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Combination of indicators of Fibonacci and Japanese candles

If you already connected the life with off-exchange trade, this article will be interesting to that will find one of options of tactics and strategy of trade in it. Right forecasts allow us to earn on off-exchange trade. And any tools help with it. Fibonacci's indicator and Japanese candles seemed to me the most suitable for these purposes. And in a sparring
If you were only going to be engaged in the auction and have no idea of the market, schedules, the analysis, tactics, etc. yet, this article to you can be useful only meaning that you will be able to be convinced that in the market Forex can be earned.
If you already connected the life with off-exchange trade, to you this article will be interesting to that you will find one of options of tactics and strategy of trade in it. If you trade, being guided by the fundamental analysis, all information stated here will be for you useless.
So, what such technical expertize? And the technical expertize is a supervision for the purpose of studying and research of dynamics of the market (the movement of the schedule). Only having studied and having investigated, it is possible to predict. Right forecasts also allow us to earn on off-exchange trade.
What helps us with such researches? And we are helped by any tools.
There is a lot of them also they different. And suitable for these purposes Fibonacci's indicator and Japanese candles seemed to me the most reliable. And in a sparring.

The used tools

Fibonacci's indicator includes the following tools: temporary zones of Fibonacci, Fibonacci's fan, Fibonacci's lines, Fibonacci's arch and Fibonacci's channel.
I use only the first four of them. They are placed on the maximum values of the schedule. From the first point to the second. Arches are exposed on the contrary – from the second point to the first. Forecasts will be more exact if all of you expose tools (except arches, they on each schedule are exposed) on the minute schedule, and in "properties" will specify display on those schedules on which consider it necessary.
As it is mentioned already above, I use also Japanese candles (one of tools). Their analysis is one of technical expertize forms.
The candle consists of a body and shadows. The body is a column on graphics, and shadows is as if tails of this body. The shadow is top (above a column) and lower (below a column). There are two ways to take value of candles in attention: on a body and on shadows. I use values on shadows. So forecasts are more exact.
As the musician plays from music, so the trader reads the movement of the market on candles. There are different combinations of candles. Including "turning". Some demand the confirmation some – no, and unambiguously warn about changes in a tendency of the market. Mirsovetov very much I advise readers to get acquainted with Japanese candles. Having made friends with them, you will not be able to do without them any more.

Example of use of Fibo and Japanese candles

Here before us the hour schedule of couple an euro/dale for December 16, 2011 (gray color).
What to what? Not to understand. It only at first sight seems so. Actually everything is very simple.
Индикатор Фибоначчи и Японские свечи
Here look. The schedule of previous day gets to our field of vision (day is allocated in the blue color). On this schedule Fibo's indicator (green color) is lined.
What can we see on our today's schedule (the schedule from 16 Dec, 2011)?
And we see that it, the schedule, having reached the level 50 (I noted a blue tick), as if made a start from it and went up. Thus a candle shadow, concerning the body of a candle, rather big. Therefore, the next two-three hours it below a mark of level 50 should not fall. Also will rise up by notable size.
Already joyfully. We know that within 40 points (to level 0) it is possible to work (from 1,3006 to 1,3049). Why to level 0 you will be able to understand if study Fibo's indicator. My purpose in this article to demonstrate interaction of two tools (Fibo's indicator and Japanese candles).
By the way, always there is a probability what exactly so will not be. At any time the market can be developed to the opposite side and with such speed that you not that will not manage to cancel the transaction, you simply will not even be able to manage to orient that occurs. Besides, in attempt to make something – or to become "in the lock" (to open the opposite transaction), or to be closed – the probability is high that you will not be able to enter into the market. Before you the message "Will open the trade stream is occupied". And than all this can end – One man's guess is as good as another's.
Therefore pipsovik also do not risk.
Anyway, everything needs to be perceived simpler and not to panic, and at an outcome, unsuccessful for you, – in a depression. I do not know any kind of activity where there would be no expensive part or losses.
Now let's understand that I there for you such wrote on graphics.
And there over two shadows of the next candles it is written "tweezers" (it is one of combinations of Japanese candles) and their maximum point 1,3083. And, it at them identical. And it means that the schedule will go down.
Therefore, it is possible to enter into the market with the transaction of "sell" more safely. Thus we do not forget that we are pipsovik and our transaction short-term.
It is a high time to pass to the 5-minute schedule.
Использование индикаторов Фибоначчи и Японских свечей
And here the situation in the next half an hour is already rather well looked through. It on the 5-minute schedule of 6 candles.
Even without knowing all combinations of Japanese candles, you will be able to see that hints nothing that the schedule now will change the direction. For these you will be able safely to "pull out" half an hour from 10 to 30 points. And, not on 2-3, namely till 10-30. You should stay in tension whole half an hour. Depending on the size of a lot which you were included into the market, your earnings will be defined. It is not desirable to enter into the market more. To earn about 20 points a day it is considered good result.
Now, when we saw the second tweezers on the hour schedule – 1.3020, I already further this day would not recommend to trade. And Friday (day is painted over in the gray color). Though in this case, anything terrible this day did not happen, all according to the indicator, but we see it already as a post factum. But believe when your nerves are strained and your emotions distort perception, you will be able to see not as is actually. Or it is incorrect to analyse. It is better to finish the auction.

Finishing article, I want to tell that actually it is possible to read the schedule and to predict in more detail and precisely. It I only "on tops" walked and took only one option. Literally on the same schedule it is possible to read much more, as traders do. But for this purpose it is necessary to accustom to indicators and to observe the market not day or two, and to observe and observe. As it is banal sounds, but to study, learn and to study once again! Knowledge does not happen much.
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