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How to establish and adjust the satellite antenna

In this article we will learn "to adjust" a satellite plate with three converters without the aid of the additional equipment, to connect, and also to adjust a receiver. In an example three standard satellites Amos, Sirius, Hotbird broadcasting in total 24 Russian-speaking channels are used.
In this article we will learn "to adjust" a satellite plate with three converters without the aid of the additional equipment, to connect, and also to adjust a receiver. In an example three standard satellites Amos, Sirius, Hotbird broadcasting in total 24 Russian-speaking channels are used. But in principle, thanks to the material prepared for, you will be able to establish and connect the satellite antenna, and also to adjust it on any, as you chosen, satellites.

Advantages of satellite television

The most important advantage of satellite television is its price. Price of a set of the satellite equipment on average $160. Considering lack of a license fee for TV channels, the satellite television wins at the price against the cable. One more important plus is a quality of the picture and a sound which does not concede to good DVD.
On a set of the satellite equipment with three converters (heads) it is possible to adjust 25-40 (depending on the chosen satellites) free Russian-speaking the channel. Are considered standard a linking of satellites from Amos 4.0W, Sirius 5.0E, Hotbird 13.0E as on these satellites there are channels for every taste. But technologies do not stand still and in increasing frequency new satellites with a large number of the offered channels open. So the choice remains for you.

Principle of operation of the satellite antenna

Спутниковая антенна
The signal getting on a surface of a mirror of the satellite antenna is reflected and gets to the converter which in turn sends a signal to a receiver, from a receiver the signal goes on the TV.
Plates share on two look. The offset plate "looks" not exactly at the satellite, below it as the signal which is reflected from a plate surface gets to the converter at an angle. Offset antennas fasten almost vertically that prevents collecting of an atmospheric precipitation in it which can strongly affect quality of reception.
In pryamofokusny plates the converter closes part of a surface of a mirror, with increase in a diagonal it becomes imperceptible.

Where installation of the satellite antenna is possible

The satellite antenna is captious to the district. The tree on the way of a satellite signal can partially, and even completely "hammer" reception. Therefore you need to pay attention that at you is on the way of a signal. If on the way of a signal there are hindrances, to try to eliminate them and to increase a diagonal of a plate (mirror). You can learn the direction of a plate for these or those satellites from sellers of the satellite equipment, and also in specialized magazines and on the Internet. In example the satellite antenna will be initially directed on the South. That is the South side has to be free from buildings and other dense hindrances.

Set of satellite television

For satellite television 6 subjects, it are included in the package:
  1. The plate (mirror) serves for reception (reflection) of a signal from the satellite. The plate has to be a diagonal from 60 cm to 1,2 meters – depending on a land relief and obstacles which get in the way of a satellite signal (trees, at home, etc.).
  2. The converter (head) serves for converting of the signal which is reflected from a plate and sending it on a receiver. Converters exist with different quantity of exits, for connection of one, two and more receivers.
  3. DiSEq (disek) serves for connection of several converters.
  4. Cable. The choice of a cable is very huge. Here already business in you price, length, etc.
  5. The arm serves for fastening of a plate to a wall. The choice depends on a plate diagonal. You can get more detailed advice at the seller of the satellite equipment.
  6. DVB receiver – the most expensive part of all set. For free channels of the, rather mostly ordinary receiver of the plan of Globo. For reception of paid channels receivers with kartopriyemnik are used.
F-ki (F-connectors) serve for connection of a cable with converters, DiSEq-ohms, a receiver, etc. Them we need 8 pieces, taking into account a stock will take 10. I advise to buy thermoshrinkage for isolation of connections F-ok with a cable. And also will be necessary an anchor for fastening of an arm to a wall.

Preparation of the equipment for installation

We as to it usually there is an instruction will not go into details on assembly of the satellite antenna. But also without instruction there everything is evident and clear. Let's consider that we already assembled the antenna, fastened an arm to a wall and hooked for it on a plate. The antenna is ready to control. Let's leave it. Also we will prepare a cable. For this purpose we need a knife and flat-nose pliers.
Let's smooth out the top insulation layer of a cable and under it we will see the screen from a large number of small provodok – we will unbend it on a cable.
Зачистим верхний слой изоляции кабеля и под ним увидим экран из большого количества мелких проводков – его отогнем на кабель
Under the screen we will see one more screen consisting of a foil – it needs to be cut off. Further it is necessary to bare the lower layer of protection, under it we will see a cable core.
Под экраном увидим еще один экран, состоящий из фольги – его нужно обрезать. Далее следует оголить нижний слой защиты, под ним мы увидим сердцевину кабеля.
We will accurately smooth out its (core) a knife from the top enamel, and we will dress F-ku. The core has to stick out from edge of F-ki on the 2-3rd. Let's cut off the excess screen which is sticking out from under F-ki.
Ее (сердцевину) аккуратно зачистим ножом от верхней эмали, и оденем F-ку
The cable is ready.
Кабель готов
Now connection. At first it is necessary to connect three converters with diseky, for this purpose, respectively, three cables will be necessary for us. Disek is better to hide from direct hits of moisture. does not recommend to wrap connection in an insulating tape, because of it the effect of "bath" can be gained. It is better to put on thermoshrinkage, it adjoins to a cable and F-ke due to tightening better. The following action is a connection of a disek to a receiver, it not difficult process, everything that it is necessary for you is to fasten F-ku which is put on a cable to the receiver.
Подключение к дисеку

"Shoot" (control) of the satellite antenna

Настройка спутниковой антенны
So, the plate at us "looks" at the South, all wires are connected, we will start the most difficult – control, or so-called shoot, antennas. Shoot begins with the central head which has to be adjusted at us on Sirius. In a receiver we expose frequencies 11766, speed 27500, polarization of "H". On a receiver at you two strips: one meaning connection of a plate and a signal from the satellite (generally a strip red), the second shows the level of this signal (generally yellow). When the satellite antenna is connected truly, you have to see signal level approximately for 40%. It was necessary to adjust quality of a signal, which at us on zero. We pass to a plate.
Let's begin. We turn the antenna to the left both up to an emphasis and in search of the best level of a signal it is slowly turned from left to right against the stop. If the signal is not found, we lower a plate by 2-3 mm on fixture (on fixture of a plate to an arm there are marks with figures for more convenient "shoot"), and we turn from right to left against the stop, then we lower even below and so there will be no signal yet.
When you catch a signal, you will see how there will be a yellow strip. If you approximately got to the satellite, the strip of quality of a signal will be about 21% – we will fix the antenna in this position. Now we will a little lower and we will accurately turn to the left, we look behind quality changes if decreased, we return the antenna in initial situation. Further we turn a little to the right, we watch signal level, also itself we lower and we lift the antenna down and up.
It's cool! You caught a signal for 40%, but it is all the same not enough of it, with such number of percent the slightest wind or a rain can tear off your viewing of telecasts. For increase in quality of a signal turn the converter at first on, and then counterclockwise and look in what position quality of a signal will increase. If fastening allows, advises to try to approach the converter to a mirror, and then to distance. It too influences quality of a signal, but usually arm length for the central converter is always adjusted on length. Normal quality of a signal are 65-70%.

Setup of lateral converters

Настройка боковых конверторов
It is much easier to adjust lateral converters as the main plate is already adjusted, and all satellites are nearby with each other.
Настройка ресивера на спутник
Настройка ресивера на спутник
Principle of control the same: we adjust a receiver on Amos (frequency 10722, speed 27500, polarization of "H") and Hotbird (frequency 11034, speed 27500, polarization of "V").
Установка спутниковой антенны, настройка спутниковой антенны
Also we start curving a lateral arm to which the converter fastens. Be not afraid of it to bend as in certain cases and with some unsuccessful models of arms in a different way it will not turn out. Since the top left corner, we slowly turn the converter to the right, then we lower a little below (by 2-3 mm) and we turn on the left. And so so far there will be a signal. For improvement of quality of a signal do the same, as with the central converter: turn lateral converters at first on, and behind that counterclockwise.
    Attention! Lack of a signal can be because of the wrong connected and adjusted disek. At setup of converters recommends to pay attention to what of contacts of a disek you connected it A, B, C or D – just the same disek and will expose in the receiver.
Thus, knowing an approximate arrangement of the satellite and its frequency, it is possible to adjust any satellite antenna without assistance. Independent installation of a set of satellite television will reduce your costs of 50-70% of all cost of the equipment.

So, the satellite antenna is adjusted, wires are collected also podmotana, it is possible to start scanning of channels. For this purpose choose the SCAN function in the receiver. The receiver will scan all options, possible for viewing. After creation of the list of channels it is possible to start search of good telecasts.
Successful to you viewing!
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