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How to receive normal insurance payment

This question is asked to itself(himself) by everyone who plans to address to insurance company. Cases when people try "to agree" or find mutual friends are not rare. Whether it is possible to receive actually normal payment, without using thus the additional efforts? Or nevertheless it is necessary to make secure and take some actions? Let's begin with the beginning.
Страховая выплата This question is asked to itself(himself) by everyone who plans to address to insurance company. Cases when people try "to agree" or find mutual friends through whom it would be possible "to resolve an issue" are not rare. The majority of requests for receiving insurance payment happens without "gray" schemes, that is the victim simply comes to department of settlement of losses of insurance company and submits the application for payment, with the necessary package of documents attached to it, hoping that with it everything will be good and he will receive the money. As far as his hopes are proved? Whether it is possible to receive actually normal payment, without using thus the additional efforts? Or nevertheless it is necessary to make secure and take some actions? Let's begin with the beginning.

Order of giving and consideration of the application on payment

First of all, to count on insurance payment in general, recommends to work strictly according to conditions of your contract with insurance company. That is at a loss occurrence it is necessary to execute a number of the actions provided by the contract of insurance:
Как получить нормальную страховую выплату
  • to record the fact of a loss occurrence in competent authorities (militia, traffic police, the Ministry of Emergency Situations, etc.),
  • to inform the insurer in the time specified in the contract,
  • to collect and provide a necessary package of documents in insurance company,
  • to provide the damaged property to survey to the representative Strakhovshchika (without carrying out before any repair influences).
After performance of these actions by you the insurance company is obliged to organize an independent assessment for determination of the sum of the damage suffered by you or to organize and pay repair of your property (by delivery of the direction on HUNDRED, coordination of estimates and accounts on repair, etc.).
Then, after receiving results of an assessment about damage size, the insurance company, in the time which is taken away by the contract, has to pay you insurance compensation. And if the amount of this compensation suits you, on it your misadventures and will end. And here if is not present then they will only begin!

Discontent reasons

The reasons for which the client of insurance company can remain it is dissatisfied, can be the payment made to him different. Conditionally these reasons can be divided into two groups:
  • the first group is the reasons which came on "fault" of insurance company;
  • the second group is the reasons which came on "fault" of the victim.
It is possible to carry to the reasons of discontent of the victim with insurance payment which came on "fault" of the Insurer:
  • not inclusion in the inspection certificate of the damaged property of a number of details. It can occur because of "carelessness" of the person performing inspection; because these details were not specified in the certificate of road accident (because of the employee of traffic police); because the Insurer counted these damages, not belonging to insured event, etc.;
    In practice these cases are not rare. Approximately in every tenth certificate of road accident made by the staff of traffic police it appears the damage sustained the car fixed not the full list. In this case the victim should address to traffic police that the employee processing documents added missing damages repeatedly.
Как получить нормальную страховую выплату
  • the intended understating of size of insurance payment (percent on 30) practiced in that case when the insurance company has not the best times and seeking to lower thereby the losses. Calculation is based that the majority in this situation will not go to have legal proceedings, and will wave a hand and will resolve an issue with repair for the money;
  • delay on terms of payment of insurance compensation. It occurs all in the same case when the insurance company goes through difficult times, and it has no money, to pay off according to the obligations.
Can carry to the reasons of discontent of the victim with insurance payment which came on his own "fault" of
  • restoration of damages in whole or in part to the appeal to insurance company. In this case the Insurer has full authority to refuse payment of insurance compensation in connection with impossibility of determination of size of the suffered damage;
  • the overestimated level of a claim of the victim to the Insurer. It occurs when the contract of insurance provided not a full recovery, and:
    • payment with "the accounting of wear" (for example, as in a case with the CMTPL where the law provided payment taking into account wear);
    • payment taking into account "franchize" (size unindemnifiable the Insurer of damage);
    • proportional payment (when the property is insured not on an overall cost, and on some part, in this case payment happens in proportion to the relation of the insured sum to the real cost of property), etc.

That is, the victim, without knowing terms of the contract of insurance, shows as it seems to it, lawful requirements about compensation of damage completely on which he actually has no right to count;
    In practice cases when the victim, without having waited for payment meet, makes repair at own expense, having addressed to "garage masters". Than it is fraught? Without knowing the payment sum, the victim agrees with the price exposed by the master. This price can appear as lower than the payment sum, and above. It is caused by that the master makes estimation of cost of recovery work that is called from "ceiling", being guided by one to it by the conducted calculations. However it is the victim, as a rule, in attention does not undertake and "extreme" is an Insurer.
  • not granting a complete set of documents, necessary for consideration of insured event. It leads to that business at best is postponed and considered later, after obtaining missing documents, and in the worst the refusal in payment motivated with that the client violated terms of the contract goes and did not execute all actions necessary at a loss occurrence.

How to receive "normal" payment

Как получить нормальную страховую выплату
  1. Before signing the contract of insurance, attentively examine its conditions, set everything the questions which appeared at you thus and receive on them irrefragable and competent answers. And only when you will accurately represent all clauses of the contract, and they will suit you, only then append the signature under the contract.
  2. Study the rights and duties in a section of the contract of insurance, and also the list of your actions at a loss occurrence, and strictly observe them.
  3. Disagree on doubtful offers on a road accident place.
      Example from life. In insurance company according to the CMTPL the citizen A filed a petition that the citizen of B damaged his car. Business happened so: the citizen of B left the car on a parking near shop and did not record it the emergency brake therefore it was spontaneously rolled out on the carriageway and struck the citizen A's car passing by. As confirmation it was served by the administrative material made by the staff of traffic police. The necessary package of documents was built, the assessment of damage is made and … the citizen A was refused in payment as according to lawyers of the company this case does not belong to insurance because the CMTPL is provided causing damage when USING the car, but not as a result of its SPONTANEOUS movement.
      Everything could end with it, but the citizen A was insured also on the COMPREHENSIVE INSURANCE where actually he also addressed. There paid it money but as there was responsible for road accident, began to collect them from it, and it was talked of the sum about eighty thousand rubles. Business came to court and there when responsible (the citizen of B) was given the floor and asked to explain how everything happened, he also declared: "I supposedly stood on the parking, and the car passing by itself hit my car. The citizen And offered me money about ten thousand for my damage but that processed documents so supposedly I am guilty, as made. However, the citizen could not prove to B the words and eighty thousand were necessary to pay it on court.
  4. Collect the complete set of documents necessary for filing of application about payment of insurance compensation, and attentively study it. If in documents there are no signatures, the press or are specified incomplete data (as in a case with the certificate of road accident in which not all damages are included) before bearing insurers need to complete such documents that they assumed an appropriate air.
  5. recommends strongly to track that the damaged property was in an untouched state before survey by his representative of insurance company. Do not begin repair of property before survey at all.
      Example from life. The victim, without waiting for obtaining documents from traffic police, made repair of the car (it is necessary to it for work, and he could not wait). After receiving administrative material in traffic police, the victim addressed to insurance company behind payment. But when business reached survey of the damaged property, it appeared, what there is nothing to examine, the restored car had no damages. Being guided by the law on the CMTPL, the insurance company refused payment as could not determine damage size.
  6. Learn from the Insurer, what expert organization will make an assessment, and whether you receive the copy of the expert opinion on hands. If do not receive or this organization causes in you suspicions, demand replacement of experts. If the Insurer refuses to make it, it is already obviously suspicious. In this case organize an assessment independently, previously having notified insurance company on a place, date and time of carrying out examination in five working days.
      In practice if you do not agree with the expert opinion, invited by insurance company, you can check and challenge their conclusion, including in a judicial proceeding. For this purpose you on hands have to have a copy of the report on an assessment. Respectively in a situation when to you do not hand out the copy, you can do check nothing, challenge.
    Как получить нормальную страховую выплату
  7. After submission of all necessary documents, including an assessment, specify at the representative Strakhovshchik file number about insurance payment and date of its registration, and also terms of consideration of the case according to terms of the contract. Without waiting for the termination of term of consideration, periodically keep ringing in department of settlement of losses of insurance company to have the finger on the pulse. If Strakhovshchik detains with payment, in this case it is possible to write or threaten to write the complaint to insurance company to the bodies supervising insurance activity in our country.
      On the practician Strakhovshchiki try to make quicker payment to the victims, it is constant them calling and annoying. A sin not to use it. In addition it is simply useful to do it for the reason that sometimes affairs are lost and them remember only when the furious victim who did not receive the money starts tearing off phone.
  8. If you do not agree with the sum of the made payment, check the conclusion of an assessment in other expert organization. If it appears that the Insurer underestimated the payment sum, safely go to court. In the developed jurisprudence the majority of the case is carried by the victims, but not Insurers. Be not afraid to defend the opinion, including in court!
Following these, simple at first sight, to councils, you will be able to receive "normal" insurance payment!
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