments;
  • the strengthened vomiting;
  • the increased liver.

Besides, if the fruit was infected just before childbirth, it can ache with pneumonia or meningitis.

How to treat

It is completely possible to cure not all types of pre-natal infections. Except the appointed antibiotics, can recommend to the woman a rate of immunoglobulin to increase protection of immune system. Besides vaccination during incubation of the child (is possible at herpes).

Prevention methods recommends to plan pregnancy that before conception of steam could pass inspection and in case of detection of pre-natal infections to treat them.

Also pregnant woman has to observe hygiene: to wash vegetables and fruit, to subject food (meat) to careful thermal treatment.

Besides it is necessary to walk more in the fresh air, to have a rest, properly to eat and treat the health more attentively.

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